Received an unsolisited email w/my full name

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Hello all,

I just received an email through my Yahoo! account with my complete
full name in the subject from someone I have NOT had any dealings
with and therefore, has no permission to send me any emails.

The sender claims to be an attorney in the UK representing a newly
deceased long lost family member with a quite an estate.
(yeah, and propably some swamp land to sell.

This was sent from a Yahoo! email and directions to respond
only through a reply to said email.

I think I am a bit sharper than the dullest tool in the shed...

But I'm curious as to how this character got hold of my full name
as my email has nothing to do with my name whatsoever. Maybe
he gained access to my account information.

Wouldn't that bring up a question regarding Yahoo!'s security?

Thanks for any response,

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    if you look at the emails that it was sent to in the header I bet the others had a similar email like yours

    I get them all the time and I originally asked the same question but everyone on the header list had something similar to my email address

    so they must have a script run the possiblie combinations send them out and then I think if they don't get a return email as undelivered they are selling the emails as been deliverable

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      Thanks for answering. I have also received spam
      from my own email address...twice.

      I have seen this posted in another thread as well.
      Maybe it's too common.

      Thank you,

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