Why does Wordpress get organic traffic and Blogger doesn't?

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Why does Wordpress get organic traffic easily and Blogger is totally hopeless and gets none?

I though Blogger would be better as it is owned by Google.

Wordpress seems to get a small amount of traffic easily regardless of how much content you have on it.
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    i have used both, as well. even my self-hosted wp blog ( with 0 PR ) does okay.

    i presume it's because the ping and rss facilities on wp is more advanced than on blogger. so the system picks it up easier.

    and then u have thousands of plugins as well........

    works 4 me.
    • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
      I haven't found this to be true..

      Blogger blogs are just as good as WP blogs for organic traffic.. IMHO

      I use blogger like an article directory instead of a blogging platform. Forget the distractions in the sidebar and use it for some keyword targeted articles and see how you do..

      You'll be pleasantly surprised



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