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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Obama has a squeeze page and I think he's splt testing - what are your thoughts?

    First just to be clear 100% I hate republicans (since they tax and spend) and democrats (for the same reason). So this is not political (I'm with the founding fathers ... [read more]

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    Trying to find a floating video skin...Outsource?

    Dexx in Internet Marketing

    Hey gang, I tried looking around to see if there's a product that had pre-made video skin templates to do that "floating video" look that a few salespages have had ... [read more]

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    Can you do direct/affiliate linking on google content network?

    smolodoy in Internet Marketing

    Can you do direct/affiliate linking on google content network with image ads? I know you can't do it for search you actually need to create landing page etc and can't ... [read more]

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    WSOs- Listing 4 at a time? Bumping 4 at a time? - Is it allowed?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    If we have many wsos, 3-4, at one go can we bump up all 4 of them (after they all reach page 3 of course). also, can we List 4 ... [read more]

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    A solution for affiliate marketing success ?!

    baokhau in Internet Marketing

    I think the following solution is good for being successful in affiliate marketing. Supposing that i promote a product is worth $20, i will get 100% commission if i bring ... [read more]

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    Mobile Shopping Set To Spike.. Interesting Atrticle, Do You Agree??

    trini in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, This is an interesting article in the NY Times, based on a recently released Forrester research findings. Mobile Shopping Set to Spike, Says Forrester - Do you ... [read more]

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    Can You Guess Number Needed for Alexa

    TotalGaz in Internet Marketing

    I have a site that floats at the 1mill Alexa ranking and gets about 700 - 1000 uniques visitors per day. What number o you think you need to break ... [read more]

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    I need someone to help a novice on a niche site

    Hello warriors, I hope you are well. After reading about the niche site duel between Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum I created a website coldsoreremedieshq(.)com. When I enter my keyword ... [read more]

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    What is the most annoying WRONG thing in the world today? FACEBOOK CHECKPOINT ROADBLOCK OF COURSE!!!

    austria in Internet Marketing

    What is the most annoying WRONG thing in the world today? FACEBOOK CHECKPOINT ROADBLOCK OF COURSE!!! I travel a lot, and of course login to my facebook from different locations ... [read more]

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    I want to buy a Google News site!

    JanesJJ in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I like to buy a Google News site. If you have a REAL Google News Website, pleas contact me for the price. Send me a PM! Thanks!

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    Will this Free disclaimer generator suffice?

    I have a website where I offer relationship advice and recommend products I am affiliated with. I'm just wandering if this free disclaimer generator: Free disclaimer will suffice for this ... [read more]

  • 41 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} New Design: Huge Drop In Traffic To Articles

    Since the new design at, I've seen a huge drop in traffic to articles, especially new ones. I think this is due to the Most Recent being moved so ... [read more]

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    Quick and simple Amazon question

    Hi guys, simple question but I can't find an answer anywhere, even the reply from Amazon didn't answer my question to my utter disbelief. Can I use my OWN images ... [read more]

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    Question About Using Twitter Hash Tags

    When I'm using hash tags to label two or more word phrases like "affiliate marketing", should it be kept all as one: #affiliatemarketing, or should it be: #affiliate marketing. By ... [read more]

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    Static website and complimentary blog-need feedback on SEO tactic

    I have a static website on one ip and a complimentary blog on another ip. They are currently linked to one another in the naviation menu on each. The blog ... [read more]

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    Facebook & Bing working together now

    theimdude in Internet Marketing

    I just did a search for somebody in facebook and Facebook & Bing search results was show within facebook. Not sure how long this been

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    Newbies: What would be your ultimate membership site? What would you want it to offer?

    I am just trying to get a feel from the new guys that are getting into IM. What would you being willing to pay for each month in regards to ... [read more]

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    You know what really grinds my gears? - Why services aren't always the greatest way to start out.

