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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Multiple products on one blog... Should I have multiple funnels???

    Hey, what's up Warriors. I've encountered a issue that's giving me a headache. I run a blog in the relationship/dating advice niche. On the blog I have a e-store where ... [read more]

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    Best Marketing Collaboration Tool

    Hello All, I am looking for the best marketing online ticketing collaboration tool that can be all or most of the following: Please let me know your thoughts. Ticketing and ... [read more]

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    Local number with voice message needed

    I need a local number with the ability to add a custom voice greeting, doesn't need to have the option of leaving a message from the caller. I would prefer ... [read more]

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    Freeware Games

    Andrew514 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I want to create a gaming website where anyone can play games online for free, but I want to know that from where I can get freeware games ... [read more]

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    Tax ID/SSN for UK residents?

    cooler1 in Internet Marketing

    I've got a question about a Tax ID/SSN for UK residents. Some CPA networks require that you provide a Tax ID/SSN in your application, regardless of which country you live ... [read more]

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    Marketplaces to buy sponsored blog posts ?

    cpaWizard in Internet Marketing

    Hello! Can you recommend big marketplaces where advertisers can buy blog posts on 3rd party blog owners? The ones I found are very hard to work with and don't allow ... [read more]

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    Coupons site - is iCodes still being used?

    I've been doing research on how to set up a "coupon" site - basically I want to set up a website with coupons, freebies, offers and giveaways. Anyhow, I discovered ... [read more]

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    Bad writer?

    Markets in Internet Marketing

    I've gotten feedback from a few people on my new blog that my writing style is... not the best. Personally I thought it was at least decent, but even someone ... [read more]

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    Domain name

    My question is about Domain names and if it matters for SEO and Google if its .com or an org.?The reason I ask is because I notice a .info at ... [read more]

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    Powerful Tips to Start Making Bank With Video Marketing

    I was pulled kicking and screaming into video marketing, although I was counseled to do so many years ago. It felt too difficult at the time, but eventually the benefits ... [read more]

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    Squeeze pages

    misty12 in Internet Marketing

    Hi This Is possibly a stupid question but here goes. I work with CPA and affiliate marketing and I build a new wordpress site for nearly each program I promote,this ... [read more]

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    What i do wrong ? No conversions i have : (

    DDR3 in Internet Marketing

    Hi All . Id like to some help . I spend traffic , but my results are too bad ( . Steps am i did : 1) I decide to ... [read more]

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    jvzoo buy buttons on my websites

    Hi, I have a few websites to launch (chatting, language provement, dating, classified ads). They all have free features and paid features, they are professional websites, created from scratch, hosted ... [read more]

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    Make $15/k per month or $10K/day with SEO? Anyone could keep that up for 1 year?

    Azlan.MY in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Before this, I've bought several MMO products. One of the product said that he made $15k/month with mini site and SEO. He was a fellow Warrior back then. Well, ... [read more]

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    Where to start!

    Hi all, I need some guidance on where to start. Here are some thoughts after looking at a few things etc: 1. I could do affiliate marketing but don't know ... [read more]

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    Hosting in China - what is the status quo?

    I am busy making a small website in simplified Chinese language for a mainland Chinese audience. I wonder what the status quo regarding hosting websites in China is. Getting a ... [read more]

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    Which Traffic Sites Offer A Code To Earn Credits?

    Hi I'm looking for (valuable) traffic/ad exchange/listbuilding sites that offer a code you can put on your website to earn credits. So far I have: ViralURL ViralPLR ViralHosts Viral Ads ... [read more]

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    Is Setting up A Membership Site the Best Way to Monetize?

    coachjeff in Internet Marketing

    Second time poster here, and relative newbie to much of this stuff. I'm a personal trainer and weight loss coach, who has been told many times he's a very good ... [read more]

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    No Sale In Amazon For Last 1 week

    Hi I am newbee in Amazon but not in blogging. I have a health blog which gets 2500 visit per day . I monetized my website using Adsense , BuySellAds ... [read more]

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    traffic from google

    If I re-wrote a load of PR articles could I expect Google to give me traffic? I am not expecting to land on first page for a keyword but long ... [read more]

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    anybody seen High Traffic academy program ? thoughts ?

    allenrs in Internet Marketing

    I signed up for the program done by Vick Strizheus & Jason McClain and they sound legit but I cant find out much about them.

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    Online MLM?

    There are a lot of Facebook MLM groups claiming that they are earning $3k per month is this true? Should I join?

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    Is it better to install WordPress manually?

    I was about to install WordPress using Softaculous when I heard someone suggest it's better to do the install manually. Is this true? What are the advantages to a manual ... [read more]

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    Most cost effective way to build traffic?

    Hello all! Glad to be a part of such an amazing community! My name is Jason I'm a Forex trader by night and stock trader by day. I've become involved ... [read more]

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    Starting from scratch to $500 pm how would you do it ?

    Hi guys, I need an extra $500 a month I know its not much but I`m finding it hard lol I`ve had success over the years with SEO quite big ... [read more]

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    kindle book authors -

    newxxx in Internet Marketing

    i have a question for any kindle book author when you sell a 2.99 kindle book through kindle unlimited where they can download the book for free, what are your ... [read more]

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    Where can I find affiliates for my new product?

    ydsimple in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone I have just lunched a new product and would like to ask maybe you know places where I can find affiliates. Thanks

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    Directory or Not?

