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A couple of days ago I bookmarked a thread called "Crash Course on Affiliate Marketing".
I'm 90% sure the thread was authored by Steven Wagenheim. This thread seems to have disappeared. When I click on it I get "Invalid Thread specified". Here's the URL...


I tried search, but no luck. Can anyone help me out here?
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    Originally Posted by foxtrot3 View Post

    A couple of days ago I bookmarked a thread called "Crash Course on Affiliate Marketing".
    I'm 90% sure the thread was authored by Steven Wagenheim. This thread seems to have disappeared. When I click on it I get "Invalid Thread specified". Here's the URL...


    I tried search, but no luck. Can anyone help me out here?
    What happened was, one of our forum trolls reported the thread and got
    it deleted. He even admitted to doing it.

    He is fortunately now gone, though it remains to be seen if any of his
    aliases are still hanging around.

    I didn't save it so I can't repost it but I guess I could try to reconstruct it.
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      Steve - That was an excellent post. If you can reconstruct it, or PM it to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Many Thanks - Neill Phillips
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      Default Crash Course On Affiliate Marketing
      Okay, I have just insulted every affiliate marketer on the planet, for which I
      am humbly sorry. Well, one person said, do something about it. Train them.

      Well, I can't do it individually, but maybe this post will help affiliates who
      can't seem to understand why they can't sell their way out of a paper bag.

      This is going to be a long post, so I suggest you save it in PDF format.

      Let's begin.

      Product Selection

      This is where so many affiliates make their first mistake, especially if they are
      just starting out and don't have the skills to promote the really competitive

      They'll either wait for the next big product launch, such as PLF 2 or TS 2
      or whatever it was and jump all over it.

      Now think about this logically. You have no list. You have no credibility.
      You're a virtual unknown and you're trying to go up against guys like
      Mike Filsaime, Willie Crawford and heaven knows who else and actually
      make some sales? You need to get real here.

      Same thing with the top products at the Clickbank marketplace. Take a
      look at some of the gravities. They're up in the clouds.

      But here is what those gravities DON'T tell you.

      A gravity of 300 could mean 299 affiliates selling just 1 copy each and
      maybe 1 affiliate selling 100 copies. It doesn't tell you how many of those
      affiliates are actually having any REAL success.

      You're better off picking products with gravities of 30 to 50. Forget mine.
      They're not even on the charts. But gravities of 30 to 50 show that the
      product sells BUT the competition isn't as fierce.

      These are your best products to sell...hands down.

      Promotional Strategy

      Look, you've got to go against the grain if you're going to stand out in
      this business. That means you have to stay away from the following:

      Canned Ads - Yeah, I know, all you affiliates want these. That's why
      merchants create them. So you have ready made ads to plaster all over
      the Internet. Well, here's the problem. If every affiliate is using these same
      canned ads, how does ANYBODY stand out from the crowd? They can't
      and they don't. Making a sale is a crap shoot.

      Bogus Review Sites - You know the ones I'm talking about. Where every
      product on it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. There are even
      templates being sold for these sites. Don't use them. They have no

      Okay, that's what you don't do. So what DO you do?

      Step 1 - Get the damn product. If you can't afford it, write to the merchant
      and ask him for a copy. Write him a really convincing email as to how
      serious you are in promoting it. I've done this many times and more times
      than not, you'll get a review copy.

      Step 2 - Go through the product and review it. Write up a comprehensive
      review on the product. Go over the good AND the bad. You want the
      review to be as honest as possible. If the product really sucks, don't
      promote it and ask for a refund.

      Step 3 - Post the review up on a blog. Even a Blogger blog will do fine.
      Trust me, you don't need anything fancy. At the end of the review put
      your affiliate link. Make sure it's cloaked. I use a PHP script that I wrote

      Step 4 - Write just one article daily on the subject related to the product
      itself. Make sure you choose the relevant keywords to that subject and

      Step 5 - Submit the article to Ezine Articles late in the day so that it ends
      up getting approved late in the day, assuming a 24 to 48 hour turnaround.
      You can submit elsewhere if you like, but I find EZA is hands down the
      best directory out there.

      Step 6 - Make sure in the resource box of your article is a strong call to
      action to your blog. Tell them that it is a review of the product. If they're
      interested in getting the product, they'll read your review.

      Step 7 - Okay, this is where things get good. Create a video. If you can't
      afford Camtasia, download Camstudio. It's free. The video you're going to
      create is going to be a review of the product. But, you're going to do one
      additional thing. You're going to tell people that if they get the product
      from you, they'll receive a bonus in addition to the product. Tell them what
      the bonus is. Make it a damned good one. I offer personal mentoring for a
      week for any IM related product I sell. When the video is done, upload it
      to YouTube at least. You can send it elsewhere too, but YouTube will be
      your best bet.

      Step 8 - Create a free report related to the product. Embed your affiliate
      link in the report, cloaked of course. Submit the report to as many free
      download sites as you can.

      Step 9 - Create an AR series and squeeze page to collect opt ins. Place
      the link to the squeeze page on your blog, on your site, anywhere you can
      that is related to the niche. Make sure the AR series contains at least 7
      followups and of those 7, at least 3 of them contain a sales pitch for the
      product at the end.

      Step 10 - Sit back, relax, and let this all work for you.

      I've been doing this for so long, in spite of the fact that I create my own
      products that I am now starting to sell more affiliate products than I do
      of my own products.

      And the beauty of this is, there are so many products out there to choose

      I am selling products that you'd think would never sell based on their
      gravities. Yeah, I know, i said stick to 30 to 50 gravity. That's just to make
      it easier for you. But truth is, this system will work for any freaking product.

      Is it a little bit of work? Um, yeah. That's why most affiliates don't do

      If you think I'm feeding you a load of bull, go ask Travis Sago how I'm
      cranking out his stuff.

      Okay, my apologies for lumping all affiliates into one messy pot, but it was
      5 years of frustration coming out. I'm sorry.

      Anyway, now you have no excuses not to clean up with affiliate marketing.
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      Hi foxtrot3,

      Have you tried to Google for the thread? They may have a cache version.

      I noticed that the threads and posts seem to get index higher and faster in the serps since the forum move.

      Hope this helps ...


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