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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    video editing

    Kronom in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I have just had to make some changes to the video I found on you tube :-) What video editor software do you use for that?

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    Integrating e-Junkie with Wishlist Member

    TristanH in Internet Marketing

    I read on a few different places online that you can use e-Junkie to handle payment processing (one-time, not recurring) for a Wishlist Member membership site. I've been working feverishly ... [read more]

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    Why has Tim Atkinson Commission Overload (CO) Members website been taken off the search engines?

    mediac in Internet Marketing

    This is my second thread regarding why was commission overload by Tim Atkinson no longer accessible on the search engine? Yet my first thread was unfairly removed for asking this ... [read more]

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    Info overload! Putting it all together? How to.

    DocJedi in Internet Marketing

    Gentlemen and women, My first post here and hopefully not my last I've dabbled myself in SEO / Marketing for a bit now, never truly dedicating myself to one project, ... [read more]

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    When you google...

    "Buy motorola triumph", do you see on the first page? Thanks!

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    Traffic for the health niche

    realfun in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys As I love weight training, circuit training, boxercise and was overweight at school... I have decided to work in the health niches Im going to use SEO, but ... [read more]

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    how do I redirect properly?

    monere in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am trying to redirect a domain name hosted with company A to a website I created with company B. The redirection in itself is not complicated (I just ... [read more]

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    Do videos stilll show for how to keywords?

    realfun in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys Just looking at traffic generation methods so looking at video marketing Reading a report about "how to create a blog" kind of keywords but whatever I put in, ... [read more]

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    Need to transfer GoDaddy Domain to another GoDaddy Account

    Hey Warriors, I want to transfer the DOMAIN OWNERSHIP not the site to another GoDaddy account. What do I need to do, he gave me his GoDaddy Customer number and ... [read more]

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    Warrior PDF; Any tutorial on how to use it?

    I know a lot of you guys have downloaded this software created by Allen. I've never used a pdf software to write ebooks and i'd like to know if the ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Question - Can I prevent non North American purchases?

    Hi Been through the CB help guides & interface - cannot find the answer. I have a CHRISTMAS product which is only CONTENT-RELEVANT to people in North America, but I ... [read more]

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    Mobile Website Finder?

    klandino in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know how to find out if a business has a mobile website without having to go on my phone and see or use the i phone tester sites? ... [read more]

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    Newbie Help

    IMNewb in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors and Internet Marketing Guru's, I am brand new to Internet Marketing and have been perusing your forums the last couple of days. I have found some great information ... [read more]

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    How to promote Youtube video? I'm not getting any love on my videos.

    Hey guys, I built it and they didn't come. I have Youtube videos up but they are not getting views / love from youtube viewers. How do I get traffic ... [read more]

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    My first 'official' offline lead ... an Injury Lawyer

    So Ive been at the game a looooong time in various capacities.. I've yet to do any real 'local seo'. I've done a few here and there but nothing worth ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Unique Content

    Robby54 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, dose anyone know of a plugin for wordpress that turns duplicate post into unique content? I already tried WP spin but I am still having problems with it so ... [read more]

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    Just A Thought?

    What are the chances that someone who creates/designs a free software that does keyword research for you, can spy on your keywords and steal your ideas and then turn them ... [read more]

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    4 Fatal Financial fantasies - Yahoo Finance

    drewsg in Internet Marketing

    Came across this from my twitter feed, interesting they include this along with winning the lottery, waiting for a rich relative to die, and going public with an IPO. 3. ... [read more]

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    Linking to your own sites -- questions

    david5000 in Internet Marketing

    I've about 35 domains/websites Would google have any issues with me adding a "Partners" area on the front page linking to each site. Some of my sites are PR2 and ... [read more]

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    Anyone Used a FB quiz for marketing?

    amunt in Internet Marketing

    I've got a language learning website and about 2000 'friends' on a linked FB page. I was wondering if making a quiz and putting it on my page might attract ... [read more]

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    Some Handy Free Tools

    Helena33 in Internet Marketing

    Here are some free and interesting tools to use: Mirek's Free Windows Software -you can take snap shots of your screen. can write your emails without hard line breaks. ... [read more]

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    New Product Need Help

    kctm in Internet Marketing

    I need some help to launch a new product. I had a software developped. This software is for web entrepreneur (IM Niche), the idea came from a Rich Schefren Seminar. ... [read more]

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    Building Authority Site with Syndicated Content?

    Hello Guys, Just want some suggestions is it ok if you dare to build site with just Syndicated but quality content from other sites... What might be the major disadvantages ... [read more]

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    i have questions about Freelance writing

    Hi i'm a native english speaker born in the usa. I'm very interested in becoming a freelance writer but i would like to know what will i need to be ... [read more]

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    Wanted - Pet Sitting PLR

    Hi I have scoured the internet, and cannot find anything in this niche. I am looking for plr rights to an ebook/guide about Starting a Pet Sitting Business. If anyone ... [read more]

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    Where do you put your social share buttons?

    It seems that most sites put their buttons (Facebook "like", G +1, etc.) at the top of articles. Right now I have them at the bottom, with the thought that ... [read more]

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    Only Making $400/m - How Can I Make More?

    rimam1 in Internet Marketing

    I have two fitness sites and only make $300 to $500 per month. I think I can do three times that amount and need your advice. The first one ( ... [read more]

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    TOP SECRET method to make your stuff stick like glue wherever you post it

    Here is a TOP SECRET way to post your content virtually ANYWHERE and have it stick... It's actually a 2 parter (I can't believe I'm about to share this often ... [read more]

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    Legal implications when marketing in health niche

    Hi, I'm wondering what is the legal implications of selling health related information products, or building a health related blog?

