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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    What Can I Do About The Spam I Am Receiving?

    skyisblue in Internet Marketing

    Can I make $1 from each email I receive from spam? I am receiving emails from different niches that I am not interested in... emails about car insurance, local dentists, ... [read more]

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    Whats Best Plugin ATM for Social Media?

    wackiin in Internet Marketing

    Looking for something that will post from WordPress to Facebook,Twitter,pinterest and Tumblr any thing anyone can recommend atm? I have a few different ones but there getting out dated and ... [read more]

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    FTC Biz Op Rules And My Product Idea

    Hi Guys, I have over the last few months created a number of websites promoting products from affiliates (think commission junction, affiliate window etc) that make me a little bit ... [read more]

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    Are 3 character domains worth anything?

    I have a bunch of 3 character domains, note that means a mix of letters and numbers, all .com are they worth anything?, I've had them for a while and ... [read more]

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    Normal video size for your Youtube uploads

    I have made an intro video which basically shows screenshots of my work and information on what services i provide. It is a 35 seconds video and the size is ... [read more]

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    Penalized Subdomain - Question

    andrej in Internet Marketing

    I have several subdomains on one of my domains and one of them was penalized by Google. My question is: When Google penalizes one subdomain (e.g., does the penalization ... [read more]

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    10 LSI Articles... Now What?

    So I have written 10 nice 500 lsi articles each promoting a different section of my core site. I am now going to post them to some directories but I ... [read more]

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    What is media ad?

    albert12 in Internet Marketing

    Sorry for the noobish question but what exactly do people mean when they say "buying media advertising"?

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    Managing your huge website ($250/month for 25-a-day,but is it worth it ?)

    ankit6060 in Internet Marketing

    I am new to internet marketing but I am planning to launch a news portal. I am really confused about using images for a website. How do news sites and ... [read more]

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    Amazon + Best Buy

    liovvoil in Internet Marketing

    If you have a weekly deals article which contains links from multiple sites like: Target, Gamespot, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon Are you allowed to have Amazon affiliate links inside a ... [read more]

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    Any icici bank instant credit card user please help me ..

    rashri in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors , Can i use ICICI Bank Fixed Deposit Instant Credit Cards for online transactions? Like for Facebook advertising , Paying hosting Bills etc .:confused: Anybody using fixed deposit ... [read more]

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    Want to Sell Ad Space on My Blog

    Hi Warriors! Okay I keep getting asked if I sell ad space and I keep saying no - because I don't know what the *heck I'm doing ad sales wise. ... [read more]

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    I know there are AR resellers, but what about...?

    TimothyW in Internet Marketing

    Is there such a thing as becoming a reseller for a "just-plain" email service? And/or, how difficult is it to set up a stand-alone email system (like a mini yahoo ... [read more]

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    Advise- Online Empire

    Been online marketing for a 1yr now, havent made the kind of money I should be making. I have 23 websites on different niches and to be honest my traffic ... [read more]

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    First time website buyer looking for advise

    I recently stumbled upon a website .... I contacted a web developer about a site that was for sale one that was already established, he replied to me having sold ... [read more]

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    Infographics: Cheap Way to Viral Profits

    Hi Warriors! I pushed myself out of my comfort zone - even on day 2 of the flu and hyped up on tamiflu. So if I can do this, you ... [read more]

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    who to buy niche sites from?

    Not sure if this is the right section but move this post if it isnt! i was just wanting to find out from people on this forum who had ordered ... [read more]

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    I need a free DVD ripper for mac

    jchoros in Internet Marketing

    I can't seem to find one that does it fast that I like and is completely free, I've tried handbrake and a trial version of wondershare...are there any other good ... [read more]

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    List Sorcerer

    cobwab in Internet Marketing

    Anyone familiar with ListSorcerer? It claims: "complete turnkey desktop email marketing software package. This bulk email marketing system is both cost effective and easy to use and comes equipped with ... [read more]

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    Already take action and no success

    kamila in Internet Marketing

    Before to start if this dont belong to here please move it or delete. thanks. Hello this is to ask for advice and orientation. I already take action to sales ... [read more]

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    I need a "screenshot saving tool" or whatever you want to call it

    MarkR in Internet Marketing

    OK, this is a weird one. But I need a tool that can:take in a bunch of keywords (20-50) enter them into Google one at a time then save the ... [read more]

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    Need suggestions for a HEALTH site

    waterburn in Internet Marketing

    I have a website about natural health, herbs, natural remedies, etc. The site is focused on informative articles. It has 2-3 Adsense units on each page, but the payouts are ... [read more]

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    Here is a Fun Unique Way to Get Free Leads

    I bet that many of you guys already use this technique, but I am new to this and I feel like a kid in a candy shop knowing that it ... [read more]

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    Best Tracking Software

    GlenH in Internet Marketing

    I looking for a tracking program, and AdTracks GOLD was on my short list, but of late I've read some worrying things about AdTracks GOLD. Most of the negative comments ... [read more]

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    How to get lots of traffice for my two sites using facebook?

    spen in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I have two sites, I want get a TON of traffic from facebook for my sites. How to do? Do I register a account for my two sites, ... [read more]

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    Please give me your advice about content locking

    actress6 in Internet Marketing

    I'm going to build a website with special videos and lock them with cpa content locking. I'm wondering how to do it so I will get maximum conversions: should I ... [read more]

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    what is the latest and best Guerilla-Marketing book?

    what44 in Internet Marketing

    ive just been looking at the Guerilla-Marketing-Internet book on amazon, Guerilla Marketing on the Internet: The Definitive Guide from the Father of Guerilla Marketing [Paperback] Jay Conrad Levinson but it ... [read more]

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    The Science of Storytelling

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    I read this article and thought it was a great share. All the great marketers use stories: The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way ... [read more]

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    Amazon & Link Cloaking?

    veddy in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I was wondering if cloaking links for Amazon affiliates is ok? I have been using pretty link to cloak some of the products and the stats for click ... [read more]

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    A secret about List Building and Google plus?

