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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Should I add /wordpress to domain name when forwarding domains?

    edd666666 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, the domain that my blog is hosted on reads domainname/wordpress. I am forwarding other domains to my blog and would like to know if when I fill in the ... [read more]

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    How do I get this kind of template?

    Guys, coming here after a long time. I am researching and gathering stuff for a website that will be like this one: I really like the template and would ... [read more]

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    Need Help Locating Creating Plugin on the WF

    Sadly my work laptop crashed recently and although I backup stuff I had not backed up my files for about a week or so and I made a lot of ... [read more]

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    Cb With PayPal Option to Pay 14 Days After Delivery?

    Hey Warriors! I just bought a CB product and I thought it was odd that after it took me to PayPal, it gave me the option of paying 14 days ... [read more]

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    Hi Can someone please list me top 5 CPA networks?

    Hi I am looking to earn via CPA networks. I have failed in Adsense, clickbank, amazon. Therefore can someone please list the top 5 CPA networks. I am from UK. ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fan Page Question

    AnniePot in Internet Marketing

    Sometimes, when I click the "Like" button on someone's FB Fan Page, a dropdown immediately appears inviting me to "Recommend" the page to my friends. On other occasions this does ... [read more]

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    Url shortener that keeps kw in tact?

    Anyone know of a shortner thyat will keep a couple of the keywords in the outputed url? I'm trying to add my link to a site that does not allow ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics Help

    32paul52 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am working with High end Eccomerce Site with a decent amount of traffic. We have had problems with Google analytics, in regard to $$ amounts and Goals. Does ... [read more]

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    Shopping Carts: What do you use?

    volit in Internet Marketing

    I've done some research and there's a lot of carts for wordpress - but my site isn't formatted for it. What cart do you recommend for a simple 1 product ... [read more]

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    Top Internet Marketing Learning Course for Newbie

    rmaxsg in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I'm Newbie in internet marketing. No sure where to start up? Simply is, that are ton Internet marketing video out there. Each and everyone says Follow my method you ... [read more]

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    What was the best day of your Internet Marketing career???

    Josh880 in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys, I hear so much about how difficult, how tired people are, and how much money people aren't making online. Unfortunately I don't hear enough about people's successes. Instead ... [read more]

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    a request webinar hosts

    espresso in Internet Marketing

    to those who host webinars i realised you are mainly looking for a US audience but could i ask you to consider those living in europe a bit more The ... [read more]

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    Can you still use a delayed call to action with CB?

    I just submitted my product and they asked for the payment link. If they would have watched it to the end they would see that it would have popped up. ... [read more]

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    The very best software!

    Hi, I have a website aimed at helping beginner and intermediate marketers. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the top software packages out there for someone wanting to ... [read more]

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    Adsense ads not showing

    Hi my adsense ads are not showing i logged into my adsense account and it doesnt say anything about beign suspended or beign cancelled Its been 2 days now since ... [read more]

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    Looking for guidance or consulting on selling a website

    RepATX in Internet Marketing

    I have a website that was built from the ground. I am looking to free up cash. I am not looking to sell it for pennies or webmaster prices. It's ... [read more]

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    Share Your Stories - Promoting Affiliate Programs With Postcards

    Hey Warriors. Just wondering if there are any success stories of using postcards to promote affiliate products. Can promoting offline and directing prospects online work. Your responses would certainly help ... [read more]

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    Hi How do autoresponders work?do They give us readymade list of emails?

    Hi I would like to know how do autoresponders work. Coz they are paid service it is very hard for me to try them. I am of the idea that ... [read more]

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    Do you sell digital products -- Do you use paypal ipn?

    Hey warriors Do you use paypal ipn script for your downloads or do you use a service? I use paypal ipn script........

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    Facebook or Twitter

    Entrecon in Internet Marketing

    Okay, So I was looking around for some domains and stumbled across It seemed like a great name so I have registered, but now I am thinking "now what". ... [read more]

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    How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Searches

    Here is a useful article about telling Google not to keep track of your web searches: Whether or not Google will disable this option in the future remains to ... [read more]

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    Should I Be Suspicious Of These Three Clickbank Sales Within Minutes Of Each Other?

    Jon Tees in Internet Marketing

    It appears that one person purchased either two copies of the same digital guide, or purchased a copy of the guide and an up sell product I’m not aware of, ... [read more]

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    Authority Sites vs Micro Niches

    jtgjustin in Internet Marketing

    In your opinion what is the more successful business model? Many micro niches or one big authority? Pros/cons of each? Thank you

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    Help with wordpress install on subdomain.

    I have been installed Wordpress on a subdomain(via Hostgator cpanel). But when I type in it I get an error. "Oops! Google Chrome could not find" I removed ... [read more]

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    Niche keyword - stats any good?

    Hi all, I am thinking of creating a blog around a keyword with these Market Samurai stats. Can you let me know what you think? The age and PR stats ... [read more]

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    Is it o.k. to put images from Amazon on your site?

    Roell in Internet Marketing

    I'm building a product review website and haven't signed up for the Amazon Associates program yet. I wanted to know if I can pull images from their site and use ... [read more]

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    How many pages?

