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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Your Favourite Webinar Platform?

    Hi all I'd been using GoToWebinar for years on the 1000-attendee plan (we were on the grandfathered $99/mo plan) but I now no longer have access to that account, and ... [read more]

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    Traffic Exchange worth anything?

    morg2k2 in Internet Marketing

    Guys, i´ve made a review site and was getting a decent 50-100 UV daily but day by day it decreased. so i was searching and found the Traffic exchange Solution ... [read more]

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    Freelancer How to get clients ?

    Hello, I am a parisian french developer in php, jquery, cakephp, css and i wonder how could i get clients. I think i should place ads in local newspapers ? ... [read more]

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    Do Membership Sites Work In Any Paying Niche?

    Hi, so im thinking of starting a membership site. But will membership sites work well in niches like knitting, memory improvement etc? I want to target self help niches and ... [read more]

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    Mobile Design Check Please

    Please check the home page of I added a CSS Media Queries Style Sheet however I'm not sure if it displays correctly even though I tried various online emulators. ... [read more]

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    Just in: New PayPal & eBay Policy Change

    GMD in Internet Marketing

    I've got quite a few inside connections at eBay & PayPal. I just received an email from a well placed source at eBay that has disclosed the following which has, ... [read more]

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    Alternative to Amazon

    I am trying to choose an acceptable alternative to Amazon.....I am under the impression that in New York, I cannot get accepted to promote amazon products, so I am in ... [read more]

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    When it comes to Article Directories - Which is the best?

    Hi Warriors, apart from Ezine Articles which are the BEST directories to submit to? Thanks in advance. Brian

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    What would you do with 200 visits/day to this site?

    So I have an article directory that's getting an average of 200 unique visitors per day. It's hosted on HostGator. HostGator has decided to shut down the hosting on it ... [read more]

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    Low Morale Day

    My morale is pretty low today. I had zero traffic yesterday. Thats a big hit to my motivation and confidence that I can be successful online.

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    What's the Role of an Affiliate Manger and %age?

    askloz in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, happy easter I have a question to anyone who's experienced having an Affiliate Manager, or knows the ins and outs of their daily routine. I have a 12 ... [read more]

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    Your Best Way To Invest 300$?

    I have a question, that I would love to hear opinions of the fellow IMs Let's say you take 300 dollars and say - I want to make money online, ... [read more]

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    Help Me to Decide Please - Should I Quit My Job?

    I'm working at a mid-level management position and earning a decent pay cheque. Over the years, I've been promoted several times and had nice pay rises. So no complaints there. ... [read more]

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    An Interesting Thought

    Ofthemix in Internet Marketing

    I currently have a website that I've been working on . . . well, pretty much since the beginning of my IM career. It has a popular blog, a dating ... [read more]

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    I Sold My $13,000/year Evergreen Site for $29,000. Is It Worth It?

    nickchou in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I recently sold my PR4 evergreen site on Flippa for $29,000. For the past 5 years, it has been consistently generating around $13,000 per year income with about ... [read more]

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    People buy people first before products...

    Claude7 in Internet Marketing

    I'd be interested to know about your experiences folks.. When I was starting out I found myself buying many products to learn certain skills like traffic generation etc. After I ... [read more]

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    Using Wikipedia

    LauraJ in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone Does anyone have any tips on adding a new page on Wikipedia? I am not creating a spam page just for SEO purposes, it is a ligitimate page ... [read more]

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    Youtube description

    I have a couple of review sites and I am going to make a video for each of the products I have reviewed on one of the sites. I want ... [read more]

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    How effective is facebook comment social plugin?

    I have been thinking to replace wordpress commenting with facebook commenting to increase viral effect of facebook. It seems everyone has facebook account these days. Will it be better just ... [read more]

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    Hi Warriors, Whenever I click on a link in my PDF ebook from, there is always a pop-up window asking whether to allow, disallow or block the link open ... [read more]

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    Professional header designer question

    gb44 in Internet Marketing

    For you designers out there, how do I go about getting my photo in a header design? Do I need to have a professional photo taken? If so then what ... [read more]

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    What's Happening to the Flip?? Get one While You Still Can.

    Many of you use and love the Flip camcorder for making all kinds of videos. The problem is that Cisco, who owns it has shut the division down. Today it ... [read more]

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    New and need advice!

    bkuhler in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I am new to the forum and to making money on line. Are there any programs or courses out there that you all would recommend? I was in the ... [read more]

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    Article marketing? SpinChimp v TheBestSpinner ? Deindexed from Google on own site?

    Hey there A couple of questions about article marketing after the Google Panda update? 1. Does article marketing still have relevancy? Where does Ezine Articles fit in all this? I ... [read more]

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    What type of content do you give your list?

    I am in the beginning stages of list building and am curious about what kind of content to send out to my list. I hear a lot of people saying ... [read more]

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    Struggling to think of ideas in my Email Marketing Campaign

    I'm in relationship niche targetted at women, and at the moment I have only 15 follow ups, spread over a period of about 2 months. How do you guys come ... [read more]

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    How To Manage A Monthly Subscription Based Ezine/Report/eBook?

    Hi guys, I'm a professional photographer based out of Los Angeles and I'm about to launch a monthly subscription based "report". This report will be of interest to photographers who ... [read more]

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    What is FTP?

    what is FTP and stands for and where we use it and for what? Plz give complete overview with some of the examples if there is any?

