Warriors...Make Your Suggestions Please.. Products For Conduit Sites..

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Hey there warrior folks...

I'm looking at doing my eleventh conduit site.. but this time it's different... This time I'm going the make money niche..

And I want you to recommend products to focus on..I'm looking at 10/15/20 products initially..

So if you please..

Make your suggestions for products in the internet marketing/make money niche..

A few points to think about though:

[NO] Clickbank Products
[NO] Recurring Or Subscription Products

Just straight sales and not clickbank..

Anything goes and I might even do it in real time so y'all can see how it goes..


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  • Profile picture of the author Dean Shainin
    Hey Jay,

    Was hoping some Warriors would chime in here as I'm interested as well.

    Been doing some research to do some conduit sites.

    Maybe bumping this will help...

    • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
      Kudos Dean... I did get some PM's as a result of this thread.. but they all seemed to point at Clickbank products...

      I am thinking of looking at like Derek Gehl with IMC... some of his products don't have subscription

      Also I was considering some paydotcom.com products too but I am unsure right now..

      Hopefully we'll get some hints here...


  • Profile picture of the author KenJ
    thanks for clearing that up Jay
    I'm on my way yo google
  • Profile picture of the author Rupps
    I'm very happy with Gehl's IMC products, however they do not convert well for me.

    I do not do the conduit method and do a poor job of pre-selling so take my conversions with a grain of salt.

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