starting a business with a dating site

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i was wondering about the dating sites that are out there and how they are made.
i know there are some softwares that you purchase and download to your computer but have no idea how to run the business.

my wife and i and her friend thought it would be a good idea to do this, to actually have a dating website and to run it. but this is something brand new and obviously dont have a clue how to start this business.

can anybody point me to a direction,
i abviously dont know much about this subject, i will have to do more research but you guys are always helpful and thought to come here first.

i apprecite any help to get this started to see if im WAY over my head, hopefully im not i feel very strongly about this.

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    Hi John,
    Well, actually I spent my entire day creating a new dating website. I should have it complete by tomorrow. (I hope) I created the site using Word Press. It's simple to do and search engines love blogs because you will be adding updated content regularly. I hope that lead you in the right direction.

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      but dont you have to have a professional software?
      if you google dating site sofware you should get a bunch on the first page.
      but the problem is not only creating the website.
      the problem is running the business.
      i already know its lucrative and it will be targeting a specific group of people im not worried too much about the trafic BUT how do i do this business without reading a manuel, ebook, somthing.
      i want something more than wordpress, its great that you accomplished that in one day, thats very impressive.


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