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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    So I have a domain

    Ps360dude in Internet Marketing

    I have a domain called now I am just forwarding to a clickbank page since I have no webdesign skills or know not where to start. If anyone you ... [read more]

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    paypal help

    mayan21 in Internet Marketing

    Hi. someone never delivered and replied once i paid for what i ordered online, so i have filed a paypal dispute, when i open the dispute, it says You can ... [read more]

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    Launched 10 Review Sites - Seeking Advice on Affiliate Sales

    So I just launched 10 affiliate sites that compare 10 products in each. Here is one of them: (I apologize -- not trying to promote whatsoever -- need to ... [read more]

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    Reseller Or Shared Hosting

    zimbizee in Internet Marketing

    I am building 20 review sites in the coming weeks and am trying to decide whether the best option is to go with shared hosting such as Hostgator or with ... [read more]

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    Interesting Monthly Inbox Email Numbers

    I was reading a most interesting post today on Justin Brooke's blog dealing wth the number of emails sent out by several IMers: 30 Days Inside An Internet Marketers Inbox ... [read more]

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    Issue between Short url/link and Affiliate programs

    Dima23V in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I have an affiliate program that her links i publishing in a different places, to hide the link that shows the affiliate program I make it with the short ... [read more]

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    is craigslist still profitable for someone to get involved in and make some good money?

    I'm asking this because i'm planning on getting the wso- crazy craigslist cash but i wanna know if craigslist is still profitable and is it still possible to get a ... [read more]

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    Paulot in Internet Marketing

    Hello warriror i have been struggling to become affiliate marketer please i want to know if i can use free blogspot to promote promote click bank products please help thanks

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    Price Testing

    TravisVOX in Internet Marketing

    In price testing with 1shoppingcart, is there an easy way to test versus creating 3 different products w/different prices?

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    Check this out before it goes

    I have just seen this on the WSO section and this WSO has no Warroom or posts how can this be?? Me thinks it may be either a hacking job ... [read more]

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    Newly Launched Coupon Site. Best Way To Promote?

    keith88 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, Yea I just got a little coupon site up and running. I planned to run ppc traffic to it and target product specific keywords. I wanted to know ... [read more]

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    The most flexible Shopping cart?

    Hey there, I was wondering which is the most flexible and user friendly shopping cart available as of now. By flexible I mean the one which allow the admin to ... [read more]

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    How can I view a website through a proxy server?

    sean83 in Internet Marketing

    How can I view a website through a proxy server?

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    Internet Marketing for online published novel

    JaEvans in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys, I have decided not to go the route of traditional publishing for my 176,000 word Historical Fiction novel. Rather, I have decided that I want to try something ... [read more]

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    Best domain registrar ?

    Bock in Internet Marketing

    Looking to buy new domain what is best domain registrar at your opinion ?

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    If my site score 100

    avisoriol in Internet Marketing

    my score 100 and i still don't know what that mean if it a good thing on the eyes of google because am trying to get on the first page ... [read more]

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    Best Venue for selling a website

    pcullum in Internet Marketing

    Earlier today, in this forum, someone asked how to value a website. These answer depends on many factors. One that wasn't mentioned in the responses so far deserves some attention, ... [read more]

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    Where to buy Novel Ebooks with Resell Rights

    Hello, top of the morning to ya, I was wondering if there is a place online I can buy novel Ebooks with PLR or Resell rights. It seems like only ... [read more]

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    $20,000 before 2012... My plans

    AkosBlog in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, This post might be a little fast-paced and long, because this all thing just came to my mind while playing video games... (Maybe it is a bit strange ... [read more]

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    How long to wait before deeming project a success/failure?

    Hi everyone. Like many on here, I'm new and keen to succeed. I put together a website around 4 weeks ago centering around two children's product which sell very well ... [read more]

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    domain forwarding

    voldalin in Internet Marketing

    I recently read an ebook that suggested the best way to make money from ClickBank is to use domian forwarding, forwarding you affiliate link to the affiliate product. Is this ... [read more]

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    article marketing vs video marketing

    I just want to know, under the same circumstances. A website that is strictly marketed with 100 articles use for driving traffic by submitting it to various directories and bookmarking ... [read more]

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    Followup product

    Hey, I'm looking for a good followup product I have a information business. Who can you recommend? WHO IS THE KING ? :-)

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    Can anybody help me evade tax in the UK? ;)

    Toniy in Internet Marketing

    I'm joking, of course... As much as I would love to evade tax and not get caught... I'd rather just play it safe and make more money to cover the ... [read more]

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    Facebook to Change Advertising Forever?

    I found this interesting: From Mashable "It’s a cycle that has the potential to redefine the way we interact with brands. From now on, brands will be friends or friends ... [read more]

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    Amazon and Charity

    Quick newbie question about Amazon Associates (I sent them a support request as well, but have not heard back). If I want to set up a site where I donate ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing: Can Newbies Be Protected?

