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Hi Warriors!

Are you using Wp on your domain?

Can you please tell me what is the permalink structure that you are using?

Please post the reasons as well...

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    Custom: /%postname%/

    This is for SEO purposes. So, instead of
    PHP Code:
    , you'll see
    PHP Code:
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      I was wondering what happens when two posts have the same name....

      I have been using /%category%/%postname%.html for a long time now.

      I also believe that having that .html helps you more as fasr as SE's are concerned because if you don't use .html, then there are two pages with the same content which is something that SE's hate...

      something like...




      They might punish You for that...

      Anyways, thank you Jason. I am looking forward to more replies...
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      I'm exactly the same as Jason

      The main reason I do this is to get relevant keywords from the post title to appear as close as possible to the domain name

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