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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Dog Bites the hand of the Internet Marketer.

    "Don't Bite the hand that feeds you" Its one of the easiest to understand proverbs, in fact it should be required reading for many marketers. Personally I think that if ... [read more]

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    Pinterest usage down from 12 to 8 Million users

    Business insider reports that the Pinterest hype was short-lived. I don't know how accurate their numbers are. Referring to users signing in through Facebook within 1 month, usage went from ... [read more]

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    I Finally Make The Move in Becoming a War Room Member

    Its been Almost a year since I been around this forum i never take the steps in becoming the war room member..Today I Finally Make The move and I'm very ... [read more]

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    My Fiverr career is over before it even got started.

    I finally got around to adding a ‘gig’ on Fiverr to write 300 word content for $5 seeing if there would be any takers. Yup, I got one. He sent ... [read more]

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    Facebook Twitter Exchange Sites

    DeskCoder in Internet Marketing

    I signed up for a facebook and twitter exchange site, one that was mention here on Warrior Forum ... I have searched and searched for the name of it again, ... [read more]

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    Why is Amazon accessing my WP-Admin?

    webdesk in Internet Marketing

    I have a plugin on all my Word Press Blogs that limits login attempts to my admin area. If there are too many attempts, I get emailed that these unauthorized ... [read more]

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    Is it illegal to use paypal in a domain name?

    0oo0 in Internet Marketing

    So I was curious if it's illegal to use paypal in a domain name kind of like how uses it? I'm just using that site as an example (not ... [read more]

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    Believe my PC Has Keyboard or Malware Virus - What do I do?

    Hi, I posted another thread in here today about a problem with my left arrow key...that's how the problem started out. The problem started out last night for me...I can't ... [read more]

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    are some usa websites now being censored, & if so, anyone know why?

    Hi! I've started to notice this in google... periodically when I do a search for a particular website (if not in the usa), and click on a link -- it ... [read more]

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    BAD Facebook Advice from a Guru?

    rprieto60 in Internet Marketing

    I just read an ebook from a supposed guru who shall remain nameless. In this book, he was espousing his Facebook Fan Page marketing "secrets" that he had "never shared ... [read more]

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    Fastest and Best Way to Get Likes On Facebook

    If wanted real likes (not paid likes) to build a tribe how would you do it to start to build a tribe? What are your ideas? Let's see who can ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fanpage Wall Regulations?

    Hey Warriors, Quick question, when setting up a brand facebook fanpage, are you limited through copyright and trademark what you can post on your wall? Are you allowed to post ... [read more]

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    Anyone a newegg affiliate?

    GMT in Internet Marketing

    I love the company, great support, great products, and are very popular, but their affiliate program doesn't look too spectacular. Anyone currently an affiliate or have been in the past? ... [read more]

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    Can someone please help out with this?

    larry1113 in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I just have a quick question. I've been testing a funnel involving a Clickbank product. I'm a little confused about something though. Normally at the bottom of the ... [read more]

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    Doing the same thing as thousands of people is discouraging...

    D3lit3 in Internet Marketing

    Is the demand really that high? I swear every second WSO tells me to build a squeeze page for the money making niche. After a while they all start to ... [read more]

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    Product on alerting people of scams and how to avoid them?

    I met a girl several months back who told me about the ways she used to make money online. The way she spoke suggested she was scamming people out of ... [read more]

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    anyone still using Digg?

    twentytwo in Internet Marketing

    I heard Digg was a great way to get traffic, but over the years its been kinda run down? I don't know if that's true or not. I myself have ... [read more]

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    Hosting Issue - Need Advice on what to do.

    ajetayo in Internet Marketing

    I just got this email (in italics below) from my current hosting company (site5). I moved my site to them because they offered free site transfer back then now I'm ... [read more]

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    How Do You Keep Track of All Your Projects?

    I find myself managing a lot of different vendors working on many different tasks. Some people do writing, some people to SEO, some people do social media marketing. At the ... [read more]

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    Product Launches and Wordpress Themes

    badlimey in Internet Marketing

    My head is spinning trying to choose between Wordpress Themes that will allow me to run a traditional style blog with the addition of squeeze pages, product pages, and membership ... [read more]

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    on what forum should I sell my service?

    Hi warriors, Where would be the best place to start selling my service. I'm starting a Google +1 and Facebook like service soon. I was thinking between Warrior Forum Classified ... [read more]

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    avertise on websites for more traffic..

    Stewroids in Internet Marketing

    So I want to try something new that I heard can work.. I want to post some ads on sites in the weightloss niche but Im not sure how to ... [read more]

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    Is the Time to Get Traffic the Main Bottleneck between You and Nich Profits?

    Hi all, As we all know, there are dozens of ways to make money in IM. However, one of the most popular ways is to create a website, get traffic ... [read more]

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    Ad Swappers That Sell Solo Ads..What do you think?

    Hi, I have seen several people using/doing ad swap. And they also sell SOLO ads. How much do you charge and what is your basis why your price is your ... [read more]

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    Any point in trying to find clients on Warrior Forum..?

    I don't mean to be negative - I'm sure there are a significant amount of people utilizing WF quite successfully to generate an income but having just had a look ... [read more]

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    "Review Copies" Do people actually leave reviews or is it a way to get something for nothing?

    I'm offering my services here on the WF and have been approached by a few members for a review copy. I did give one out to the first person who ... [read more]

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    What to do if your content gets stolen?

