Warrior Forum: Good Teaching Tool or Just Good Entertainment?

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I've noticed two schools of thought lately. One is the assumption that the warrior forum is a good place to learn internet marketing. In fact, I've personally recommended it to many newbies who were broke to simply spend time reading warrior forum threads as a beginning education ....instead spending their last rent or food money on stuff. A few have criticized me for that. That's O.K I'm a big boy I can take it.

The other school says the Warrior Forum can be misleading for newbies because it's laced with a lot of bad, misleading and inaccurate information. Because of the climate, that alone is dangerous for most newbies to depend on.

What's your thoughts on the subject. Can a newbie get a good basic education from reading through the W.F threads alone, not as a replacement for "paid" info - but as a start?

Agree or disagree, thanks for adding to the discussion.

It would be nice to hear from newbies and oldies to give balance to the discussion.
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    I would say for a newbie just starting out it becomes a hinderance in some aspects, the forum isn't exactly structured to teach newbies what to do and the basics, there are better free resources out there which do that. Where the warrior forum becomes powerful is after a few months of learning the basics, they can then ask questions on what they are doing wrong/right etc... and be told by people who has been doing that technique for years. Over time they will be able to develop and learn new types of business models and every now and again you get that one post which truly impacts your overall business. Would I recommend it to someone completely green, nope, I would say go there in a couple of months when you know what you actually want to do. When you know, the community will enhance.
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      This is actually a really good question. I'm a complete noob, and I'm lazy. To make it worse, I get super frustrated when there's answers that go against other answers.

      Don't get me wrong, Warriorforum is a great place. Sometimes opportunities do present themselves here. And the info provided here are great in the sense that they help get people started.

      But I find this community to be just like any other community, there's no rules set in stone. Experimenting and implementing different things to see what gets the clock ticking seems to be the best thing for anything.

      So I guess it's both, entertainment and a great teaching tool.
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    I think the forum is a fantastic tool to learn from, but for the complete newbie there are a lot of dangers:

    *The inherent need for a magic bullet - that one system that will make $1,000s every day - many people use this hope to promote their products at the expense of newbies.
    *Information overload and lack of direction - sure you can get a good basic education but most people spend far more time "learning" when they should start doing.
    *Takes a while to figure out who knows what they're talking about.
    *Many conflicting opinions.

    For this reason if someone was completely new I would still recommend them to read the forum (as even with these pitfalls there are many great lessons to be learnt) but it is best when supplemented with the opinion of a coach, mentor or friend who has already had experience in IM and can act as a guide.

    Of course the best way to learn is stop reading and get out there and try something!

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    As a newbie myself it, I found the information on Warrior Forum to be of great benefit to me, never mind the cool people I have been able to connect with ... No one has offer me any advice that I could not reuse in real life...

    People that say the information is misleading, I think is probably trying to redirect traffic or is stuck on information overload. Lets face it... When you kick off there is allot to go trough and it can very quickly become to much... I am sure we all have been there...

    This is the thing though - It is important for new and old to realize that not all strategies might work for everyone and it might take some time for you to figure out what is what and what is not, but I call that a learning curve, something else we all have in common!!!

    My 2 cents is added, let the tankers thank and the rest WELL...
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    Great, thought-provoking post, The Niche Man.

    I'm on your side here. Having been in the business for 20 years, the majority of what I know comes from free sources (forums like WF, blogs, online discussions, chatting at conventions); the rest comes from trial and error and paid sources. The vast majority of e-Books either cover information already freely available or, worse, are out-and-out cons. The same can be said of coaching, in the vast majority. Does this mean paid information is useless? Certainly not: I've received some real finance-altering information that I had to pay to receive. In general, to any newbie, I would ALWAYS suggest utilizing free sources like WF. Yes, some information can mislead, and is intended to do so, but the majority of it is well-intentioned and informative.
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    I have to disagree on this and say that WF is actually a great place for Newbies to learn the basics.
    IMO where WF falls down and this started a few years ago is that there is very little for the intermediate to advanced marketer to gain.

    It's mostly all the same basic questions with the same or very similar answers day after day. There is not much in the way of ground breaking/ new information and it's been that way for a while....
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    Does not the noob bring something along?

    See, it probably is more about WHO the noob be...not what the forum has to offer.

    A 20 year old and a 30 year old are very different and a person who has owned or started a business and had/has success is a totally different animal than the high school kid.

    So, I say. "You'll find what you bring along."

    got good study habits? apply what you learn? not afraid to fail? not afraid to succeed?

