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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    JV Giveaway Gift Settings

    When you join a JV Giveaway Event and go to upload your gift, here's one little tip to make the most out of your giveaway. Where you put in the ... [read more]

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    List Monetization Question

    ATL in Internet Marketing

    Whats the best way to Monetize your email list and still make good money without sending heaps of BS click bank products.

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    Attention Mods! Is this ok??

    Is it ok to post an offer for a free service in this section of the forum in exchange for a few testimonials? thanks PS I didnt mention what kind ... [read more]

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    How to keep Track of Email Opens…Looking to create a Solo Add Offer

    ATL in Internet Marketing

    Hey everybody. I am going to offer a solo ad service. How do you know the amount of emails that are opened when emailing?

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    is it necessary to still put the NAP on G+ for local

    mikeb1 in Internet Marketing

    Seems my post earlier has disappeared anyone got the answer to the title of my post?

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    Stripe - Paypal alternative

    DebbieD in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just wanted to share that if you accept credit cards on your site, I just found an alternative (or an addition) to Paypal. I have some customers who ... [read more]

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    Can you sell your book as a pdf file in the Amazon Kindle Select program or only mobi/ePub?

    jchoros in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I am just in the editing process for my first motivational book and I would like friends and family to be able to read it during the 5 ... [read more]

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    Travel niche monetisation?

    Level103 in Internet Marketing

    I'm getting a lot of visitors to a travel niche site. Currently the only revenue stream is adsense but I would like to think about extra monetisation... Some of the ... [read more]

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    I made $50 0n the 30th of August

    Denden in Internet Marketing

    This is the subject line of the email I got: [Cha Ching!] You just earned $50 Not much I know but still, made my day

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    Are there Any Design Review Websites?

    dsouravs in Internet Marketing

    I think there are but I can't find the best one...where you upload an image of your design and members of the site can critic or review it... Warriors do ... [read more]

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    google enterprise mail service, any else?

    I registered a .cn domain some time before, but my hosting service doesn't contain the mail service. I want to use my domain in my mail address. I hear that ... [read more]

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    PayPal as only payment option, would it put you off making a purchase?

    frambles in Internet Marketing

    I am building a store to sell digital downloads and want to use PayPal to process credit/debit cards or take payments from PayPal balances. My question is would PayPal put ... [read more]

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    whats the best way to create a product

    i know i'm new and i have no experience and i'm learning but how do you get ideas for creating products? and is this the logical way to be thinking? ... [read more]

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    looking for a product

    G0ffe in Internet Marketing

    a little while ago I saw a product that locked the video on my page, and an opt-in form came in the video screen. do any one know what product ... [read more]

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    Looking for Advertising Weight Loss!

    Hello everyone, I own a weight loss business and I'm currently looking for anyone with a health related website that I can advertise on. I have done many advertising campaigns ... [read more]

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    Amazon Love

    Adie in Internet Marketing

    Early last year, I created a blog selling amazon kindle covers and accessories. The domain has "kindle covers" on it and I only posted 10 articles/product reviews in 1 month. ... [read more]

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    Do you use emai exchange sites such as Listjoe, trafficswarm and others?

    Wondering if anyone uses email exchange sites as a primary traffic source?

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    What Most People Do?

    Hi, I am new to IM, I slowly started making money through list building, but not much i must say like Money Spent = Money Gained No profit so far, ... [read more]

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    Content vs. Pitch Death Spiral - Your opinion?

    One of the recurring topics here is what content/pitch ratio people should use, particularly in regards to autoresponder sequences. I got an interesting email from Perry Marshall today. Perry read ... [read more]

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    Absolute best way for newbie

    It is easy to be overloaded with ideas on how to start internet marketing. some say enroll to this course , buy this ebook, join the war room, join "the ... [read more]

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    Opt In Bribe - What's Good And What's Bad?

    Can an opt-in "bribe" be too good? you hear the old standard to offer a 12 page report, but what if you wanted to give away something that was REALLY ... [read more]

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    This, to put it simply, is unheard of.

    Quentin in Internet Marketing

    In the modern age of computing—that is, in the last couple of decades—we've never seen a launch season like this. There are billions of dollars in profit at stake over ... [read more]

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    Preliminary Legal Tasks

    PofX in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors! First, I would like to thank you all for contributing so much information for noobs like me. I really appreciate it. I've been lurking for a while and ... [read more]

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    $5, $50, $500 - Why not $500,000?

    ckbank in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I have a straightforward question. Why not thousands of dollars? I mean most of us on this board want to make a few bucks, but while keeping it ... [read more]

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    Urgently Needs Help

    Mcfoxr in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I sincerely need help regarding my site's squeeze page. I have a site and want to build a list. But the problem I am having is where should ... [read more]

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    finding affiliates for your product/ebook

    him77 in Internet Marketing

    I was interested how some of you guys find affiliates for your products. I'm on the verge of releasing a product and I'm going to focus on networking with blogs/sites/twitter ... [read more]

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    tantivy in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I have no visitor to my site and I try to browse it but what appears on my Google analytics is that the visit is referred by Furthermore, ... [read more]

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    How To Create a Free Logo for Your Review Site

    wolfmmiii in Internet Marketing

    Hi all... Not sure if this is common knowledge or has already been posted somewhere before but I figured I'd share just in case. Whenever I need a logo or ... [read more]

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    Can not log into Google Doubleclick ad Planner?

