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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    How To Make Easy Money With "Rental" Sites

    JohnWiz in Internet Marketing

    This is one of my favorite ways of making money with a website. And if you've got a high ranking website, but don't know how to monetize it, these steps ... [read more]

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    Need someone to build me a funnel

    Kashi456 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to hire a warrior to build me a funnel with a OTO. Please PM me with your offers. Thanks Bilaal

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    Tech question

    Hi I apologise in advance as I seem to be posting for help every day at the moment. I am using Aweber for my opt in but don't know how ... [read more]

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    The most profitable way to use PLR articles?

    Could anyone here know what is most profitable way to use PLR articles?

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    Where to find...

    brit16 in Internet Marketing that are free to use on a website? Can anyone tell me what to look for when trying to find pics to use. How can I tell if they ... [read more]

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    Need some advice!! Starting a domain on a 14 year old domain

    mrhodus in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone- I wanted to talk about and get your feedback about a directory that I will be launching soon. in 1997 I purchased a domain, which I'm going to ... [read more]

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    User Generated Content

    Hey guys, I am thinking to create a blog site where people can submit their own blog articles. What are some things I can do to ensure the site is ... [read more]

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    How can I make a good ammount of money righ now?

    Hi! I think you already know that I'm a noob and I want to make some money online (as you already understood.....). My problem: MONEY! I wanted to try Internet ... [read more]

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    Does PAP support Prosper202?

    Does Post Affiliate Pro support: - subid tracking ? - global post back url ? Thanks!

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    Is This Allowed/Ethical?

    Assume I want to promote a Clickbank product and I discover that the merchant of this product also has a YouTube video channel. I watch his videos and find one, ... [read more]

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    Warrior forum sandbox

    zonkow in Internet Marketing

    I asked the question below twice but it never shows up on the forum. I think it goes to the forum sandbox "I'm trying hard to understand everything about keywords.Thanks ... [read more]

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    Best Article Content Creator

    tomp1993 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Was wondering if anybody could help me, I'm currently searching for some software that creates content from scratch based on certain keywords. I'm NOT looking for software where you ... [read more]

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    2.95$/mo iPage Hosting

    kamalmix in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys. Was walking thru web and found web hosting with holiday price of 2.95$/month. Hope it is useful

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    Fiverr. Any good?

    Newbieee in Internet Marketing

    I often look at fiverr just for fun. Its rather, quite in fact VERY interesting to see what people will do for $5. Seeing people make a fool of themselve, ... [read more]

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    Flippa trend

    I am seeing a trend on flippa for websites that sell traffic. I have a feeling most of them are fake. The title of the auction would be something like ... [read more]

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    How To Make Money from Ebay?

    dsouravs in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Plz advice me how to make money from ebay by promoting products listed on ebay. Do I need to write reviews for ebay items too like we do in ... [read more]

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    should I be paying for this?

    sharkey in Internet Marketing

    We got hacked. Twice in two days. We decided after all other fixes were failing that we were going to reset the website. My webmaster said the last backup was ... [read more]

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    Being an affiliate for other peoples WSO's [HELP]

    Hey Warriors, Just a quick one. When you send out an email promoting someone else's WSO and the person purchases via your link are you now responsible for all administration? ... [read more]

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    Warrior All Stars - The Save KimW Project is Now Official

    Here is the Link for the WSO! ========================= Bloggers and backlinkers Needed - Please see page 5 for links to Digg, FB - please post your blog links when ... [read more]

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    Affiliate clicks not matching up to traffic?

    IsayHey in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I have a new affiliate site which I am working on, I am still in the process of adding content to the site and I only have 11 posts ... [read more]

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    What can I do to make my video testimonials look professional?

    Neodism in Internet Marketing

    Please move this thread if there is a better place for it. So I am getting ready to start recording the testimonials for my business from real clients. I recorded ... [read more]

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    Squidoo Question

    webdango in Internet Marketing

    So today for the first time since before dinosuars wlked the earth, I logged into my Squidoo account. I've got 14 lenses, but on;y 1 seems to be active. The ... [read more]

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    Critique My Affiliate Site Product Reviews

    Jasonsc in Internet Marketing

    Hey forum, This forum has once before helped me to vastly improve this website. Now I come asking once more! Here is a sample of two different layouts for product ... [read more]

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    Google backlink count vs. link tracking software

    maineo in Internet Marketing

    Always been bothered by this but never been able to come up with an answer for myself. When tracking the number of backlinks my website has, the software I use ... [read more]

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    Mobile website product/service search stats

    mcfcok in Internet Marketing

    Afternoon all Does anyone know how i can find stats/figures to show potential customers how many people or searches have been undertaken via mobile phones for their particular product/service? Regards ... [read more]

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    The Truth About NoFollow Backlinks!

    Ok, so we have heard it all here. Some say that nofollow links have no SEO benefit, others say that they have a little SEO benefit, and a few say ... [read more]

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    19$ pay per lead programme!!!

    i am searching for a dating site which have a good pay per lead program and should be trusted. when i went on i comes to see they are ... [read more]

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    Ebooks in Iphone App/Ipad App Format

    LMC in Internet Marketing

    A quick question out to the perfect demographic here on the Warrior Forum If you could provide an iphone app or ipad app to view, read, and watch your videos ... [read more]

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    Your Opinion? Company starts billing 13 months a year. Is it okay?