    I never really got into the Google plus social site but today I noticed that the site provides you with a list of people to add, this list is one ... [read more]

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    Which Amazon plugin is good for this job?

    TODU in Internet Marketing

    I want plugin which will have this option: if I will insert amazon link about tissot watch it must import all 1,021 Results in my blog. it must open new ... [read more]

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    Let's be completely honest with each other...

    Hello there! Thank you very much for reading this. My name is Max "MaxTheMarketer" K and I am young Internet Marketer from Sweden who was introduced to the fascinating world ... [read more]

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    Video Marketing Pricing

    Jamaal in Internet Marketing

    Hey WF members... I have a question regarding video marketing... For those who offers this as a service what do you normally charge and what services do you offer for ... [read more]

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    Interesting theory about Amazon Affiliate code

    Hey everyone, I was reading the IamA by creator of which can be found here If you aren't familiar to the site, it displays cool items. Some items are ... [read more]

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    benlauren in Internet Marketing

    After uploading this theme, which is very good, I noticed two very small ads. One at the top left and one at bottom of page. They are just words for ... [read more]

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    Using Amazon's own aff link shortner on Facebook page

    wesd22 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone have problems with using the shortener that Amazon provides (aside from the fact that FB technically does not like affiliate links)?

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    Internet Marketing House

    So I'm a bit of an online poker player on a part time basis and I know that a lot of pro poker players rent a house and move in ... [read more]

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    What's Your Favorite Productivity Tool for 2013?

    Hi Warriors! This coming year, what tool are you using to increase speed and productivity - which equates to more profits if you do it right? For me, I've re-invested ... [read more]

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    Posting articles on here

    hi warriors want to post articles on here. Can't seem to find the link where i can pay? anyone help me out? thanks

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    Favorite Webinar Software?

    I used to interview using Instant Teleseminar, but let my membership lapse. I'm getting to ready to interview Joe Sugarman Jan 29, and am trying to decide what software to ... [read more]

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    Dog blog advice

    aivzdog in Internet Marketing

    I have a dog blog (Lifetime With Dogs) that I have been posting to daily about and would like advice on how to make it better. I have some questions ... [read more]

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    Bad feedback on Fiverr?

    I have been on Fiverr for the past few months and have reached level 2 seller status. I had many gigs and consistently received 100% ratings on all my gigs. ... [read more]

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    How much would you pay per opt-in?

    If you were running a paid ad to collect opt-ins, how much are you willing to pay per opt in? If it cost you $100 per day to run your ... [read more]

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    How much are you making daily?

    I make $75 approximately daily at the moment. I have 12 active websites that range from selling mobile top ups, real estate listings, reselling social marketing, building websites and just ... [read more]

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    Zynga Clone?

    Dave90210 in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for a Zynga clone or any open source casino games like poker, roulette and slots. I'm not looking to start a casino just an online free game site ... [read more]

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    Anyone Use Traffic Factory Biz

    the_icon in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, Seen a few adult sites with amazing traffic that use TF for ad's however they ask for $300 upfront which isnt an issue but the validity of the ... [read more]

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    Why do click through rates fluctuate so much?

    severt in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've been doing some media buys in the past and the one thing that I really couldn't understand was the "landingpage --> offer" CTR fluctuation. The CTR from the ... [read more]

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    Your Best OptimizePress Squeeze Page?

    faraox in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, I would like to know what the best squeeze pages are for giving a way a free Report/E-book. I'm using the instant pages functionality in OptimizePress and the ... [read more]

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    time you set aside for serious list building

    If you would do serious list building, setting it all up, connecting with people, finding offers and keeping it always going how much time you have to put aside if ... [read more]

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    Would you pay for custom squeeze pages?

    In my business I've been doing a lot of list building and normally I use optimizepress or have one of my employees build them for me in HTML. I've seen ... [read more]

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    How to send a product to a customer after they purchase through paypal

    Hi guys, I have a very simple question that I'm sure tons of you can help me out with. After someone purchases my product, how can I automatically send them ... [read more]

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    best traffic ?

    what is the best traffic which converts best for - 1. digital product 2. amazon product 3. CPA offers 4. high ticket product answer as per numbers - for example ... [read more]

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    With This Hypothetical Scenerio In Front Of You, How Would You Answer?

    My current job will be ending in a couple months. I don't have a lot of options. I've come across a possible employer... They placed this scenario in front of ... [read more]

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    Where Is The Best Place To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

    Ammaring in Internet Marketing

    I know there's quite a few sites that have them but what is the best?

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    Attachment vs Download page

    What do you use? Attaching a file mitigates the risk of fake emails but present a possibility to lower deliverability rates. Best Andrey

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    Is Clickbank down for anybody else?

    I haven't been able to log in today, can't even get on the home page. I just get the "Service Temporarily Unavailable" Is everybody getting this same message?