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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    8:25 Avg. Time on Site - What I did

    Hey guys, Ive just recently made a few small changes on one of my sites and increased my average time on site from around 2 minutes to 8 minutes+ per ... [read more]

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    should i focus hard on making a list?

    I keep hearing that your bread and butter is in the list. I that why you see so many sites offering free stuff in exchange for an email? I just ... [read more]

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    Video Page Layout Qestion?

    Hey guys i recently created an entertainment website however i would like to change the view of my video page for its just showing limited amount of posts. This is ... [read more]

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    How to get good traffic to your youtube videos?

    Jbarros in Internet Marketing

    Hey People, Just wanna an opinion about Animoto service or any other one. Do you guys consider it a good program to use to promote your website on youtube? In ... [read more]

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    Blog about making money online

    Norim in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I’m wondering if i could start a blog about making money online and online entrepreneurship, is it possible to write and explore this niche? i mean writing and learning ... [read more]

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    Get Those First Subscribers? Help PLEASE!

    Basically, I've finally realized that something most IMers need in their arsenal is a responsive list that you have a good relationship with... Which is what I am trying to ... [read more]

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    This is driving me nuts -- who posted a video-marketing report?

    Hi there, Okay, here's the thing: some kind soul posted a free report -- no opt-in I think -- on the issue of video marketing, with lots of great links ... [read more]

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    Simple Tweak to Increase Your Squeeze Page Conversion by 13%

    Kim Roach in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share some quick test results from our business. A while back we added an exit pop on our squeeze page. So when someone exits ... [read more]

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    Anchor Test ?

    dssxxxx in Internet Marketing

    Anchor text is basically text/keyword that is clickable, like example when you go to , on the top you will see “Images” “News” etc, those are anchor texts, clickable ... [read more]

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    Wanting to start IM but too much information! Just need a starting point...

    Hi Warriors, Just found about this site today and it seems really good! My plan is to create a blog, use techniques gained from this site to drive readers/customers to ... [read more]

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    Footer squeeze pages/opt ins

    yveper in Internet Marketing

    Does any warrior know of a product that does this? They seem to be on all major websites. Opt ins coming up from the footer. I'm sure there was a ... [read more]

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    Help with adding more user value to a site

    adamcm in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I've been developing numerous sites over the past couple of years all in various equipment/products people can by. My approach has generally been to write good content on ... [read more]

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    Do you charge for wordpress?

    upgraded in Internet Marketing

    Do/would you charge for creating a wordpress site? If you do, do you use free templates or buy custom ones? If you don't, what's your opinion about this? Jonathan

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    Best Spinner Wordpress Plugin

    Does anyone know if there is a Wordpress plugin that will spin the contents of a post using the best spinner The Best Spinner - the most powerful article spinner ... [read more]

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    Do Long Sales Pages Make You Buy?

    The majority of the sales pages I see are extremely long... to the point where I couldn't imagine reading 1/4 of it. Some people prefer this type (on the buyer's ... [read more]

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    Tracking Clixgalore referals in Google Analytics

    thewolfpf in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone. We posted in another forums but an associate recommended warriorforum so we joined and hoping the community can help us with a Google Analytics question that we have. ... [read more]

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    The War Room - Why should I upgrade?

    I have read up on all the features and know that everyone says its the best investment I can make in the beginning. Elaborate a little on why it is ... [read more]

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    WP files & my site data

    cbnet in Internet Marketing

    Hostgator is my hosting services provider. I have installed Wordpress through Hostgator. My question is where my Wordpress application/tools files are stored. I don't find any in my computer. However, ... [read more]

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    Lawyer Website Wordpress Themes - Need some suggestions!

    Hello Warriors, It's my first time to set up a site for a lawyer and I want to know especially from those warriors who have tried doing this, what wordpress ... [read more]

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    I cant seem to get an answer regarding Paypal? :-/

    Kange in Internet Marketing

    Hi When you transfer some of your paypal balance from one paypal account to another do you get charged? Also if you transfer money from your paypal account to someone ... [read more]

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    picture in my profile

    hi can some one tell me how to get my picture in my profile on here.? in other word what i need to click? many thanks warriors Peter

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    What really works - need some help

    pulpazos in Internet Marketing

    Ok i think i need some help. I tried more then 20 products of all the gurus outside. After 6 month and really i tried a lot and i sold ... [read more]

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    Share: Nice MP3 splitter

    Found this to be a really neat tool for cutting MP3s and thought I'd share it (note: I am not at all related to this site): Mp3 cutter online - ... [read more]

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    How Big Your list is?

    I feel very interesting to ask, to all the members of forum, how big your list? how long it look to build and what method adopted...? what is the conversion ... [read more]

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    Now Googles wants to dominate Android user?

    Mr Lim in Internet Marketing

    Wow, seriously. What's exactly the Big G's intention? Dominate the whole internet??? At first, Videos, then Maps, Google+, Online Book, Docs, and now this "Play" targetting Android user!! Seriously, what ... [read more]

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    Any Tips For Getting First In Line To Having Your Banner Ad on Warrior Approved?

    Hi there, I would like to get my banner ad on the Warrior header. Everytime I go it seems like the spots are full, but I seem to see the ... [read more]

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    How many warriors are in the app biz

    Hey fellow warriors, I was just wondering how many of you are in the app business. I just ask because that's what I do and I don't see many post ... [read more]

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    Update Hellotxt via Email

    Farouseh in Internet Marketing

    Does anybody have an idea how to update Hellotxt via email?

