My CTR on Ezine is Garbage!

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Hey guys,

I have heard people talk about having CTR's as good as 40% on Ezine, yet after my first 1,000 views I'm looking at a mere 3%.

The only articles I have live simply have a URL listed in the author box, and a brief description of who I am.

The articles I have pending have a Call to Action in the author box, as well as the keywords turned into links, instead of just listing a URL.

My question is, on top of changing my author box, should I also take the keyword of the article and make it a link every time, or does that seem 'spammy' to the reader?

What have you all found to get you the highest CTR's on Ezine?

Thanks in advanced warriors!

Mad Dawg
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    When you write your resource box you should always have a benefit in the resource box. Study classified ads in magazines and you will learn to write better resource boxes. Also you can study the ads in the WSO section as they are really classified ads.

    What you are really doing is writing an ad for your web site you want the reader to go to.

    You want them to read the resource box and have it say when you go to my website you will get this and this and this. So much there you are crazy if you don't click now.

    You want text of your link in your resource box to be the main keyword you are trying to get your site ranked for in the search engines.

    30 percent click through rate is very doable. Hint if you are getting a low click through rate edit your resource box and resubmit the article.

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      Well .. CTR is very much influenced on building curiosity for the reader. Make him think there is something missing that can only be found in the resource box. If your article offers some quality information + building curiosity = high CTR
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      Originally Posted by Tom Borowski View Post

      - Use all three links allowed by EZineArticles in your resource box. What I usually do is have one link with my main keyword phrase, one link with the title of the page I'm linking to and one link with the URL spelled out (so readers can still copy and paste the URL if the links are made inactive on a publisher's site or newsletter).Tom

      Time to update your copy-and-paste responses.

      EZA only allows 2 links now in the resource box.
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    Originally Posted by nmullett View Post

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    Lots of great tips here. The question is why somebody is clicking on the resource box link and why not?

    The visitors has opened the article because of he found the article title interesting. He clicked the title already. You sold the click already. You can easily sell this click a second time in your resource box by matching it perfectly to the title.

    If somebody clicked on the title "3 days to loose weight" then the chances are big that he clicks the resource box "3 days to loose weight" too.

    A high CTR comes from matching the title and resource box perfectly, ideally adding some incentive to click a second time. Like adding the word "free" increases the CTR already.

    That's why I write a unique resource box for each article I submit.

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      Thought I'd add my two cents since I recently managed to improve more formerly very sad little CTR at ezineartles.

      I just ran a little experiment using the same resource box on three articles. The articles have been there for almost two months. It's very few data, but it corroborates what some other people were saying in earlier posts.

      For example, the product is on "Widget Painting" and the articles are:

      How to Paint Your Widget 41% CTR
      Widget Painting -- Why You Don't Need [expensive well known system] 35% CTR
      Why not All Widget Painting Systems are Alike 26%

      The resources box is very similar to this:

      "Looking for a system for widget painting that covers 95% of your widget
      (higher than [expensive well known system]), but that's easy and can be done at home?
      Get started now at my blog about widget painting."

      Just some ideas for you...

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