    For many years I have been paying monthly for an internet service. Recently I began to notice that the renewal date was getting earlier and earlier. :confused: Finally, I began ... [read more]

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    Better Conversion Rates Through Shopping Cart Script Or Salespages?

    Hi all, Just had a thought this morning and wonder what you have to say... I have previously had a shopping cart script up with many products and shorter style ... [read more]

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    Clickbank / Google Analytics - massive disagreement!

    Thaddeus in Internet Marketing

    In the last 14 days: Clickbank reports 304 hops to a specific sales page, from c.20 different affiliates. Google Analytics report the same sales page has had 152 pageviews, 136 ... [read more]

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    [req] Do you know a good guide on [WSO] FIVERR, explains to copy someone else's gig, and open as his

    davidpur in Internet Marketing

    Do you know a good guide on [WSO] FIVERR, explains to copy someone else's gig, and open as his GIG + tips?

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    Which is Best - Initial 'Hard' sale or Follow-Up sale?

    I have my new weight loss product almost ready to go live and am at the stage were my webmaster is finishing off the site's pages. My BIG dilemma is, ... [read more]

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    Would Appreciation Suggestions for Affiliate Management Software that Tracks Pay Per Lead

    patriccl in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Would appreciate very much if anyone can help to suggest any reliable affiliate management software for tracking pay per lead (instead of pay per sale)? :-) My priority would ... [read more]

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    Simple split-commissions affiliate script?

    Hi, Do you know of a simple affiliate script that splits Paypal commissions? Something like what WarriorPro does. I want it to be hosted on my server and I need ... [read more]

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    The correct rights for a PLR package

    Deflo in Internet Marketing

    Hi friends! I'm going to release my first product: a PLR package of 10 articles from various niche and a second product: a PLR turnkey site with ebook, ecover, banners ... [read more]

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    WP Plugins that powerful ?

    Newbieee in Internet Marketing

    I was just wondering. Wp plugins have almost everything covered. Anything you need is all there, i bet there is a plugin for your every need or feature that u ... [read more]

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    PR6 dofollow forum signature links

    djia977 in Internet Marketing

    Just got a bit of news about a PR6 site with several PR3 forum pages that they'll be relaxing their nofollow rules for anyone with 10 or more posts in ... [read more]

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    [Article Marketing] Almost There; but Still a Little Confused.

    So when I start my affiliate marketing adventure in a few weeks, I already know how I intend to collect most of my traffic: Article Marketing. For me, it just ... [read more]

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    A great start to Affiliate marketing

    Hi Guys I have been extending my article writing services at for more than two years.. I am also working as part time VA, article writer, backlink builder and ... [read more]

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    How to use Yahoo Answers for traffic/SEO?

    Hi all, I've seen a number of threads which have included suggestions on using Yahoo Answers as a way of driving traffic. I've had a look, but it appears that ... [read more]

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    New Dad Looking For Some IM Help

    Kenmo in Internet Marketing

    I am a new proud father of a 2mo and am trying to break my way into Internet Marketing and would like some advice on where to start or what ... [read more]

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    How can we track Amazon Affiliate Checks?

    puneet in Internet Marketing

    Amazon sent the check on 30th Nov. but I have not yet received it. Normally I get the checks before 10th of every month. Is there any way we can ... [read more]

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    Is this a viable marketing strategy?

    I have written a book (will convert to an ebook) and also web software that is relevant for my target niche. I am thinking of selling the book and software ... [read more]

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    Newbies Please Don't Get Banned.....!!!!!

    Hello, As i saw that there is written "Banned" under many people's name and most of them are new ones. Well i am telling you first thing that don't feel ... [read more]

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    Can You Promote Amazon By Email?

    JamesPenn in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors I think I was told once that promoting Amazon products by email was against the rules, but in another thread a Warrior has stated that they've found success ... [read more]

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    ebook cost discussion !!!

    hey warriors this is my first time whan i am going to launch my own product (ebook) plz recommand what should be the price of my ebook my book contains- ... [read more]

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    Newbe looking for some help/advice

    Draxx in Internet Marketing

    So I'm totally new to all of this, just discovered this site and the Flippa website. I've been wanting an online business for awhile but never knew what to do. ... [read more]

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    Facebook help? Anyone?

    wm42150 in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, Does anyone have experience with Facebook and embedded videos? My problem is -- sometimes I post youtube videos embedded in my blog posts. When people "like" this page, ... [read more]

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    IM Information overload for newbie. Needs simple plan to drive traffic (create members) for a site

    I am a web developer, with a new website. My website does not sell any products (yet) - instead, its purpose is to build a community which provides useful information ... [read more]

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    Anyone have success selling software on Clickbank? - would you recommend it?

    So, I have developed various software in my chosen niche which I want to sell. Note: these are web applications - not applications that require you to download/install on your ... [read more]

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    The Perry Belcher Button with roll over effects for PayPal

    How to Create PayPal Buttons Using The Perry Belcher Button With Roll Over Effects Perry Belcher revealed his payment button at The Belcher Button | Perry Belcher. Split tests showed ... [read more]

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    SocialBot Site List

    Does anyone have the list of sites in SocialBot 4.x (latest) in text format? MTIA Garrie

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    Best WP plugins to decrease page load time?

    ANy suggestions for cache, compression, etc that help speed up load times on WP sites? Couldn't find much that was up to date. Thanks for any help..

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    Looking for download manager software that will integrate with my downloadable product

    stepiw in Internet Marketing

    For example, when you download something off, they first give you a tiny download manager program that will be downloading the original large file making sure that the download ... [read more]