Anyone still use any mass traffic generators?

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Back some years ago people would rage on about tools such as targeted traffic machine to generate web pages automatically but I think the SE's got smart and will ban sites doing this these days--still not 100 sure though.

Anyone still use any of these tool successfully today that create "smart pages" (fully SEO'd pages)?

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    That's old hat. Don't waste your time.
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    Every successful seo marketer that I personally know uses their own customized programs that they made or others made for them. Some of them are black hat, some of them are a combo of both, and others only go white hat. I don't really know anyone who is making a killing using the software or membership programs that are sold to the public. I'm not saying that they are not out there, I'm sure there are, but the ones that I know that are making 6 and 7 figures are using custom programs.

    My one nickel,

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      I figured all the public ones are dead beats these days. Interesting one from Rod about custom programs.

      I have a theory that google buys every publicly available peiece of SEO creating software and then tests it , figures it out and trains google bot to figure it out. So when it finds sites that have same software it gets em and kicks them out.

      But if you have something custom made how will google figure your algorithms out.
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    i was wondering the same thing. i had a te site up until this summer that actually was doing well with adsense. it was pulling at least 300-1000 per day but i let it go. also until i moved my server i also had a site with smart pages that was my #1 traffic puller on my site. it's all about customization. i was actually thinking about trying these again just to test the waters. the thing that killed te and others was lazy people not customizing the templates.
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    I think mass traffic generators are in affiliation with the paid to surf programs. That's why the conversion rates from these types of programs suck and in return leave tons of people without profits.
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    Custom or heavily customized programs that are available to the public. As long as you get rid of the footprints and make the site appear to grow naturally these still work and tons of people use these to create traffic to their money sites. The more technical terms for pages like these are cloaked pages and doorway pages.
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    Mass Traffic: The stream of automobiles that clog the road after Catholic church lets out.
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    Waste of me!!!
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    actually i have webspinner. sort of like articlebot but more robust. i have an idea that i want to test out. i'll use it grab say 100 serp results per keyword but here's the twist. i'll export them to a txt file then with php randomly show only 10 of them per week. i.e. This weeks top 10 links etc..

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