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    Opinions on my small business marketing blog please

    Hi, I've been working hard on my small business online marketing blog called Search Blogger. It now has over 100 article and I would love to get people's feedback on ... [read more]

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    Question about press release content?

    chenkev in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I have to admit I haven't been doing much in the way of press releases in the past. But I realize they play an important role and can ... [read more]

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    Using wikiHow to your advantage

    Alright, I don't know how many of you actually use wikiHow, but not enough. I use it all the time and get about 200 visitors per day to affiliate products ... [read more]

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    If possible, Need a site reviewed

    ezpay4me in Internet Marketing

    Whats up warriors. I currently own a website which I started 8 months ago at the start of my marketing ventures, but now I am beginning to rethink the whole ... [read more]

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    Is there a secret to get google to recognize my back links

    My web site has a good number of backlinks for bing and yahoo but only two for google. Any techniques to get google to acknowledge my back links?

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    What Can You Learn From This Kid???

    First Read This----> Click Here So, whaddya think?? Pretty amazing isn't it? A seventeen year old kid, with no former training/knowledge in the aviation industry was able to do what ... [read more]

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    Poll: NOOB wants your opinion!

    Schwan in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Could you please answer the poll and if you have more time explain, why your opinion works? thanks in advance, schwan Ps: I think making a living with internet ... [read more]

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    where to buy articles?

    I need buy some articles, niches include: 1) plumbing, especially plumbing supply and heater. 2) decoration, especially for rug. will have more niches, but just these for now. where can ... [read more]

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    Does Magic Submitter even hold a Candle to Xrumer and Hrefer

    I have read so many reviews on this my head hurts. So please tell me without any arguing - we don't want the thread to get shut down LOL - ... [read more]

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    New to this

    I think I'm posting in the right part of the forum. Anyways, I'm new to the idea of Internet Marketing. Been dabbling in it for about a week now (literally ... [read more]

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    E-mail Marketing: Which has a higher click-thru rate?

    1) Text ads or 2) HTML ads (with images) ? I know some email clients have the inability to open/read HTML code. So speaking in terms of mass emails, would ... [read more]

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    FBI Shuts Down 2 MAJOR Online Poker sites...

    Well in an ever growing crack down (A GOOD THING) online gambling / poker sites will soon be gone for good in the US..if the crooked owners keep laundering and ... [read more]

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    Profit Theme

    Hey Warriors, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this so please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place but I'm looking for someone ... [read more]

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    News-like landing pages sued by FTC

    GENIX in Internet Marketing

    I just came across this news that the FTC sued affiliate marketers using landing pages that looked like news sites - full article here I know some of the top ... [read more]

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    How to market a social network?

    Hi.By this I mean to build your own social network and to market it.Would you recommend some books/authors to learn the required skills?Thanks

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    From $7k A Month To $20k - Cornels Secret Recipe

    celente in Internet Marketing

    OK lets just cut the BS... I have a two niche businesses pulling in 3.5k a month. Well one does like 4k and the other 3k. total 7k per month...give ... [read more]

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    One of my traffic sources revealed...

    Coby in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I was doing my traffic generation earlier and while I was on one of the sites I noticed the number of views I was getting was a lot ... [read more]

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    Has Anyone Had Success Posting At WF Affiliate Program Database Section?

    Fermina in Internet Marketing

    Has anyone had success posting at WF affiliate program database section and getting affiliates? Affiliate Program Database I see people post through their but no one really replies to there ... [read more]

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    Just got laid of from my day job...unemployment benefits + (beginning) IM business, what to do?

    Hi all, Ive been lurking here for a few months and learning a TON. This place is so helpful I just wish I would have found it years ago. Anyway ... [read more]

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    brik2500 in Internet Marketing

    This is a thread for the newbies here. I want to ask you, if you're new to the world of IM.....what are some of the concepts that you're trying to ... [read more]

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    I get excited by *weird* things...

    Hey all, You might already know this, but if not....It may make you as excited as it did for me...(or not).. I just found out that Paypal has a debit ... [read more]

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    The Worst Article That You Have Ever Seen Written

    jideofor in Internet Marketing

    Are My a Good Writer? Here are samples of my work: How I can do better than this?

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    Stunned: Dropped By PowerPay

    Harlan in Internet Marketing

    It all started when one of our clients called to tell us his credit card was declined. He knew all the information was correct and had used it with us ... [read more]

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    Problems with Open Office and PDF

    I'm exporting a PDF from Open Office. The PDF keeps opening on Page 2, in spite of being set to open on Page 1. Does anyone know what's going wrong?? ... [read more]

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    Veteran: Take Me On, I Will Work 60 Hours A Week To Make This Work

    *EDIT* -- before you read. I am not a money grabber as I may come across. I am just very focused on the money side of things at the moment. ... [read more]

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    First sale!

    Howdy folks! I just want to say THANK YOU! IM has been especially unkind to me. Some of you may know that feeling.. when you log into your clickbank account ... [read more]

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    Why isn't my profile picture changing?

    PetraW in Internet Marketing

    Can anybody tell me why my profile picture does not change, even if I have changed it in my UserCP? It still comes up as the "old" Petra. Kind of ... [read more]

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    Uploading WSO

    William10 in Internet Marketing

    when i try to upload my WSO pdf onto my site, the message "please check if you have permission on the directory" appears and doesn't upload correctly. whats causing this? ... [read more]