Looking for a programmer for JV opportunity

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Basically I need someone willing to create a program, a desktop application, in exchange for a share of the potential profits.
This is a piece of information I copied to show you the potential market:
" 26 million Americans have [_ _ _] and another 20 million more are at increased risk. "

I was talking to a representative of a company that has an financial interest in the above population and told him about a product I was working on having created. He got excited when I told him what it was and he said that his company would probably be interested in purchasing the program once it was ready.

Now, the question is, why am I going this route instead of someplace like rentacoder or elance? It's simple, as has been detailed in another thread , I'm broke. I have health issues that forced me to close my business back in May of this year. Just last week I received a $30,000 medical bill and until I get approved for disability which can take 6 months or longer, I have no funds for a place like rentacoder or elance.

I believe that the program wont be that difficult to create, I believe that the selling price would be under $20 for optimal sales, but because of the potential market I feel there is still potential for a nice profit to share with someone.

If anyone is interested feel free to PM me. Before I actually tell anyone what the project is I would fax a NDA to have signed and faxed back to me.

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    Hey Kim

    You might need to re think your price point.

    No programmers I know of will be interested in developing a $20 product with a profit share.

    You'll also need a good marketer on board to generate the sales, which would need to be HUGE to get any kind of RIO.

    The Marketer will need his cut aswell..


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      HI Pete,
      I understand what your saying, but I do have a basic knowledge of programming, so I have a fair idea of what would be needed from a programmer.
      Part of the beauty of this is that it really should be a fairly simple program, probably done in something like VB. People do still use VB don't they?
      And as I said, there are currently 26 million people that could use this starting yesterday!

      I know I left this out in the original post, but the person who showed a lot of interest worked for a pharmecutical company.

      But of course the price point can be increased

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