    52.ct in Internet Marketing

    I cannot log into Google Doubleclick ad Planner here: Firefox 8.0 now is my default browser. Google Doubleclick ad Planner works fine in Firefox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8. ... [read more]

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    have blogspot energy?

    Hellow warrior last weak i found keyword which have 6,600 local search from german. I found one CB product which exectly match to my niche.. AVG 29$ cost per sale ... [read more]

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    Where/How to find affiliates to advertise small (offline) business?

    handle in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors! I'm in the thick of planning for my new business venture and with a small marketing budget would like to sign up affiliates as soon as the product ... [read more]

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    Why doesn't this site have searching box on it?

    wass11 in Internet Marketing

    I'm figuring out that any community sites have to have searching box on them is a basic component for conveniences of this users and easy, comfortable sharing of many materials ... [read more]

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    Who Says A US Residing In Nigeria Should Not Not Own A Clickbank Account

    Az Ozegbe in Internet Marketing

    The day Clickbank realises the amount of cash genuine,real and decent Nigerians are making for themselves and for Clickbank,I believe that will be the day Clickbank will unban Nigeria from ... [read more]

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    Are article directories still worth it?

    markcr in Internet Marketing

    Hi i have a few high quality articles I would like to distribute for brand building/ maybe some traffic etc. Are article directories still worth bothering with? if so, which ... [read more]

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    Give Away Books To Get Traffic?

    faraox in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, i want to give away e-books/reports to get traffic? but i was wondering what are the most popular e-book directories for submitting free ebooks? now i know that ... [read more]

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    Pretty I use it or not?

    Arran82 in Internet Marketing

    Im about to use Pretty Links for the first time but having done a lot of research it seems their are a lot of pros and cons. Im hearing from ... [read more]

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    [Email Marketing]What Is My Problem?

    Hi there, I have run my first solo ads The squeeze page convert very well but after going an email process of 5 mails (one per day during five days) ... [read more]

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    I have a question on wordtracker which apparently recently changed its interface. It refers to the IAAT, which is not called "competition" but seemingly the way it is layed out ... [read more]

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    Download page after opt-in? HELP.

    spope91 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I hope you're all well. Just a very quick one, and I know this is very basic, but it's not actually something I've done before. I've focused most ... [read more]

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    Press Release Or Internet Release?

    So I am just working on a new project that deals with Internet Press Releases and was wondering how many of you issue a Press Release on the Internet when ... [read more]

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    service to handle new wso?

    levyorit in Internet Marketing

    few weeks someone added new wso - help for people who added new wso - manage everything. can you have a link for that? don't know if it's private or ... [read more]

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    PDF Graphical Border

    Can someone point me to a tutorial or give instructions on how to get borders in a PDF? I have seen some WSOs that have this and they look very ... [read more]

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    Question about War Room Subscription

    DZainein in Internet Marketing

    There is War Room Subscription with a fees of $39 for 20 years' subscription. Then there is Article Forum Subscription, which has a subscription of $60 per year. If I ... [read more]

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    How to use multiple coupons of facebook ads

    sekhar203 in Internet Marketing

    Dear Warriors As im having two facebook ad coupons and i want to use them for advertising, i know that one coupon can be used for first time in any ... [read more]

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    what is important

    leeakki in Internet Marketing

    what is it important to cloak url of site to affiliate promotion of site.

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    Country not listed in Clickbank

    Well don't see my country in the country list on Clickbank. So how can i open affliate account on clickbank? Should i just choose another country? Or they will require ... [read more]

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    sites banning people that promote forum?

    Glen P in Internet Marketing

    i see people getting banned on forums because they promote their own 'forum' via messaging or a thread or whatever..I find this very unacceptable and not good..and once the ban ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing or PPC

    I've been attempting to make money with get-paid-to sites by getting active referrals for them. I've been using paid advertising to get my website accross, and have had some success. ... [read more]

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    Internet Income Motivational Chart And Reality Check *Free*

    The chart below helps to break down some bigger financial goals into smaller manageable chunks. For example, having a goal of earning $100,000 gross annually may sound challenging, however, if ... [read more]

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    Testimonials as a marketing startegy?

    imfusa in Internet Marketing

    Do you still believe in the testimonials that are found in 99.99% of each product? I mean, we are in 2012, does it still worth it to stress yourself, as ... [read more]

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    Software to use to record video

    Hi, Can anybody tell the best software to use to record video to load on to utube and why you thinks it’s the best?

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    How to promote a WSO PLUS offer?

    buyitpc in Internet Marketing

    Hello: I'd read somewhere that one must promote an offer through a review page... or by buying a list. There's many google searches on "What is a WSO plus offer" ... [read more]

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    Benefits of Buying Views, Subs or Likes on Fiverr?

    kbuzz in Internet Marketing

    I was curious what the benefit would be in buying views, likes or subs for a YouTube video on a service like Fiverr? From a vanity sense, it's definitely nice ... [read more]

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    How to create a website not using WordPress

    If you want to create your own website, you have hosting and don't want to use WordPress, how do you do this? What are some programs, software, things you need ... [read more]

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    Trademark or No Trademark?

    alexts in Internet Marketing

    I have registered expired domain via godaddy auction. I was contacted by previous owner of the domain that claims that he owns established business under this domain name and he ... [read more]

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    Any chance I could I have a chance in this area?

    TheMacMan in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, I have been doing amazon review authority sites for a while now and It's a bit tedious writing content about stuff I have no interest in. So I ... [read more]