    Hello Warriors, I have noticed that some of my unique artciles have been stolen by sites and blogs and have put them on their sites. Now some of them have ... [read more]

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    what type of hosting for local business

    mickd in Internet Marketing

    Im starting out with local business marketing, and well I might have my first client, and wondering what kind of hosting should I get, I have bluehost but its got ... [read more]

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    You don't know this IM secret

    Here is a secret you probably don't know - it's not what you're thinking. Once you get this, it will open up your mind and automatically put you in a ... [read more]

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    Joined the War Room and Warrior Plus but not clear on launching the WSO, have a few questions

    I just signed up in the War Room and also on Warrior Plus. I went over the tutorials about launching a WSO I'm pretty clear on that process on the ... [read more]

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    Where a freelance copywriter should submit articles to promote himself

    Hi, In my last thread, people gave me lots of links to places I can submit articles - lots of previous threads about that, and I've gone through them. Thanks. ... [read more]

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    Looking for a Social Media Tool

    Ok, I am looking for a macro program where I can set up accounts/profiles at different social media and bookmarking sites. I found only one lead so far called TG ... [read more]

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    Websites Advice?

    Hey guys I decided to make a video for yall explaining my situation instead of doing in text. I have two websites that I started and never really finished. I ... [read more]

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    I am Looking for a particular IM site with videos

    espresso in Internet Marketing

    Hi I am looking for an IM Guru site I found a while ago but cant find now The url was the guys name and the site featured various videos ... [read more]

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    Moving content to a new domain

    I have 6 or so niche sites that are all related in subject matter. Each is an exact match domain that has been hit recently and not doing good. There ... [read more]

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    PPC vs CPV for getting leads to my site - Advice Needed

    Ok, looking for all your intelligent guys that know about this stuff. I only run one website and was looking at going down the road of paid advertising and before ... [read more]

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    New GoDaddy code for $2.47 domain name

    I know it's not as good as the $1 and other coupon codes that used to come out but I don't know if GoDaddy even puts them out anymore. This ... [read more]

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    Where can i promote wso offers as an affiliate?

    Hi everyone, I would like some advice on where am allowed to promote wso offers since am just starting out on this.Can i promote them using the traditional methods like ... [read more]

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    Irish website

    Hi I'm the webmaster of and I'm looking for ways to make more profit from it. We have more than 6,200 emails from our members Page Rank: 5 Alexa: ... [read more]

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    Amazon Caves In - Will Collect Texas Sales Taxes

    Nightowl in Internet Marketing

    Just announced today. Possibly good news for Texans who are (were?) affiliates. See this from the Houston Chronicle: Amazon's Texas customers to start paying sales tax - Houston Chronicle Also, ... [read more]

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    Short(er) e-mail address.

    I have a client who has a He wants a shorter e-mail address. Do you have any recommendations other than the standard gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, etc? I would ... [read more]

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    Good websites for PLR content

    nikks in Internet Marketing

    Anyone can recommend any good websites to get PLR content and videos? Other than here at Warrior Forums.

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    Best Opt-in Freebie You've Ever Gotten?

    chtfld in Internet Marketing

    So, I have a PLR list that I send a free set of 2-3 articles to every week and this week I forgot to write them. I quite literally thought ... [read more]

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    I need some help with Twitter marketing, please !

    Dario@WF in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, i am trying to promote my CPA site on Twitter, i can make as much as it is needed accounts with a lot of followers and i have ... [read more]

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    Do Membership Sites REALLY create stability?

    Hi guys, So I have a product that I've been selling and I finally had some real breakthrough success online. Finally made 2K in one day and I'm feeling good ... [read more]

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    What Is Your Marketing Model?

    Hi folks. Up until today, my marketing model has primarily been based on Google SEO. I have my own Clickbank product, I drive traffic to a salespage via Google SEO, ... [read more]

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    Clickbank course

    Hi guys, Im looking for a course which will learn me the ropes of selling clickbank products as at the minute im earning all my money by adsense and with ... [read more]

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    Autoresponder emails winning over broadcast?

    Raydal in Internet Marketing

    According to the latest report from a respected industry leader the answer is "yes". According to Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council report of April, 2012, triggered ... [read more]

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    Who are they Biggest names in this business and who is or was your mentor?

    This is a great question. An advice to the newbies: If you plan to make it in the IM business, you must have a mentor it doesn't matter if you ... [read more]

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    Don't you just hate this?

    Don't you just hate when people don't have an open mind and believe in Internet Marketing? My parents don't believe in it and neither does my brother. I just wanna ... [read more]

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    Selling product for FB WallPost or Tweet

    Hi guys, Just want to sort out new information in my head. There are some services that can help you to create Buy button. Just one difference - people will ... [read more]

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    Please Be Careful...Hackers Out There...

    skyisblue in Internet Marketing

    I've heard that hackers can get access to your computer..and have access to all your files etc...actually probably one of your closest friends knows how to get access to your ... [read more]

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    Outsourcers Confidentiality about Business Ideas

    Hello, can you help _ I want to know if I reveal my ideas to a web site builder/designer, can they steal them from me? How does business confidentiality work ... [read more]

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    effective CRM/sales tracking with some automation.

    4EverMaAT in Internet Marketing

    I've pretty much narrowed it down to NanaCast GreenRope (seems very interesting for price) Premium Web Cart (pro or elite) SalesForce (maybe) I wanted to check others recent experience on ... [read more]

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    What Are Tasks Every Internet Marketeer Should Be Doing Daily?

    coldshot in Internet Marketing

    It's been 6 months since I've started IM with Adsense and Afiliate sales and things are slowly progressing. One thing I've struggled with is having a daily task list. I'm ... [read more]

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    Mass Unlike Facebook Pages using Facebook Timeline

    Fary in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors, This is a simple way to unlike multiple pages on Facebook using Facebook Timeline. This would be useful if you are overloaded with pages and would like an ... [read more]