    Wide in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering ... How many pages of content does your average website have? Do people still build the small 3-4 pages adsense micro sites? or are people building bigger sites ... [read more]

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    Google Forced Me To Take The Night Off

    Not sure if any of you have noticed The Google Doodle today in honour of physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz? Well as it would turn out I had scheduled to record ... [read more]

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    Writers who IM: Finding a Balance

    LyndaL66 in Internet Marketing

    I posted something along these lines in another thread, but I was wondering what everyone else would say if I opened it up to the whole forum: I am a ... [read more]

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    Are Big Companies Missing the Mark With Social Media?

    I like many American's watched the super bowl very intently on Sunday. Not to see the game really (being an Eagles fan ) but to see the creative and clever ... [read more]

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    Help! A potential client wants to run radio and tv campain locally...

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking advise because a potential customer just sent me a message asking if my company could run a radio and tv ad campain locally... This is my ... [read more]

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    Delete my account permanently

    kamalmix in Internet Marketing

    Admins and moders please delete my account permanently olease. Marketing is not for me. I wont come back again Please delete Thanks to all warriors

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    Google rank big sites manually?

    spen in Internet Marketing

    Hi. guys search for a keyword, in the result, some big sites at top rank. they have low number of backlinks, quality of backlinks is lower, low PR. Google rank ... [read more]

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    Can you find a mass green in Market Samurai?

    spen in Internet Marketing

    Hi, guys I doubt whether to find out a mass green in Market Samurai, when I run Market Samurai for a keyword. If you can, please tell me, I will ... [read more]

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    Is wordpress good for sales funnels?

    Hi! Actually I am only building a squeezepage at the moment but I don't plan to ever build any other sites than squeezes and sales funnels. So I wanted to ... [read more]

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    methods of capturing email from WP site?

    sloanjim in Internet Marketing

    Hi Apart from aweber are ther any other good options of capturing email addresses from a W.P site? Nothing fancy needed just basic text messages from time to time Thank ... [read more]

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    a question to article writers

    zonkow in Internet Marketing

    For my new site ( first one actually) I'm applying 1% keyword density. I have 1000 words product reviews and articles . Throughout each article I'm mentioning my keywords about ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fan Page

    suhsia329 in Internet Marketing

    Hello guys... I have setup my Fan page today!! Hooray... You may visit "Come Make Money Online with SuhSia" at facebook give me a LIKES , and give some comments, ... [read more]

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    Marketing to Facebook Pages

    socialdm in Internet Marketing

    So I read recently that Facebook was going to be doing away with classical ads in favour of marketing premium ads in Facebook pages. So as an advertiser, you would ... [read more]

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    10 Fast Ways To Make Some Cash

    Hi, You have to start somewhere. I know I did. My first efforts saw me only pulling a small amount of cash. However, I reinvested both time and money and ... [read more]

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    CTR Theme Site Sold on Flippa

    Fixers in Internet Marketing

    Just got an email from Flippa and noticed from the top sales that one was the CTR theme site!! So what could this mean for us all, some nice ... [read more]

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    site deployment

    dgmufasa in Internet Marketing

    Hi all - when developing sites, do you use 2: one for "development" and one for "production" - or - is it all just on one live site (and you ... [read more]

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    Advantages of .com .co and .net domain names for blog?

    alphalife in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone. I'm currently developing a new blog for internet marketers and am exploring options for a domain name. I wanted to ask if anyone here has some feedback on ... [read more]

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    Special characters in keywords

    wilken in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I am wondering is there any difference for Google if a keyword is written for example in the following ways: A B (A) B A. B Does anybody ... [read more]

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    Aged domains vs adsense revenue and clickband sale

    timwal in Internet Marketing

    Hi warrior, I'm thinking a project - buying aged domains and building and adding content on the site i build on that domain. will an aged domain increase my adsense ... [read more]

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    how much i can ask for this link wheel service

    Hello, warriors I want to start a link wheel service on fiverr 50 article links ( 50 CS passed ) and 100 links to each these article. is this service ... [read more]

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    S3Flowshield and EVP2 Secure Streaming Capabilities

    I'm looking for a demo video that shows the secure streaming capabilities of S3Flowshield and Easy Video Player. All the S3Flowshield and EPV2 powered videos that I've found so far, ... [read more]

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    WP Zon Builder

    Hi Warriors, I would like to know how easy or difficult it is to flip an amazon affiliate site if using zon builder. Before buying, can i change amazon affiliate ... [read more]

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    Marketing on Facebook

    dblgdee in Internet Marketing

    Retailers can't figure out how to market on Facebook; Why Are Brands Shutting Their Facebook Stores? they need help! Can anyone help them?

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    blog Network

    InnoSoft in Internet Marketing

    hi, Which blog Network is best? SEOLinkVine, UAW, Article Ranks, BMR????

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    what is the holidays/ travel niche like?

    Decanus in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, did a ton of research and reading last week, possibly too much (!) but one of the main things I took from it is that when you choose ... [read more]

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    Approaching Someone In My Niche To Work With

    Hey Warriors, I am just looking around for websites realted to my niche and I have found one that I would like to work with. I'm just not quite sure ... [read more]

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    how does facebook shutdown affect you

    spaceboos in Internet Marketing

    Seems facebook marketing will become a thing of the past. Check out the story here FACEBOOK WILL END ON MARCH 15th, 2012!*|*Weekly World News

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    How Much helpful is directory submissions for OFF Page Optimization now a days??

    For OFF Page Optimization first recommendation is 'directory submissions' , but i am wondering how it is helpful in link building now a days . If it is then how ... [read more]