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I have a blog thats about 2 1/2 years old. I have a about 50 articles on it.
The articles only have my back link to my business site in the authors box. None within the articles.

I just went back and I notice that some of the old urls in the author's box from a year ago don't have clickable links. Just the url. Also none of my articles have live clickable links within the articles.Should I go back now and fix that?

If so should I just fix the authors box or go in and insert links within the aricles?
Should I fix them aal in one day or little by ittle.
My site has about 3000 backlinksright now.
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    If you have a wordpress blog you could automate the linking process using aLinks.

    This would probably be much easier than manually fixing every link in your blog.
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      Its but thanks for the link. I have a wordpress also that needs some tweeking.
      My question is will google penalize me for going back and inserting links?
      Should I do it all at once or little by little?
      Should I ping again after fixing it?

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