    Like in all of life,

    if you don't know where you're going
    you'll get where you are OR

    The new person to Internet Marketing with the clear vision of what the goal is will benefit far faster from the WF than the one who is floundering in life.

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    In my opinion warriorforum is a good place to start learning, there is a fair bit of good threads and let's face it, for free there is great value on here.

    Not all threads are great, but this is the same everywhere. I have yet to find a free forum with as much good information as WF.
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    The forum is what you make of it. It's very useful for information and it's also great for entertainment. If you're a newbie, you need to do a lot of reading to understand what's on offer but that's not a negative.
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    I think anyone can get a great education here for surprisingly cheap IF they think in terms of wanting to start a real business (as opposed to "I want to make some cash online!".)

    There is definitely a high noise-to-signal ratio here these days. But I believe anyone with the right mindset can come here and learn quite a bit in a very short period of time.

    If nothing else, you can see some pretty raw examples of online direct marketing in the WSO forum!
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      Originally Posted by BradCarroll View Post

      I think anyone can get a great education here for surprisingly cheap IF they think in terms of wanting to start a real business (as opposed to "I want to make some cash online!".)
      Good distinction between those wanting to start a real business as opposed to those just wanting to make some cash online. I'm surprised how many of the latter exist in a market that demands business fundamentals to be followed. Many don't, which explains the extremely high failure rate.

      The more competitive the market gets, the less forgiving it is to those who take short-cuts, wing-it or try to jimmy-the-lock.
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    The WF is a good source for IM information for old and new marketers. The more one learns good and bad will only help. Knowledge used properly can only be a plus.
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      The Warrior Forum is no different than any other similar platform. There are all kinds of people here with varying desires, motives, and purposes, not to mention varying skill sets, abilities, and knowledge of marketing.

      By spending time here, watching and observing what's going on, and studying the posts on particular topics, anyone can begin to sort through the clutter and get a good idea of who is worth following and who isn't.

      There are endless ways to make money online. Usually those who are successful in their own business will choose a particular business model and strategy, become a student of that method, and then take action to apply the principles and techniques learned.

      Remember, you don't have to know everything about IM to make money. You just have to get good at what you have chosen to do. So focus on the tasks at hand and don't pay attention to all the extraneous fluff and clutter that every forum collects.

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    It is also easy to know when a newbie is undergoing a training program by the kind of question one asks. It gets even more interesting to see the follow up comment the OP makes. One will figure out what the person is trying to achieve..
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      There's certainly good information in the WF, but as others have pointed out there's a lot of misinformation too.

      The main problem I have with the WF is that there are just too many people trying to sell you stuff, thus it too often feels less like a community of people trying to help each other grow their businesses and more like a shark tank full of shysters, charlatans and cyber-snakeoil salesmen trying to make a quick buck off of peope who don't know any better.

      It's no accident that when a new user asks for advice and they will often get a response from someone with a name like SEOguru saying that they absolutely must work on increasing their search engine rankings and another response saying that what they really need is a coach from someone who just happens to offer coaching services.

      A fair bit of my time is spent on technical projects and so like any techie who doesn't know everything about everything, I visit a lot of tech forums such as StackExchange. The difference between those and the WF is stark, and the main difference is that sites like the StackExchange, nobody is trying to sell you anything: no WSOs, no ads in people's signatures and no not-so-subtle hints in posts that what people need just happens to be the thing I'm selling.

      I also find it interesting that while it's easy to get 1,000,000 opinions on what someone new to IM should do, it's actually pretty hard for someone with an already successful venture to get advice on how to make it better. My gut feeling is that this is because so many of the people selling things (1) don't have any experience running a truly successful venture and (2) know they won't be able to con someone who actually knows what they're doing.

      All that said, I'm not saying that the WF doesn't have any value at all -- if it didn't I wouldn't be here! But I think it can be a dangerous place for a newbie and I'm guessing for a lot of them (though certainly not all), it does more harm than good, feeding them a diet of misinformation as well as empty promises of easy and instant riches.
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    There's a lot of great information here for newbies and it's a great place to get your feet wet and gather a bit of information before embarking on your MMO journey. A lot of people got their start from the information they found here, myself included.

    It can also be a dangerous place for people new to the game because it's all too easy to get sucked into expensive programs or to end up paying for coaching that may or may not steer you in the right direction. When half the people in here are constantly bragging about how much money they're making, newbies can end up getting pulled in all directions trying to keep up.

    I spent a while here in the beginning, but soon found myself overwhelmed by all of the how-to threads and good and bad advice. I gathered as much knowledge as I could from posts by experienced Warriors and then left the forum for several years to learn how to do things on my own. I didn't come back until I was making good money online and the only reason I'm here right now is because I feel I have something to offer the people who are struggling to get things right.

