I`m a travel agent. Recommend a sales book - I work by phone, NO cold calls.

by krizanova 7 replies
Hi everyone!
I am 23 years old and started working as an independent travel agent.
I work in an office and receive incoming calls from potential clients who have found good flight deals in our website.
So there are NO cold calls, clients call me. I find a flight and it sometimes is, sometimes isnt a better deal than other companies offer. (As you may have guessed, the price displayed in the website usually is not available, just a marketing trick)
So basically I am looking for a sales book that would suit my situation. I am about to start Zig Ziglar`s Secrets of closing the sale,
but would like to find more about books on sales by phone, but excluding cold calling if possible.

Anyway the members here are much much more experienced than me, so I would appreciate any advice from you.
Thank you,

P.S. To give a clearer picture on the variables on whether I will sell a ticket or not are:
1) Price of course
2) Price vs convenience (cheaper flight with a longer layover and more stops or a more expensive flight, but shorter and less stops)
3) Flying dates (more expensive flight on the dates a client wants, or cheaper flight a few days later or earlier)
4)Sometimes airline preferences
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