    Gclunis in Internet Marketing

    How much people can take advantage of someone. And how you can do everything you can to take care of your clients..but they just don't care that much about you. ... [read more]

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    Blogger vs Squidoo

    I was wondering which is better web 2.0 site? Is it squidoo or blogger or any other 1. in blogger we can do more of our stuff i guess but ... [read more]

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    What Do You Want from Internet Marketing PLR Content?

    Laurie and I recently teamed up a couple of months ago to write PLR content specifically for the internet marketing niche. We have a few questions that we would like ... [read more]

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    Email marketing in health niches

    Sea Eagle in Internet Marketing

    Lately, I've been soaking up a bit of time learning email marketing, and from what most people advise is that the aim is to keep your subscribers "warm" by: 1) ... [read more]

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    Amazon Reviews and Affiliate Program

    LarryC in Internet Marketing

    I'm wondering if there's any way to monetize the reviews I have posted on Amazon (I'm not talking about an Amazon review site, but reviews on itself). I have ... [read more]

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    Very interesting search results - Have a look

    theimdude in Internet Marketing

    I wanted to see if was available on godaddy. It is taken but godaddy suggested the following domains which some made me

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    Facebook Interests

    friendclk in Internet Marketing

    Whenever I try to find and add interests to my campaigns, the interests I add only seem to have 100 people per interest if I'm lucky. Is there a tool ... [read more]

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    New Internet Marketer. Please help

    eddyaz83 in Internet Marketing

    Please point me in the right direction. I'm just getting started with trying to make money online. I'm gearing towards affiliate marketing because I don't have a lot of money ... [read more]

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    Different Levels and Methods of IM

    trotters in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm still at the very beginning of my IM career and am currently working my way through the 30 day challenge. I am starting to get it. What I ... [read more]

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    Pay per call acceptance issue

    Hi All, I purchased Sam Englands Pay Per Call Goldmine course and its great. So much good material and I want to get going asap but iv been declined by ... [read more]

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    Static Page or Blog Style Site

    Hi Everyone: I currently have a new wordpress website that I have set up with a Static Home Page for the Landing page and additional posts on the right side ... [read more]

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    1%? 3%? What's your organic traffic conversion rate?

    docbrown in Internet Marketing

    I'm trying to figure out how organic traffic conversion rates work. I'm going to set up a 2 column website. I have an ebook for sale. I'm going to offer ... [read more]

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    Would Amazon Shut Down Their Affiliate Program If They Lose The Sales Tax Battle?

    Jon Tees in Internet Marketing

    If Amazon loses this battle they have going on with local small business owners and are forced to start charging a sales tax will that spell the end of their ... [read more]

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    Need advice on selling my website....

    Hi everyone, For personal reasons, I have to sell one of my websites. It so happens that the website is my primary domain hosted by Host Gator. I have a ... [read more]

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    Same rules for finding a good online store niche market that apply to affiliate marketing?

    I have a fairly good understanding about finding a good niche market for affiliate marketing. Things that attribute to SEO and such, reaching #1 on google etc. If I am ... [read more]

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    Paypal Accounting Question - What do you guys do?

    mikey21 in Internet Marketing

    How do you account for your business' expenses that are paid via paypal? Do you ask for receipts? Do you send bills out to your customers who pay you monthly ... [read more]

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    When loading warrior forum 503 error in firefox but loading in chrome

    Most times When loading warrior forum "503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later!" is coming in Firefox but loading properly in chrome.Any one experienced it.

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    Joomla Platform for affiliate marketing

    joolkano in Internet Marketing

    Anyone using the Joomla platform for affiliate marketing? If you are, what do you think makes it better than Wordpress? Thanks.

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    Need help with mobile version.

    Souldja in Internet Marketing

    Hi everybody. I want to build a mobile version of my squeeze page Improve Your Love Life! How can I do it for free? Maybe you can share with me ... [read more]

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    Super Confused About Pricing

    harrel in Internet Marketing

    Few weeks ago I posted how much should I charge here on WF. I've got pretty neat and a valid advice. I gave away the product to 50 people who ... [read more]

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    Starting affilaite marketing -- do I need to learn web programming?

