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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    I was thinking about offering PLR articles...

    fin in Internet Marketing

    As a side venture to my business until my blog takes off, or maybe I'll keep doing it. I don't really want to write individual articles as I'd rather have ... [read more]

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    Pausing Aweber Subscription

    Waited over 24 hours for a response from aweber and I can't wait any longer. I am about to sign up for the trial, if I don't feel that I ... [read more]

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    Disability...a fresh start?

    I just was informed that I need to go on disability for 3 months in order to stop a chronic pain problem while there is still hope. If I don't ... [read more]

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    Is the warrior forum a paid membership?

    hadsek in Internet Marketing

    I tried to comment on the new article forum and was redirected but am not sure as I get logged out many times why navigating the site. Thank you for ... [read more]

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    In a bit of a financial bind....unexpected happening...solution

    chadim in Internet Marketing

    So, I had been wiped out by the recent Panda/penguin updates and had been looking for a way to make some extra money during the month of MayII found an ... [read more]

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    Keeping Sites Separate in Google's Eyes-Best Practice

    I understand that if google sees multiple sites in similar niche, even if not duplicated or linked, just the fact that same registered owner, etc, that this can result in ... [read more]

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    New Social Networking Site from Microsoft

    Microsoft's new social networking site is now open to all users. The interface looks great. What is your thought?

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    How do hourly project works on odesk?

    jewelraz in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I am not bidding hourly project works in odesk because I am not so sure about it. How would they fix/measure these hours? What is the procedure to measure ... [read more]

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    What you do about these buyers

    Hey guys just received an email from paypal saying We were recently notified that one of your buyers filed a chargeback. This simply means they asked their credit card issuer ... [read more]

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    The Great Internet Marketing Catch Up

    Samps85 in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys! About a year or two ago I read a lot of information regarding how to set up and market a site focused on a niche subject. I never ... [read more]

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    It appears Facebook wants you to pay for posts in fanpages to show in news feed

    theimdude in Internet Marketing

    I just posted on one of my fanpages and was prompted to pay to show the post to more people. I post as normal and the post in the fanpage ... [read more]

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    Facebook Groups message all

    Hello do you know if it is still possible to message all my facebook group memebrs? I suppose no...

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    Open USA Bank Account And ATM Visa / Mastercard

    kkwong2u in Internet Marketing

    I am a non USA Resident but I want to open a USA Bank Account + ATM Visa / Mastercard. I did a search and found two options: 1) ... [read more]

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    Purchased items via my Amazon Affiliate Links By Accident...

    CED59 in Internet Marketing

    It happened 2 days in a row too. I must have had the cookies active. It was a complete accident. The protein powder and webcam haven't been subtracted my sales... ... [read more]

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    Do amazon sellers have mailing lists of their buyers much like eBay sellers?

    biggoogle in Internet Marketing

    Hey there, I am looking for mailing lists of buyers to sell products and services to. Can Amazon sellers reach their past buyers and endorse them other products and services? ... [read more]

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    How do you find things to blog about?

    Well, I currently run a blog that focuses on Internet marketing and entrepreneurship, and I can't come up with any new posts to write. How do you bloggers figure out ... [read more]

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    IM Resource List - add to this to help everyone

    Rsberg in Internet Marketing

    A lot of threads get started here looking for resources or information so I thought I would throw a quick list together. I'm not advocating the use of any of ... [read more]

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    Online png banner maker (clear background)

    tryinhere in Internet Marketing

    I have been looking to no avail, for a online banner maker that makes png images (clear backgrounds) if you have a link that would be great. Thanks Pete

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    Facebook Automatic Likes Increaser BOT. FANPAGE Submitted To 100,000 Profiles

    serekesh in Internet Marketing

    Stay away from this. He stole my password and then my fb pages also (800k fans). I contacted fb support but they doesn't reply yet How can I get my ... [read more]

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    High Quality Solo Ads To Purchase

    gcbmark20 in Internet Marketing

    Hi i know some of the fellow warriors have lists but does anyone know who has a quality list and has used them before? Looking to purchase some Solo Ads ... [read more]

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    Freelancing with dignity?

