Are you SEO Certified?

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I am am the process of landing a new off line client.....
and they asked me about my SEO certifications.

Well, I is self evident. Here's my work,
here's my sites...their results, earnings past clients
and testimonials etc.

What's you take on this?
Is this a bunch of hogwash?

I mean...I understand where they are coming from...but the
proof is in the pudding...right?

Does anyone have any idea's on the best SEO certification there is?

I have not searched much on this yet. I figured I would throw it
out to you all first.

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    so i just did a little search...and it seems that although this
    crazy certification bears some merit it is rediculous ....

    Seo comes in all shapes and forums is ever changing and there are no
    set "uniform" standards. can organizations or companies even ask this question?

    The only companies that you would think would offer this "certification" would be Google, Yahoo, MSN etc...which they don't and probably do not ever plan on.

    I don't know....I never came across this, Hell I never even knew the concept existed.
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      The Simple answer is,

      Which SEO Certifications are you aware of?

      when he answers none, then the answer is, there are no global certs, only those provided by companies profit from releasing them.

      Heres my portfolio, phone my referees etc.

      Selling your SEO services is like talking to people from mars as they have absolutely no idea about the subject..

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    Originally Posted by nmullett View Post

    hello i was a very hard worker but now i relax have a look how you can relax too

    Call me Crazy.....but I believe that what we have here is a bit of spam for our bread.....

    is that a affiliate ID I see....

    The Spam can may get thrown in the garbage....

    I could be wrong but...
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      So I made the call this morning to their Marketing Manager
      and indicated that although their are some certification programs available it would be bias to make a decision based on this certification alone....and that
      SEO evolves on a daily basis as the algio's change virtually daily.

      And that further more, while the certification represents some kind of formal coursework it does not guarantee results on the back end, nor does me simple speaking over the phone about it to you. What should matter is the proven results sitting on your desk in front of you illustrating my proven track record, other credentials and endorsements from previous clients.

      Pause.....put on hold.....

      Ok....when can we get together to discuss the parameters of the agreement.-end

      Now I am meeting with the C-staff. Well, I guess this is where the part comes in that I hit them with a large figure.,

      Another point that
      1.This Certification is not that I have gone through this
      2. Fundamental Sales principles are essential

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