Any using video in your WSO?

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I've yet to see anyone else using a video in their WSO like the one in mine. But, of course, I've not been through them all. I'm just wondering if anyone else has used a video embedded in their WSO post, and if so, has it worked well for you.

I really like that new feature of the WF and think that it has a lot of potential to reach a great audience. What do you think? Anyone having any luck?
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    I thought about doing it. I also kicked the idea of just an audio. But as this is my first WSO I went with out both. I'm interested to hear what some more experienced Warriors have to say on the topic.

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      I am actually going to do a wso in all video. Actually, there will be about a paragraph and order link, but the product display and content will all be video.

      Should be fun

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