    Ive been trying to get some work lately but it seems there is nothing much i can do than whore my self for a quick buck on fiverr. i ... [read more]

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    Where is best to submit your articles these days?

    gcbmark20 in Internet Marketing

    Hi fellow Warriors! I know writing articles is a good thing for your online marketing efforts but I keep hearing that Ezine Articles is now not the best place to ... [read more]

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    Exit Pop up on close only?

    I'm considering putting an exit popup on one of my amazon sites. The site makes a decent amount of money but I'm also using it to build a list in ... [read more]

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    Does Posting To FREE Classified Ad Sites Still Work?

    SandyHall in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, Sandy here.. I'm thinking about purchasing some software that says it submits to thousands of Free Classified ad sites. The maker of this software has a good reputation. ... [read more]

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    Need to know some web know how

    Often when I visit landing pages and decide to leave the site by hitting the back arrow or xing out. I often get hit with a wait message, or stay ... [read more]

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    Best Ways to Validate Your Idea

    Joe Ox in Internet Marketing

    I tried linking a facebook ad to my sales page, but facebook disabled my account. So, now I am trying and link a google ad with my sales page in ... [read more]

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    Facebook Timeline - Katy Perry is ninja-ing fans to embrace Timeline changes

    I have to say that the video is kinda cool at first, very self-absorbed, and gets boring after awhile. What are your thoughts? Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Lyric Video) ... [read more]

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    How to get/restore a mysql table only, from WHM backup

    basketmen in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, i have standart WHM backup, that set daily now i need to get/restore a mysql table only, how to do that, or where is the path to get ... [read more]

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    Webmaster7 Domain Hosting Site Down

    malcsimm in Internet Marketing

    Hi - anyone have any news on Webmaster7 (affiliate of GoDaddy) being down? It's showing "This Account Has Been Suspended" page for over 2 days now. I have most of ... [read more]

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    Best monetization strategy?

    Stealth17 in Internet Marketing

    Hello fellow Warriors, I have a website that's getting 100-140 visitors per day. The site is about an occupation and I know (tested) that my visitors want to get a ... [read more]

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    Instead of asking for a mentor....

    ShayB in Internet Marketing

    ....volunteer to be an intern. I have done several unpaid internships in my career. Not just in IM, but in the "real world." No, they weren't "official" internships. I simply ... [read more]

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    What are the emotional hot buttons for dating niche (especially for men)?

    Alan Sahu in Internet Marketing

    What are the emotional hot buttons affiliates use in their articles when they promote any dating guide?

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    Building a website for Mobile viewers

    cjshu99 in Internet Marketing

    Ok. I understand seo. Build a website and get visitors. But with moblile marketing, do I build a site specifically for mobile? How is that done? Where do I host ... [read more]

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    What Theme Or Plugin is this website using?

    Hi Guys, Chance upon this website The Best WordPress Themes For Business and Blogs. Really liked the interface of this website ! Anyone knows what theme is being used and ... [read more]

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    Solo Ad - Swipe & Branding

    Hey guys, Just a few questions. (1) When a solo ad is sent out, is the swipe signature our name or the solo ad seller's name? (2) When do we ... [read more]

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    Where do you get answers your 'HOW TO' queries?

