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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Need an about me/bio generator

    Hello everyone, I've been searching all over for something that will allow me to create a description to put in the profiles I create across web 2.0 sites. This way ... [read more]

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    who can help me?

    depeth in Internet Marketing

    i just wanna a newbie guide to CPA . who can be my tutor?

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    How To Fire A Customer In Style!!

    Have you ever dreamed about doing this? Cinemagoer Martin

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    My big problem right now need some big help Please

    Kom in Internet Marketing

    This is what happening right now to me, is so make me stress, need realy help, i dont main to invest litle bit, any way I am half way already, ... [read more]

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    Collecting Video Testimonials

    Howdy, Quick question for those of you who are using video testimonials on your sites.... How did you go about collecting the testimonials? I've got a bunch of clients who ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Plugins Encrypted

    dvduval in Internet Marketing

    If I understand correctly, most plugins for wordpress are encrypted, and the main reason for this is the GPL license saying that any add-ons to wordpress are considered derivative works ... [read more]

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    Newbie looking for help with TubePress...

    wmease in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, First question: Is it wise to use TubePress? Question #2: If it is what is the best code to use to get very relevant search results. For example: ... [read more]

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    Fiverr tip

    GameVoid in Internet Marketing

    Post a video with your gig. I mean it. DO IT NOW. I posted my gig and got one job on the day I posted it, nothing the next day. ... [read more]

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    Have you seen this scam?

    RustyF in Internet Marketing

    First time I saw this one but I have for years always used domain privacy. Since I have a product or two now, I don't do that on all sites ... [read more]

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    intriguing question....

    was just intrigued by the fact that every GURU while writing his sales pitch or shooting his sales videos... calls other sellers of his same breed a GURU.... but he ... [read more]

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    Creating a landing page or sending traffic directly to my site?

    I have a specialty travel site. We have multiple packages for different parts of the world. For instance, Brazil Carnival. I currently do PPC via google, but wanted to increase ... [read more]

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    website concepts

    zmorris in Internet Marketing

    I have been reading Warrior Forum for a few weeks now and I've decided to finally sign up and post! I was wondering, what are some simple website concepts (ones ... [read more]

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    Who is going to have a drink with me Friday night in Raleigh?

    Will you be there? Warrior Event 2011 This will be my second WF event and looking forward to have a drink with you Friday night... Who is coming?

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    new paypal affiliate question

    hi guys paypal has just gotten more international so i'm able to sell via paypal now, hooray. i've already made 2 sales. my question is does paypal allow you to ... [read more]

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    Do I need to include domain registration price or not wen selling a website?

    When selling a website, do I include the domain registration price or not? I mean if I have build a website for 30 dollars, and I have registered the domain ... [read more]

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    Autoresponders Question

    drimaffli in Internet Marketing

    Are there any free Autoresponders out there that perform the functions I'd need to make a marketing campaign and create my list? I know that Aweber is 1 dollar right ... [read more]

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    Successful Amazon Affiliates?

    SGTech in Internet Marketing

    I'd like to get in touch with some successful Amazon affiliates to discuss an Amazon affiliate product that I just launched. I am hoping to have some IMers that do ... [read more]

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    We're All Moderators - Yes We Are

    Thats why I just reported one guy to real MODS. This guy is spamming the boards for some time now and it's amazing how the heck he managed to keep ... [read more]

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    How Can I Get Reviews Of My New Relationships Product?

    Hi Warriors, As some of you know from reading my previous posts, I create products in the self help niche. I've just launched a brand new one in the area ... [read more]

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    A new venture

    Thojon in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, My name is Tom and I am at the beginning phase of starting my own online venture. My head is exploding with fresh ideas ranging from blogs to ... [read more]

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    Click bank hops and htaccess

    webjedi in Internet Marketing

    Ok so I have a site that used to have very little on it, and index page and an about us page. Scrapped that and now 301 redirecting to an ... [read more]

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    Which paypal alternatives, like google checkout, accept paypal payments?

    Hi warriors i would like to know Which paypal alternatives, like google checkout, alertpay, and other payment processors. which ones accept paypal payments from customers ?

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    ICANN May Allow You To Create Your Own Domain Suffix

    chasnsx in Internet Marketing

    I just saw this in the Los Angeles Times this morning: Internet domain names: Internet domain names may expand beyond .com - This could be the next big gold ... [read more]

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    Can somebody asnwer this question for me, its about getting another paypal account...

    Hi guys somebody said i should try this, i just wanna know is it a way to a paypal business account if my other personal/premier paypal account is froze So ... [read more]

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    do you count how much you invest in IM tool n service?

    visimedia in Internet Marketing

    Hi people, do you count on how much you have been buying and investing tools n services in IM?

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    Which amazon product plugin is easy to use?

    marco005 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, So in my money making plan I will not put all my eggs in one basket, btw. not make only adsense sites. I will make bigger authority amazon niche ... [read more]

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    My First Clickbank Sale

    jrpt in Internet Marketing

    I can't believe it but I actually made a sale on Clickbank. I've made hundreds of sales on my other networks but this Clickbank has been a thorn in my ... [read more]

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    hello,i am a korean,i want to leran Internet Marketing

    weiai789 in Internet Marketing

    hello,i am a korean,i want to leran Internet Marketing; who can provide some ebooks about IM for me? thank you!:p

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    need some thoughts on a domain name? Good or Not good..

    Im a newbie here.. so the domain I picked was I was thinking of opening a online shop with it.. yes or no for a good domain name?

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    Alert Pay fees - what am I doing wrong?