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    Is the mini sites a business model reliable for generating income in long term?

    Hi, I have several mini sites that makes me just a little bit money (I still don't get my first check yet). I'm considering to invest more on them, But ... [read more]

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    What do you do, when a Warrior promised 100% guarantee and refuse to honour his word?

    I bought a WSO last week, the sell promised 100% Money Back Guarantee. His WSO did not deliver what he claimed on the sales page, three of us had asked ... [read more]

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    GoDaddy Auctions & Domain Age

    Hi, When you buy a domain from GoDaddy auctions, does the domain keep it's age? I'm planning on doing a SEO experiment and I need to know. Thanks, Matt

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    Buy Buttons in WSO Comment Replies

    Market Research Question for WSO Buyers and Sellers: Buyers: How do you feel about WSO's that have a Buy Button inside the Seller's COMMENTS within the WSO thread? Are you ... [read more]

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    How would YOU market this?

    WittyT in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, If you allow me, I'd like to pick your brains... Because I've already burst mine on this but the results where NOWHERE near what I would have wished ... [read more]

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    Getting Clicks

    digitally in Internet Marketing

    Hello! I am still a beginner in this whole internet marketing. Is it alright or rude if I request for clicks on a link?

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    How do you get people to see your video on youtube?

    ej2012 in Internet Marketing

    So I have a video on youtube.. its a recorded meditation.. but I am not sure how to get more exposure to it. Can anyone share ideas on how to ... [read more]

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    Where to sell?

    akif in Internet Marketing

    hey everyone, I would like to sell my website Entertainment Blog Can you guys tell me where and for how much should i sell this website? Thanks.

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    Niche Writing

    Renavon in Internet Marketing

    Im looking to provide articles for specific niches. But obviously i need somewhere to start, what kind of niches are lacking in content / have a lot of potential customers? ... [read more]

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    Opt-in Abuse

    noangel in Internet Marketing

    I have had to forego getting updates I am entitled to for products I've purchased, simply because instead of provided updates as per the opt-in agreement, I'm subjected to an ... [read more]

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    YouTube Marketing is Alive and Well! 6 Rules to Recovering

    YouTube marketing isn't dead at all, here's what to do if you want to keep milking the YouTube cash cow. Thank me later when you're rolling in free traffic and ... [read more]

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    Do You Delete Refundees From Your Buyer's List?

    Hey all On my buyers list, I offer a lot of value with lots of freebies that I put a lot of hard work into. When someone requests a refund ... [read more]

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    Youtube Views

    Hi All, I am planning to provide youtube views services, however, I am not sure how many people are keen in this. I will post my services in the "Warrior ... [read more]

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    Tough Question for Internet Marketers - Any creative heads out there?

    wcmylife in Internet Marketing

    So, Can anyone help me with this... I have been in the IM niche for close to 6 years and do pretty well. I work from home and do not ... [read more]

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    lowcost laptop ideas...

    My laptop is very ill. Anyone have any suggestions for low cost laptops you've had good luck with? I don't do a lot of graphics, etc. So it's only used ... [read more]

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    Best auction place to sell domains at LOWEST commissions?

    I have a pack of specific domains for which i have a specific set of buyers. I just need to find a decent marketplace to send them to to bid ... [read more]

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    Website review

    I recently stumbled onto a website that is almost a clone of one that I have had in mind to build at some point. There is a few things I ... [read more]

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    Help anyone?? I am building my first site

    lewi77 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I am building my first site and i jsut added my affiliate link throught the html and for some reason what ever word that you run your mouse over ... [read more]

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    safe swap with no list

    Hi members, I'd like to know, if I just started to build my list and currently I have only 3 member is it worth to sign up on the ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to know REAL stats from Clickbank products?

    chewie49 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I wonder if there is any tool or service that shows us REAL numbers of products sold on Clickbank. I mean...the real statistics since launch of the product. Do ... [read more]

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    Ebooks with Reseller rights any advice?

    Hello all, New cat in town here haha! This past weekend I bought an offer within this forum. It basically taught me how to write an Ebook in pdf format ... [read more]

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    Complete newbie

    tech2734 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I am an absolute beginner in IM (have SEO experience though) and am looking for some advice on where to start, what products to get into, etc... Thanks

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    Domain Evaluation

    Padou in Internet Marketing

    What is the best free tool for evaluating the worthiness of a domain? ie: Domain age, & worth its worth investing in, ie: it has 6years old no backlinks no ... [read more]

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    Veri-Sign Logo

    Hi Everyone, When I google my website a small veri-sign logo appears to give you an idea here's the official website: Get VeriSign Trust Seal and VeriSign SSL Certificates from ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing

    yamunacbs in Internet Marketing

    I want know basic requirements of Internet Marketing

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    Does this mean I suck at it?

    HJWakelin in Internet Marketing

    Have been in an online IM business for a year and a half now, have a website ,have 3 address books with Traffic exhanges I have signed up for - ... [read more]

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    WOT and your site reputation? It may be blocking your site displaying warnings.

    With tens of millions of users Safe Browsing Tool | WOT (Web of Trust) is a popular website trust plugin. In the last week I have seen it display a ... [read more]