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Hi All,

I finally finished my first ebook (actually a course, ebook and videos) and uploaded all the files tonight so it is ready to promote. I will use PPC after the site has been live for one month. For right now though, I intend on doing the following (note the questions with each one):

1) Release 2 PR's.
Is PRweb the best avenue to do here? Is it worth paying to release the PR's or is the free service good enough? Thoughts?

2) Video Marketing - My business partner and I created over 20 video clips to use solely for marketing purposes.
Anyone know of a good, hopefully free, guide on the best way to use/submit videos for marketing purposes? I.E., I need to know what exactly to name the videos (I assume I need to use the keyword(s) I am targeting, right?)

3) Article Marketing (of course) - We already have 25 articles written and starting Monday my business partner and I will write 1 article per day each, while also submitting 2 articles for article marketing. I think I have this step down pretty well already, but tips are always welcome

4) Blogs/Social Sites Etc.: Our sales letter has a blog attached to it that currently receives around 30-40 uniques / day. I intend on making a pitch for our product above the fold on this blog, and possibly implementing a pop-up offering our free report. We also have blogger blogs, a couple of Lenses and hub pages created and will add content at least every few days.

5) Forum Marketing - I am planning on outsourcing this.

6) Social Bookmarking - I am also going to outsource this. I used to use Bookmarking Demon, and still do for other sites, but this site is too important to risk it.

7)Directory Submissions - I will outsource this to someone I've used in the past with reasonable rates and manual submission.

I would love any advice you all may have and especially help with my questions. Thanks in advance.

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    Put your website on your signature in forums in which your niche is talked about
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    Thanks so much you all. I appreciate the advice.

    Anyone else have anything to add?
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      I completely agree with Jeff.. use ppc to test and optimize your site and conversions. You can accomplish in 1 day what could otherwise take you a month or even longer.

      Plus, ppc will tell you which keywords are even worth your effort before you go and write tons of content/articles for non-converting traffic.

      Even if ppc ends up not being profitable and you drop it, you still will hopefully have a well-oiled machine in place in which to send traffic to.

      of course, this is just my experience and opinion

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