What is Spam?

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According to you?

What do you think is Spam?

No... seriously... we need to give it thought, as I am sure we have different levels of tolerance.

In fact I should ask what do you think is the demarkation between Spam and Not-spammy.

Is there anything like verbal spam?

Is it spammy to post a link to your website while answring someone's question? Or poining back to your site from within the solution you are providing for the question asked?

Think about it...
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    Spam is unsolicited bulk or junk e-mail


    define: spam - Google Search
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      I personally think spam has context...

      There are the following types of spam:

      - Email spam that doesn't comply with the law and will get you in lots of trouble
      - Email spam when you send your opt-in list too much rubbish causing them to unsubscribe
      - Forum spam when you post to publicise your signature etc that gives a lasting bad impression of you

      I think spam can have many faces, none of which do you any good!
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      I think the term gets thrown around with other things though:

      "search engine spam"
      "spam commenting"

      When I think spam, I think someone sending out tons and tons of automated, non targeted crap.

      SPAM: Using a program to comment "I love your blog dude (insert link here)" on every blog you can find.

      NOT SPAM: Finding a blog related to your niche, taking the time to read it, and making a thoughtful comment that contributes to the blog, while mentioning your relevant site of course!

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      p1a1u1 - are you registered with the telephone preference service (TPS)? If not, you should and you can register online. It stopped most of my rubbish calls.
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    How our email know that those email is spam or not? Is it the email which has long content will be consider as spam if we don't add the email id in our address book?
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      Spam filters add up a score based on:

      - the ip address and domain sent from, i.e .biz etc
      - whether a bulkmailer was used
      - the words use, i.e. registered, subscribed, free, guarantee. special offer, no risk, insurance, sex, etc
      - the html coding - bol, colours, etc
      - unsubscribe link

      if your email scores over 4.5 -5 you stand a chance of being blockd dependin on how strictly the spam filter was set.

      Some spam filters will block you for attachments, "wrong" ip address, etc. without using the scor. It may even be that someone use the same isp as ypu were caught in a spam trap then all the isp's clients' emails may be suspect.

      Not a simple issue at times


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