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Warriors, I have a strange problem I'm hoping someone might know the answer to.

I have a sales page, that links to the accompanying blog and forum. The page has been up for a year, at least.

Tonight I was doing a search for something I hoped I would rank for, only to find the page is not in the index. When doing a site search, it seems every single page possible on my site is indexed, except the sales page. Even my giveaway PDFs that were in a folder that wasn't linked to anything. Robots.txt and index/follow is all in order.

EDIT: Last night when I was laying awake thinking about it, my page was indexed at one stage, but now it has just disappeared from Google. I was there right at the top of Yahoo for the phrase I would expect, but it's nowhere in Google to be seen.

A weird thing I found when I was searching phrases in quotes looking for it, was an affiliate through Clickbank had a snapshot copy of my entire page at their site, and that came up for every search, but not my page.

I'm torn up thinking now my page will be in the supplemental index (if I can ever get it to show up again), while this affiliate is taking credit for all my carefully keyword researched and much agonised over copy.

Can this situation be salvaged Warriors? Thoughts?
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    you have not mentioned if you have done any linking to this page or any other type of SEO work

    Maybe you just need to do some of this if you have not done it already

    sprinkle your homepage around the web and see what happens

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      Try Digging and Stumbling the page. I've had pages indexed very quickly in Google by doing just this.


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