    Hi warriors, I always google my queries. But this consumes more time and I also don't always get a satisfying solution this way. Where do you guys get your 'How ... [read more]

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    Merchant account for non-profit and event registration

    I am looking for a merchant account other than paypal as they gouge on payments of large quantity. What we are using the merchant account for is event registration to ... [read more]

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    How often do you email your list and with what kind of offers?

    rmolina88 in Internet Marketing

    I started list building about 2 months ago and have been making some decent money from it. Not enough to quit my day job yet since I'm still developing a ... [read more]

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    Anyone experiencing a sales drop at clickbank in the recent days

    bastik in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I have consistently been making 2-6 sales a day at clickbank for the last couple of months. Now for the last 5 days I didn't make a single one, ... [read more]

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    Making Money with MMA (mixed martial arts)

    EvolBaby in Internet Marketing

    Okay, one of my pals is the top photographer for the MMA or Mixed Martial Arts sports. He gets the best interviews from the stars of the sport and he's ... [read more]

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    Anyone use a portable voice recorder with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

    Hi all... I am doing a lot more Kindle writing lately, and I love my Dragon software on my computer. However, I have neck problems that limit how long I ... [read more]

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    Targeting traffic for only LOCAL regions

    Thanosman in Internet Marketing

    I was talking with a prospect, she has a Yoga/Massage business at a brick and mortar establishment. And she's asking me how can SEO be established only to cater to ... [read more]

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    Expectation and Listbuilding

    I am trying to put together a metric goal for my listbuilding efforts. My question is this: What is the proper expectation to reach 1000 people on my autoresponder list? ... [read more]

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    Email Friendly CPA Networks

    rleejr in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for a list of Cpa networks that are very email traffic friendly. They should have good creatives and easy implementation to actual campaigns. If anyone can help ... [read more]

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    OTO Upsell Pages, example pages for us to see?

    Does anybody have any examples of OTO Upsell pages, which can be offered just before the download page after the buyer has purchased that is and are these upsell oto/upsell ... [read more]

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    Regulators say Google is Evil, must make Immmediate changes...

    rambo9600 in Internet Marketing

    EU: Google must address antitrust objections in 'weeks' - May. 21, 2012 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- In a scolding letter sent to Google on Monday, European regulators outlined their "concerns" ... [read more]

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    How to make money online according to Seth Godin

    Demartijn in Internet Marketing

    Some simple yet great tips from Seth Godin. If you are not subscribed to his newsletter, do so. One of the greatest marketeers that I know. How to make money ... [read more]

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    2 months in - Need a fresh pair of eyes

    earlgray in Internet Marketing

    So I'm 2 months into IM. I have 3 sites I've either built or paid to have built. All are performing poorly. A handful of adsense clicks, 1 amazon sale, ... [read more]

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    'Doing it' VS 'Taking a stab at it'

    Hi Guys This point was raised a while ago by Kevin Riley, but it is something very important and worth highlighting. It is something I have caught myself doing in ... [read more]

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    Anyone have luck with RON traffic?

    Joe Fier in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys - Just wondering if anyone here has tried and seen any positive results from using Run of Network traffic? I'm about to use it to promote some CPA ... [read more]

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    Half million views in 2 days .... interesting :-/

    i hope guys this question is going to be very interesting but hope u will enjoy and give me some pet answers. 1) I made a website for one of ... [read more]

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    A Informative Video That Will Help You Increase Your Online Sales (with Tony Robbins)

    Came across this video several days ago and thought of sharing it with you. It's about 30minutes long though but I'm pretty sure you'll learn something. Tony Robbins with Top ... [read more]

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    Kanye West & Kim Kardashians' "secret" that'll increase your WSO Sales, TODAY!

    Hi Warriors, It was in a busy Mexico City subway when it hit me: Kayne West & Kim Kardashian know the power of this "secret" more than most ever will! ... [read more]

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    Are coaches/mentors really even necessary?

    cashtree in Internet Marketing

    I've read people on here say they've dropped hundreds to 10's of thousands on mentors, coaches, or their teaching product line, and I can't but feel like it's just a ... [read more]

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    Gravatar for Guest Posting

    kalens99 in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I do a lot of linkbuilding and marketing with guest blogging. Overall it works great. However, one problem is that many bloggers want to see a gravatar image ... [read more]

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    Ontowebinar? pre-recorded webinars?

    Phobia in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors I was on a webinar the other day and noticed it wasn't 'live' per se. After finding out how the IM'er did it, I saw the webinar link ... [read more]