    Kenmuise in Internet Marketing

    I have a water recreation Amazon niche site that is getting decent traffic (17k impressions per month) and converting to about 1.5K of Amazon affiliate earnings. I'm happy with it. ... [read more]

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    Amazon product review

    MikeRand in Internet Marketing

    Hi again I need to know how I write good amazon product review without buying product,anyone do this for affiliate website

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    I Need you to help me help you but seriously I need your help

    siwell16 in Internet Marketing

    I have been in internet marketing for about 15 years now off and on but now that I've found my calling as a personal development coach it's time to get ... [read more]

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    News Feed Content

    B Set in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking to use an RSS News Feed for a website. I need to be able to put the content/article on my site (by downloading the content to my database). ... [read more]

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    Ebook launch

    FMeister in Internet Marketing

    Greetings Warriors! I've got a ebook ready for launch, regarding personal economy especially for young people. Do you know any way to launch a ebook "the easy way"? Is there ... [read more]

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    Questions about selling ghostwritten books on Amazon Kindle

    Celandine in Internet Marketing

    I have a few questions about selling ghostwritten books on Amazon Kindle. Firstly, what is the very cheapest website to have a book ghostwritten? So far, Fiverr is the cheapest ... [read more]

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    Quick Kindle Publishing success tip: Spend more time on your author profile and book description

    writeaway in Internet Marketing

    If you've been trying to make money with Kindle and are struggling, put a bit more focus on your AUTHOR page and your book's description. Here's a case study (not ... [read more]

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    Promoting Bookies/betting systems problem?!

    Hey guys, So i'm relatively new to all this but i'm finding myself doing OK with betting systems and bookies. The one major problem is finding places that will allow ... [read more]

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    Alternative to have affiliates

    Oliveira in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for alternatives to promote my products through the affiliates, I use Clickbank and JVZOO but I am looking for a platform to promote my products before I ... [read more]

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    What are your content struggles?

    We all know that content that pulls targeted visitors and is engaging is king. My question to you all is: what is the one thing you're struggling with when it ... [read more]

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    Free press release sites for manual submission, which one?

    Edward2k in Internet Marketing

    Instead of paid alternatives like PRWeb and others, any worthy free PR site for manual submission? Found PRBuzz but that comes at a hefty price tag. Free manual submission press ... [read more]

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    Would appreciate some marketing advice

    rpatsmith in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am the owner of an entertainment site. I would appreciate some advice and tips on marketing it. I don't need landing pages and the like (or at least ... [read more]

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    build content

    i have heard that content is the king. so how to build good content ? and what strategy do i have to apply ?

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    I can't believe my eyes. Is this for real?

    On Saturday I've posted a article and today I've got 531 sessions and I've only had around 10 to 30 sessions a day during the 3 months I've had the ... [read more]

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    It's my turn, isn't it?

    It is 2015 everyone knows. But no one is here who knows about my starting. I started from 2008 by hearing a couple of words "make money online"... but it ... [read more]

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    example of a good afiliate website

    Do you guys and gals have example of a great afiliate website?

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    acquiring a domain name

    McCloud94 in Internet Marketing

    I was looking into getting a certain domain for my starting business, and saw it expires very soon. I expect however, that the original owner (ENOM) will renew it instantly, ... [read more]

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    What ways are you engaging with your customer?

    siwell16 in Internet Marketing

    Engaging with customers or potential customers is very important in fact in many ways it can make or break your company. The higher the engagement the happier the customer and ... [read more]

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    Easy way ask for emails (suscription) and add a buy by paypal plugin on your Blog

    wecoach in Internet Marketing

    Next week i will create my wordpress blog and im looking for an easy way to: Add a text box where users can suscribe to the blog and recive newsletter ... [read more]

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    Should a newbie start with affiliate marketing or adsense?

    As with most people starting out, I am having information overload learning about making money on the internet. How should I take the plunge? I have zoomed in on 3 ... [read more]

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    Isn't all internet marketing "Niche Marketing"?

    karmadog in Internet Marketing

    People talk about niche marketing like it's a different way to make money online. But I don't understand, everything you do online to make your money is involved in a ... [read more]

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    Hubpages alternative?

    BigMike56 in Internet Marketing

    Hello to all. I am trying to do an 'advertorial' type of article - I fell that this is the bet way to promote this cpa offer I have. But ... [read more]

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    ClickMagick v. Prosper202... Need your help

    klinks in Internet Marketing

    I'm considering getting Prosper202 to manage the tracking on my ppc campaigns for CPA offers. I'm interested to hear your feedback and comparison between ClickMagick & P202. Based on preliminary ... [read more]

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    money per visitor

    Ok this is a bit like asking the length of piece of a string. But what would you say is a decent amount of revenue to make per 1000 visitors ... [read more]

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    Dual Pricing on sales page and JVZoo

    Can any of you experienced JVZoo experts tell me if it is possible to have 2 different prices (buttons) on a single sale page? ie option 1 = price 1 ... [read more]

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    teespring newbie.... please help?

    jhhms94 in Internet Marketing

    im currently running my 2nd ad on facebook for a teespring campaign and I need to know whether i should increase my ad spend or widen my audience. 24% CTR ... [read more]

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    domain names buy and sell help

    sam0204 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I have just started this domain buy and sell business. I have bought at least 30 domains and seems all good. Now, I need to know how i can ... [read more]

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    Thin Amazon Afiliate Site

    If I have an amazon affiliate website revolving around say 2 keywords, it is a good idea to create 2 sales pages each of which may comprise of a 2000+ ... [read more]