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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Please HELP! Bought a website on Flippa, now the traffic is dwindling away! What's up?

    dnb700 in Internet Marketing

    Bought this site on May 28th. Here are the hits to this site before I bought it ... Jan - 54,317 Feb - 53,465 Mar - 60,657 Apr - 36,055 ... [read more]

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    AdAge Power 150

    DukkyMan in Internet Marketing

    Just wanted to post this list of AdAge's power 150 top marketing blogs. I've actually gone through all 150 of them (it actually goes past 150), and there is a ... [read more]

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    WP Plugin to Create Posts from a Delimited Text File?

    MarkR in Internet Marketing

    I have a data file which is in text format, delimited with the | symbol. It does not have headers with post name, category, tags, etc. Just raw data. But ... [read more]

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    Twitter or Facebook ? Your choice for fast money.

    ramchat in Internet Marketing

    Twitter or Facebook ? Which is the best for fast money ? I have already have Twitter Marketing Tools and have enough profits from it. But I want to know ... [read more]

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    Are You Panda Compliant? Watch the Video

    AnniePot in Internet Marketing

    Another laugh I found... Google Panda Compliant SEO Video Commercial

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    Need Help With FTC Policies. Its Really Bothering Me. Please Help.

    I am promoting affiliate products on my websites. I have put up a privacy policy on each of my websites which I got from this webpage: serprank dot com/privacy-policy-generator According ... [read more]

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    Are YouTube Mashups Legal?

    I have seen videos on youtube where another youtube user would copy a viral video and then mash it up with other youtube videos to create a new video altogether. ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Amazon Plugins, and the winner is?

    Warriors with WordPress and Amazon knowledge, I’d have a couple of niche sites where I try to promote Amazon products to try my luck with some passiv earnings. The sites ... [read more]

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    The best wordpress theme!

    Cloudzz in Internet Marketing

    What is the best wordpress theme on the market at the moment? Im working with a budget, hence i want to get my full monies worth.

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    Collecting Email Address's And Paypal TOS

    Hi All Thought I would share this with you.. After working on our new WSO Kings business we are refining the process of making sure people get updates on products ... [read more]

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    A fair amount of visits daily yet no ads clicked?

    IsayHey in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I have a problem. My website is getting about 30-100 visits a day (which I know isn't that much, but still) Yet I am still getting on average 1 ... [read more]

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    Attention: Buy your Domain for $5.

    Meharis in Internet Marketing

    Take advantage of Register dot com using Coupon:Reg5ab maximum 3 domains per person. No Affiliate Link Meharis

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    Looking for Free Business Databases Online

    SEOThomas in Internet Marketing

    I am hoping to submit my companys info and website address to some free online business databases and hopefully get a link back to my website.... here are 3 I ... [read more]

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    Too many affilliate links or too few?

    sharpturn in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, About a month ago all the posts in my site just dropped from Google. Yes, the site is only 3 months old and maybe it is dancing around ... [read more]

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    How To Monetize Blogger Blog.

    jamjar919 in Internet Marketing

    Hey I've got a blogger blog that I am finding it hard to makes sales on. I get 20-30 uniques per day from Google, Feedburner, Squidoo, Ezine and Hubpages. Trying ... [read more]

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    New way of advertising on Mobile?

    misc86 in Internet Marketing

    There is a company which gives real world rewards for ingame achievements on iOS and Android. I was wondering, do you guys think this method of advertising would work? And ... [read more]

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    Advice for my first Product...

    AntHodges in Internet Marketing

    I could do with some advice on my first product packaged pls. I have created 7 day video courses, with workbooks and cheatsheets on: Social Media (as a whole) Email ... [read more]

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    Best Software to Convert FROM PDF TO WORD

    maggie2 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I need to convert a bunch of books from PDF to Word. They also include images. Which software would be the best to do that. I'd love to find ... [read more]

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    Can you recommend any evergreen products with high EPC to promote?

    Matt Poc in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I am tweaking my autoresponder campaign and I need some evergreen high converting offers that produces high EPC. At the moment I am promoting Instant Internet Lifestyle (this ... [read more]

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    Wordpress for selling e-goods or try something else?

    mounds in Internet Marketing

    I'm working towards a goal of offering digital goods (hypnosis MP3s) on a website. I don't have any experience selling products from my own website and originally thought that Wordpress ... [read more]

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    Take It Easy On The "Newbies", We Were All There Once (My Somewhat Comical Story)

    Sometimes I see so many "simple", or "stupid" questions pop up in threads that it makes me want to chuckle. But the truth is, we have to remember that we ... [read more]

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    What is the best Traffic Generation Strategy

    CoreySmy in Internet Marketing

    We all know getting high quality traffic is crucial to making money online. So for the benefit of all Warriors, let's hear your best traffic strategies for driving traffic to ... [read more]

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    How to Structure an Affiliate Program with a SaaS Model

    kfugere in Internet Marketing

    We are looking at starting an affiliate program for our company and are looking at ways to structure this. Because we are a SaaS model company we rely on recurring ... [read more]

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    Data Monetization - Any Data buyers out there???

    ddpr2000 in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys, I have lists in biz op, and most health and beauty verticals that I'm looking to sell. I have a couple million buyer/partial records total, and am still ... [read more]

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    Embedding You Tube Videos Illegal

    Remarques in Internet Marketing

    What does this do to a review site that may have videos of reviews. I know sometime or other someone out there directs us to use a video from you ... [read more]

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    Growing pains...webhost deactivated my hosting