    Hi, all. I'm taking the plunge into affiliate marketing. I hear that I should learn WordPress, but do I have to independently learn HTML and CSS from, say, a site ... [read more]

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    Why didn't someone tell me Amazon Kindle was so fun?

    EvolBaby in Internet Marketing

    I will soooo own Amazon Kindle. Just my cup of tea. I've been in publishing over 30 years and now Kindle is better than the last time I looked. By ... [read more]

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    Warrior forum newbie. How can I start making ~$20 a day?

    Shiraz191 in Internet Marketing

    Warrior forum newbie. How can I start making ~$20 a day online? I hate fiverr and im not great with IM. I've tried IM before and failed at it but ... [read more]

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    Want Website Design Opinion/Suggestions

    Hi, I'm looking for some opinions/suggstions from experienced IM's, please. Color, design, Adsense placement, etc. This site is optimized for Clickbank and Adsense. Tinnitus Relief No need to discuss marketing ... [read more]

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    Warriors Rule the Internet! Thank you guys for your advice it worked

    I'm back on top baby! Last week my traffic dropped down and I asked the forum members for advice. I received really good advice and made the suggested changes to ... [read more]

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    How many hoplinks in an email follow-up message?

    unchained in Internet Marketing

    Greetings All, Intermediate affiliate here. Long-time admirer of the WF. Quick ? regarding hoplinks in my emails... I'm currently promoting a clickbank product which i'm using an email series in ... [read more]

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    Using a countdown for Limited Time Offers - experience?

    enigma2k in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Did anybody test out a countdown for Limited Time Offers to imply urgency? I did a test myself with 50% off and a countdown with 1 day and 15 ... [read more]

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    Anyone Here Making Money with

    I was just wondering if anyone here is making money with and if so, would you be willing to share what your doing or any tips? Thanks, Martin

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    Would you buy micro niche finder or market samurai?

    crosswind in Internet Marketing

    I've tested market samurai before and it took me a long time to figure out what those ALL CAP ACRONYMS were about. I thought it was easy to use but ... [read more]

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    What kind of online products could you sell for 500-1000 ?

    aceshigh in Internet Marketing

    What kind of online products could you sell and net between 500-1000 dollars each? Could any experienced marketers please give me some examples, Thanks.

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    Outsourcing sites that take Paypal?

    AmandaT in Internet Marketing

    I have a project I'm actually having trouble outsourcing. I need some articles written that need some research done on Amazon and such... and so far I have been unable ... [read more]

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    Lead Creator Pro & GetResponse

    Guv in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Has anyone managed to install GetResponse with Lead Creator pro. I can't for the life of me get it working with either of the Squeeze Creators.

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    Support for converting review sites?

    Badger in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of building a few a physical product review sites. My first product has over 10,000 searches a month. It's hit 2nd and 3rd position ... [read more]

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    Youtube video question.

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anybody knows how to add running text on youtube video. Just below the video. Or place text at the corner of the video screen ... [read more]

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    Product Launching Ideas

    Hi guys...There are many product launching ideas that can help increase your chances of making your product launch a raving success. Some of the ideas you may have heard of ... [read more]

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    a/b split testing question

    Hi, I'm just starting to do some testing and I have a question about a/b testing. If i'm testing variation of a landing page which then goes to a sales ... [read more]

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    A Possible WSO Rule Break?

    I'm a little concerned about a certain WSO that is running at the moment and would like some clarification from the mods about it please. Now we know that WSO's ... [read more]

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    Fake Blog Traffic?!? HELP!

    I have a blog through Wordpress that is hosted through an outside source. Over the past 24 hours I have had around 50 "fake" "spam" comments, whatever you want to ... [read more]