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    This is frustrating!!

    macmani in Internet Marketing

    My 2 amazon sites which were in top 3 positions on first page of google for more than 3 months are no where to be seen one fine morning!! They ... [read more]

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    Enabling gzip compression in Wordpress

    Netcel in Internet Marketing

    I've just stumbled across Google's Page Speed plugin for Firefox. As I understand it, speed is not part of Googles algorithms at the moment, but after watching a Matt Cutts ... [read more]

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    Am I still doing it right ?

    ollybode in Internet Marketing

    I want to appreciate you guys for the valuable suggestions you gave me, when I ask you to check out my site and tell me your observations. I have tried ... [read more]

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    Australia Post Unveils NEW Technology

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    Drum roll please... Its call E - Mail ! Amazing stuff, apparently you can SEND & RECEIVE mail online! "No waaay dude" - "Way bro". Ahhhhhh Lolllllllllll Cookies must be ... [read more]

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    How long does it take you to make a 25 page PDF report?

    chadim in Internet Marketing

    I have a goal to finish a 25-30 page PDF report by next Friday on a method that's making me money. The problem is, I've never written a report before ... [read more]

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    A way to build a list with Facebook ads

    avatar1 in Internet Marketing

    I built a list of 6k double optin subscribers with Facebook ads and I'll show you what I did. Put aweber code into the landing page format, the one I ... [read more]

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    Advice required.

    pokerpie in Internet Marketing

    Ok i am new to this internet marketing malarky so go easy on me. I have recently been made redundant and have a little bit of money saved up which ... [read more]

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    Ready to Quit Internet Marketing - Before I Even Start!

    Okay. I've just about had it with Internet Marketing. I have been an SEO freelancer. I was looking to move to internet marketing, as a more passive means of income. ... [read more]

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    dreamer90 in Internet Marketing

    Ok hi Im fairly newto warrior forum but not new to internet marketing. It seems everything i done has been a complete failure or it turned out to be a ... [read more]

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    How to create a Outsourcing Website

    Looking to create my own virtual Outsourcing Odesk..... anyone help point me in the right direction?

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    Most expensive physical product you can promote as an affiliate?

    cd2012 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone here know what's the most expensive PHYSICAL product you can promote as an affiliate?

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    please i want you to criticize my site

    ollybode in Internet Marketing

    I just lunched this site 3 months ago, and i want you guys to point out what i need to do to improve this site,and any seo method to get ... [read more]

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    Anyone using smugmug for video hosting?

    Hi all, this grew out of another thread where my original question is somewhat less important than it was originally (I had originally asked about hosting images off site, but ... [read more]

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    Launch WSO for free?

    Is there any legal way in which we can launch a wso for free? I heard some people doing that!!

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    Do you recommend wordpress, joomla or anything else?

    bross in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I`m building a website where people will be able to read through different kind of topics and some articles will have just the introduction. You`ll be able to read ... [read more]

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    That's NOT A Review Mate!

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    Firstly, i'd like to warn you that this is a bit of a rant. Secondly this has absolutely 100% nothing to do with my sig. In fact DO not even ... [read more]

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    Sales page writing help

    I am looking for some help with my sales page, I'm not really the best at writing sales pages and I can't afford to outsource the writing. I already put ... [read more]

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    Mentoring in the Middle

    In an earlier post at I discussed the Big Ticket/Big Guru Schools of Mentoring and then glanced upon the budget WSO 5-10 quick fix mentoring that we have seen ... [read more]

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    How to share unique service with niche online audience?

    arefer in Internet Marketing

    I have a unique new service in a startup business of mine that will give people with bad allergies/seizure disorders an easy-to-remember tollfree number to where they can dial a ... [read more]

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    Best way to update site and not loose linky juice

    thedog in Internet Marketing

    Moderator edit: SEO threads belong in

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    What are people doing on your site?

    jeskola in Internet Marketing

    Wow - just spotted this incredible tool Real Time Web Analytics | Lucky Orange In particular the recordings of what people do on your site... just amazing. I learned a ... [read more]

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    Your favorite video recording software

    dgmufasa in Internet Marketing

    Hello all, Wanted to make some "how-to"/"instruction" videos to put on YouTube. Not familiar with the types of video software out there - so - decided to come here and ... [read more]

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    Education in USA

    namrata1 in Internet Marketing

    Education is the act of imparting or gaining knowledge, developing the reasoning power and judgments, and preparing oneself or others intellectually.

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    Hi everyone, I am glad that I landed on this huge forum full of expert marketers, and I would like to join you in this field, but I need some ... [read more]

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    Is $1,000/month that hard to make???

    yssync in Internet Marketing

    OK I have a full time job and started researching, trying, paying for the reports etc. to make $1K/month online to cover my discontinued child support, but not happening... so ... [read more]

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    Need alternative to Google Voice for Net Space Profits

    dln1954 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know of an alternative to Google Voice for the sake of providing a phone verification service required by various business directories for those of us who live outside ... [read more]

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    Just copy my webpage content to my FB page?

    WalterW in Internet Marketing

    Should I create a new content for my facebook page or just copy content from my main web-page? also any good links on basic fan getting technical without paying for ... [read more]