    There's a lot of good information here, but you've got to be able to filter out a lot of not-so-great information to find it. In order to get value from this forum, you've got to spend some time figuring out who's here to help and who's here for other reasons.
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    The Warrior Forum is a great place to learn for a newbie, if they approach it the right way.

    Probably the best learning tool on the site is in the WSO section.

    Start studying how the best selling WSO's are setup, who emails for them, the one time offers behind the scenes, the ongoing sales process, the way someone follows-up after they sell.

    Pay attention to how someone offering a free WSO captures email addresses, and what they do with the list they create.

    The Warrior Forum is a marketer's playground packed with learning opportunities, if you take the time to look behind the scenes, instead of just reading posts.
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    Both and neither.
    • Profile picture of the author The Niche Man
      Originally Posted by godoveryou View Post

      Both and neither.
      Wow. Don't over commit yourself now. Your comments are really ground breaking, radical and on the edge. Very risky and thought provoking. Thanks for taking such a firm stance on your beliefs, awesome.
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    I'm with Robert and John. Both are people on my watch list.

    One thing I have seen too many times is people that start threads saying the forum is not what it used to be in terms of quality, yet when pressed for specifics the same people bought-into a dream WSO without practicing "due diligence" even though I see a lot of threads with people that advice "due diligence." A closer look at the profiles of the people saying the forum is not what it used to be in terms of quality are people that recently joined and seldom joined threads, other than WSO threads, by asking questions and making positive contributions. Those people obviously did not follow the right people.

    Jeffery 100% :-)
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    I feel like this place was great in 2011. And over time it's gotten a little diluted over time. I think a lot of threads needs to be "cleaned up" or "migrated". There's just too many threads of the same one.

    I don't really learn much here any more. People just go on here to get leads with their sig links. Probably why this place is great for the newbies who are desperate to make their first buck but even then can get tricked into something else.
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      Originally Posted by GGpaul View Post

      And over time it's gotten a little diluted over time. I think a lot of threads needs to be "cleaned up" or "migrated".
      There's an option on this forum to Merge same/similar threads & it was broken shortly after the forum was bought. I stopped asking for it to be fixed since it's obviously not going to happen. It was a very useful tool especially on the SEO forum anytime a new Google algo rolls out (10 threads on the same subject).
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    Originally Posted by The Niche Man View Post

    Can a newbie get a good basic education from reading through the W.F threads alone, not as a replacement for "paid" info - but as a start?
    There is just overwhelming info here on the forum.

    For someone new, I would just find a good mentor here in the forum and learn from them.

    There are also books on the market that you can get on Amazon.com.
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    There is good and bad everywhere. I definitely believe that many people giving advice to others in this forum should not be doing so and are just regurgitating information they have heard elsewhere. There is definitely a lot of the blind leading the blind on forums like this.
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      Originally Posted by WillR View Post

      There is definitely a lot of the blind leading the blind on forums like this.
      Spot on ...
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      Originally Posted by WillR View Post

      There is definitely a lot of the blind leading the blind on forums like this.
      Epic braille?
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    WF is definitely entertaining and a great way to meet people in this biz.

    It's also a double-edged sword - can be extremely helpful but also has bad information.

    Overall, I'd say I've benefited far more from WF than it's done me wrong. For example, I paid a member for a consult or two who helped me break a long earnings plateau so that I've been in a steady trajectory ever since. I never would have met this person had it not been for the WF.

    I like the commercial aspect of the forum because I've purchased some good stuff and learned about good info products and software here. Sure, I've purchased duds, but again overall, given the thousands I've spent on info products and software, it's served me well.
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      I've noticed the W.F members have gotten a little more tolerant of each other. Based on reading some of the "old school" threads.

      Discussions got pretty hot and heavy ( almost Jerry Springer-ish) back in the day.

      Name calling, character insults and threats from the head honcho's to boot people out if they don't cool it.
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    When I started online marketing about 3 years ago, I was lurking the WF (under a different username) for information on how to get started. And honestly, I feel like I was getting a TON of information that I don't need.

    In a sense, marketers trying to make a quick buck off of me lead me further away from what I was aiming for. They are those marketers selling 'how to make money' to make money.

    Realizing this (took me a long time), I stopped checking the forum altogether and focused on building a business.

    But now that I have a fair amount of experience and have learned to identify what good information is to what is just pure garbage, I find the forum to be valuable not just in information but also in networking with other marketers.

    So I guess newbie marketers just need to take each advice, each tactic, each technique, each info with a grain of salt.

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