    I got word yesterday that my web hosting account was deactivated because.. well... I'm too awesome. My site was crashing earlier in the week due to too much traffic, and ... [read more]

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    new website building strategy ,advice need ....

    lieren in Internet Marketing

    now i want to build a new website ,but which idea is best ?i have two idea , first one is chose the high adsense price keyword ,build plenty page ... [read more]

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    Amazing what a change of colour can do

    thedog in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I posted up a site of mine a while back. Next Random Cam The site was white, I was going for a clean, minimal look. Anyway, decided to ... [read more]

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    Top of Google & Page 1 Placement Doesn't Get the Phone To Ring or Increase Traffic

    It's very frustrating! How many times have you gotten to the top of Google, Yahoo, & Bing in a particular niche and it offers absolutely NO VALUE to your ... [read more]

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    The Best Bulk PageRank Checker

    Hello Guys, I need help. I used to harvest forum profiles with Sick Scraper a tool from Sick Submitter but now... It has some issues with it. Many of em ... [read more]

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    What to do if someone copied your article and is now ranking higher than you?

    I want you to compare my article Advantages of Learning How to Make Solar Panels | How To Make Solar Panels to this article Advantages of Learning How to Make ... [read more]

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    How can i transfer a domain name from one registrar to another?

    I registered a domain name a few months ago with a little known company. The problem is the company's service is a piece of crap - half the time their ... [read more]

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    Clickbank picture ads help

    GGpaul in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors I have a question and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I noticed that clickbank offers "hopad" builder, but it seems to be only text. How is ... [read more]

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    Facebook likes v. email opt-in list?

    Im about to start my next project - Is there a major difference between the 2 in terms of potential profit? Is it worth paying for a service like Aweber ... [read more]

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    Changing Video Definitions

    Is it possible to change video definitions from HD to Standard 720 X 576 pixel to allow those who do not have HD capability to view the video. If possible ... [read more]

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    Why Google will Fail

    Giftys in Internet Marketing

    I used to be fond of Google. I now think they're pompous and out of touch. We recently had an extremely important issue to resolve with one of my new ... [read more]

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    What counts as a 'Like'?

    I'm doing some tests on the link between social indicators and SEO. But what actually counts as a 'like' on Facebook? Does it have to be a 'like' button on ... [read more]

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    Which Domain to take from my keyword research?

    hashif16 in Internet Marketing

    Hello warriors, Recently i made a keyword research and found a keyword that has got more than 100k searches monthly and .com is still available for that keyword.Keyword phrase is ... [read more]

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    My Bid Just got accepted on

    Hello, I bided on some Freelance work so I could pay for Scapebox and my bid of $150 got accepted... So Happy right now , This is the most I've ... [read more]

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    Where to find music for marketing videos?

    What are some good sources for marketing video music?

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    What is the best way you drive traffic to your squeeze pages?

    rekerlolz in Internet Marketing

    I just finished up my first squeeze page ever and I must say it looks quite nice. I know that you can drive traffic to your squeeze pages with many ... [read more]

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    Amazon queries

    Hi folks A few questions for the Amazon Associates amongst you if I may: On your sites do you also use Adsense? Heard some conflicting stuff here. Some say keep ... [read more]

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    I Just Ghost Wrote Something For Someone. Feels Good.

    HowieM in Internet Marketing

    I was paid $60 to Ghost Write someones publication. And I'll receive 20% of the sales that the publication brings. It took me a few hours to do it, but ... [read more]

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    Reviews with an Incentive

    Recently I have been seeing a rising trend of WSOs starters using incentives to obtain review. For example in the backend if a user leaves a review and pm then ... [read more]

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    where to get cheap article writers?? any suggestions.

    i have few microniche sites . i want few articles . Where can get them cheaply ??

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    Is anyone else freaked out by the FB face identifier?

    It is pretty weird when it can guess who is in a picture. It makes me wonder what else they will be able to spot in pictures in the future. ... [read more]

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    Offer My App as a Free or Commercial Plugin?

    dizen in Internet Marketing

    Hi Folks, I am in the process of developing application with similar functionalities as SeoPressor but with much more features. There are 2 ways of monetizing it : - Offering ... [read more]

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    Free Media Buying Guide

    Clyde in Internet Marketing

    Found this the other day thought I'd share. Not mine and all credits go to the author of the video. Click here.

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    video submission services

    precie in Internet Marketing

    Can someone recommend a video submission service that's not outrageously expensive.

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    WP shop plugin

    zenmack in Internet Marketing

    Looking for a good FREE word press shop plug in. Any recommendations? I am building a site for my son's shop.

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    Visits or Unique Visits: Which do you track in Google Analytics and Why?

    Google Analytics, by default, calculates a conversion rate based off the number of visits. I find this to be somewhat misleading because many customers will revisit the site before they ... [read more]

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    Where To Find People....

    Best way to recruit people to test your product in your niche? any ideas?

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    How long does it take you to put together a WSO?

    Hey guy's, I'm in the stages of putting together a WSO, I have the report done but am having a bit of trouble with the copy writing. I have most ... [read more]

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    Legal to sell affiliate products in my cart?

    I have a website selling affiliate products. (clearly labelled) I want my visitors to use my shopping cart, but I don't think it's possible to sell affiliate products while using ... [read more]

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    Plimus Conversions - Anyone else get rubbish conversions?

    Hey, Lately a lot of people seem to be going with Plimus instead of clickbank for their launches, I seem to be having really crap conversions through plimus though when ... [read more]

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    How to find targeted forums and blogs in your niche?

    imlogic in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys what are some of the best ways to find targeted forums and blogs in your niche?