Best Private Video Storage?

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I've been searching around for the best private video storage site and it is a mess out there.

Everything I've come across seems to have so many restrictions or just gets really expensive if you want to use a lot of video.

Here's what I'm looking to do. I have created some private "how to" videos, and I just want to have them up on a private members site and I want them to be available there at all times. I want my members to just press play and not have to worry about how many other people are watching the video at the same time.

I'm currently on a shared hosting host. I'm trying to prepare as much as I can in advance, and keep costs at a minimum.

Am I better off switching to my own server or storing this stuff on an outside source?

And if I use an outside source, which one is currently the most cost effective?

I prefer to pay a once a month fee that I know how much to write the check for every month, as opposed to paying per view/extra usage.

Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Amazon S3 isn't a set fee each month, but it IS by far and away the best and cheapest storage you're going to find for your videos. There's a bit of setup if you want to use to run videos in a secured site, but Kyle Tully has been wonderful enough to provide the exact PHP scripts you'll need in the War Room forum.

    You could then use Kyle's scripts and whatever membership manager that you choose to display your secured videos.

    I'm using Amazon S3 for my hosted videos and I paid a whopping $1.11 last month. Granted I don't have a ton of members yet, but I don't think you'll find any cheaper service that has the kind of service and reliability that Amazon offers.
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      S3 was on the list of who I was looking at. I'll definitely jump in the war room and see if I can figure out the scripts.

      I guess if the vid's are getting that many views it should not be an issue paying for it.

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