    With the large numbers of new people trying Internet Marketing due to the economy, can they be protected? Of course it's up to them to keep informed and seek advice. ... [read more]

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    Best WSO based on YOUR experience

    GGurls in Internet Marketing

    Got like 50 dollars to spare, and want a good WSO (I've finally looked through them). I want one for backlinks... I saw one that people gave pretty good reviews ... [read more]

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    Facebook business page and personal account security problem... need some advice.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this problem but I've just opened a shopping/retail page on a Facebook account and am finding every time a private message is ... [read more]

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    Simple market research AKA Knowing who you're writing for

    hebsgaard in Internet Marketing

    Market research is undoubtedly critical to succesful marketing. Then why is it that so many, including myself, forget this part time and again? No more! Here's a very simple method: ... [read more]

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    Changed Geo Targetting Settings, Plummeted out of Top 1,000

    Have a site im working on for someone, they have .com domain (with US hosting), and was making a steady climb up the US google with keywords ranging between #30-100, ... [read more]

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    Untapped Niche? =)

    Hey guys, Thought this is cool. How many of you would like to tap into this niche? Great opportunity provided Let me know what you think? Clement

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    Wordpress hosting help needed

    HELP!! I have some cpanel hosting that is running out of space. Also, I have some issues with security. The first problem, security, is this... My host has applied some ... [read more]

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    Any Guides On Converting Reports To Videos?

    I have a load of reports that i want to convert to videos. I wondered if there were any guides free or paying on how to make nice videos from ... [read more]

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    Verifying Email List - Need Advice

    I have a client who purchased a list of emails targeted to her business profession. She is trying to send a lead generation campaign to promote her information product / ... [read more]

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    MediaTraffic question

    I apply for Mediatraffic and they emailed me that to activate my account i need to give them a copy of my ID (with signature and photo) and a copy ... [read more]

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    What is Free Marketing Strategy in Layman Word?

    Hi; Since yesterday, I'm practising something I read about free marketing strategy. Honestly, I don't really get the concept behind this strategy and how to do it the right way. ... [read more]

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    Does Craigslist autoposters really work? Any reviews if anybody has tried them?

    Does Craigslist auto reposters/posting softwares really work? Does anybody have any experience with them? Reviews? Name me couple of them? any help gladly appreciated. Thank you

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    How Do I Sell another Product on E-Junkie?

    How Do I Sell another Product on E-Junkie? Hi. I am selling something on E-junkie. And I made another site...but when I put the add buy now button it takes ... [read more]

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    2 amazon questions...

    TimothyW in Internet Marketing

    Is NY one of the "banned" states? How long does an amazon cookie last? I thought it was 3 days, but I see some say it is 24 hrs. -- ... [read more]

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    Please Suggest Some Good Article Submission Service...Urgently Needed...

    indiatext in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I was just wondering that writing an article and then submitting it to various article directories is not an easy thing to do if you even have other ... [read more]

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    Need Information about Google Places, Google Local Listing, Google Business Maps

    I have create the many google local / places listing for many websites for each website one listing but for some website google places/ listing is showing when I am ... [read more]

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    Investing in Websites?

    I came to the realization over the last few weeks and realized that I wanted to reposition myself as an Internet Marketing Investor as opposed to a marketer. My path ... [read more]

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    Master Certificate in Internet Marketing at Univ. of San Francisco

    Wow! This is amazing. I can't believe this program is so expensive and doesn't seem to offer that much. University of San Francisco Master Certificate in Internet Marketing Master Internet ... [read more]

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    New Member Learning a LOT !

    Hello, all. I am a new member and have already learned a lot from the forums. What a great resource. Thanks, TD

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    1ShoppingCart Marketplace?

    Does anyone know if there is a marketplace for 1ShoppingCart products like you can find for clickbank and paydotcom? G-Man

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    Help Me Optimize My Funnel

    YseUp in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Here's the situation. I have a squeeze page to which I drive traffic where I get people to sign up to my news letter for 3 free e-books. ... [read more]

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    Looks like banks are competing with Paypal now

    In one day, I heard about two services offered by two different banks for sending Paypal-like payments. I have a bank as a copywriting client and they mentioned, as one ... [read more]

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    when do amazon send cheque?

    thedog in Internet Marketing

    I set my threshold for amazon cheque at $800... and reached it the other day. My earnings still say over $800..... should this be less after they send the cheque... ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Know Anything About Gmail Advertising?

    I saw this video online about a way to show up an ad in Gmail every time someone sends an email with a specific phrase. For example, if someone typed ... [read more]

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    Why won't my Facebook ads get approved?

    I've tried several times to get my Facebook ad approved and can't seem to find a reason why they're getting rejected. I've been able to get similar ads in the ... [read more]

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    Schrödinger's Cat Can Teach You a Lot About Marketing, If Only You Will Listen

    tpw in Internet Marketing

    I love thought experiments, as I have found that a lot can be learned from them. The thought experiment I hear about most often is "Schrödinger's cat". In this thread, ... [read more]

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    13 Year Old Domain - PR O - Seo Thoughts?

    My partner and I picked up a great 13 year old domain and are planning on using it as an additional site, purely for organic rankings. My question, is how ... [read more]

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    Is it legal to use Ebay's logo

    Hi, Is it legal to use Ebay's logo on my info products sales page? Also, what about in the sales video? Augie

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    Any scoop on PROvibo?

    RobG4CC in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone have any experience with PROvibo? I was looking for unlimited email auto-responders when I came across this. They seem to offer quite a bit for the price. Unfortunately ... [read more]

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    Microsoft Publisher to Wordpress?

    Hey guys, I am very slowly learning Wordpress. I have created a portion of a site for 2 local businesses through Microsoft Publisher. That being said, I set up Wordpress ... [read more]