    Lazersam1 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors I am trying to calculate alertpay fees. I understand them as 4.9% and $0.25. So am I to presume that if I want to receive $100 the customer ... [read more]

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    Using RSS Directories for backlinks

    Is anyone actively using RSS directories to create backlinks for their blogs? If so, what value do they have? Is the effort worthwhile? I did a search and didn't see ... [read more]

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    what to do with medical domains?

    FreeMeal in Internet Marketing

    I'm fairly novice when it comes to IM and running websites. I've made a couple for friends, and one or two very small personal sites over the years. But nothing ... [read more]

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    Almost 4,000 uniques a day, what to do?

    Dave90210 in Internet Marketing

    I just started getting almost 4,000 unique visitors a day on my celebrity blog. It's growing everyday. It's not an auto blog but something I edit manually myself. Now that ... [read more]

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    What Products or Srevices Have Helped You the Most

    As Imer's we realize that nobody can succeed on their own and that we are constantly evolving in our pursuit of success... We hang out on forums like this one ... [read more]

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    Flippa Bidders Question

    Hi All, Ive got a site up for sale on flippa and today i had 2 bids from 2 brand new users with only +2 trust they have only added ... [read more]

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    How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Software Developer For This?

    bert81 in Internet Marketing

    I have an idea to try and make some extra cash, so I got started looking how I could make it happen. Well, I had no idea HOW I was ... [read more]

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    Hello newbie

    I think this is the right area, Im a total newbie and have 2 websites so far.. one has been up for 2 months and has started producing money for ... [read more]

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    LisaWolfe in Internet Marketing

    I used Grow Your Social Network - Twitter, Facebook & Youtube | Twiends and it seemed to work fairly well. I even went as far as paying for part of ... [read more]

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    Is is possible to get scammed by using Escrow on Flippa?

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    I have an auction on flippa, needless to say i am selling via Escrow. Is there any way to get scammed when Escrow is used or is it fairly safe ... [read more]

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    How Can We Reduce The Struggle and Help Our Downline Win?

    I won't go into my whole journey here but just briefly I went through a tremendous amount of struggle before I got to where I am today. So to help ... [read more]

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    This might be a silly question.

    Eleanore in Internet Marketing

    Im working on my site (using wordpress ). I have seen on some sites how few lines of featured articles appear on home page. So you click on "read full ... [read more]

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    If 2 (or more) people JV with an offer, can they both link to the WSO in their signature?

    Hi, I don't know if this has been asked already, but I can't find anywhere that has mentioned it... however the rules state that products/sites that you promote in your ... [read more]

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    Help me with html please

    Souldja in Internet Marketing

    Hi everybody. I've created my squeeze page using Kompozer. How can I download it to my server on If I'm using File Manager my page displayed not correctly. ... [read more]

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    One Time Purchase Download Protection Software Unlimited Domains.

    Hi everyone. I currently use DLgurad and AmemberPro for download protection on my thankyou pages. However for every product you create you need another license to protect the downloads, DLGuard ... [read more]

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    I'm Here To Rip Your Head Off

    To use a common vernacular term of one of my former professions, it means I'm here to make money and make sure you pay more then you're supposed to for ... [read more]

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    Do Free Advertising Still Work for Affiliate Marketing?

    linazmi2 in Internet Marketing

    I need some clarifications here. I would like to find out whether free advertising still work for affiliate marketing. I've been promoting affiliate products from Clickbank for almost 3 years ... [read more]

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    Autoresponders and Squidoo Lens

    jillc in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, Is it possible to put an opt-in form and autoresponder in a Squidoo Lens? Jill

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    Collect Emails without Opt-in?

    Rambo007 in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I want to put an email optin box on my sales page, however I dont want them to have to go and confirm email etc as it might ... [read more]

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    Profollow / aweber down?

    I can't believe this but i can't get on to either one now. Ever since they've been doing this cobranding of profollow with aweber, profollow has been just as unreliable ... [read more]

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    Double Headed Youtube Monster!?!?

    Bondtana in Internet Marketing

    Hi everybody. I recently bought an established website/online business which is in the same niche that I have been blogging about for the last 3 years. I have a youtube ... [read more]

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    Have You Guys @ Girls Noticed Clickbanks Gravity In E-Business @ E-Marketing Category Has Dropped?

    Have You Guys @ Girls Noticed Clickbanks Gravity In E-Business @ E-Marketing Category Has Dropped Drastically? I have been noticing for some time now a big dip in the gravity ... [read more]

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    Does anyone know embed youtube video-no forward to hack?

    I want to embedded some of my youtube videos, but I am concern of the youtube feature that allows people to click on the video and be forwarded to youtube ... [read more]

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    Selling PLR on Squidoo

    Leviathan in Internet Marketing

    I have a PLR article Pack that I trying to sell. I did what I could (working with what I got - financially speaking) with a free WordPress blog (I ... [read more]

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    Good Blueprint for Wordpress Niche or Review Sites

    aleong in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone recommend a good blueprint or information product on building Wordpress niche sites? I've heard review sites do very well, so information on that would also be appreciated. I've ... [read more]

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    Amazon cuts off all Connecticut Affiliates!

    cur in Internet Marketing

    I just got an email from I have immediately changed my address from my Connecticut address to my European one... hopefully this will save my revenue stream! What are ... [read more]

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    200+ Offline emails a day, which hosting service do you recommend?

    Hi I have a couple of people sending out emails to Offline businesses on a daily basis. This is done through the company websites themselves, no software, no bulk email ... [read more]