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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    I am Addicted to Internet Marketing

    This might sound like a good thing if I was addicted to producing a lot of quality content. The problem is that I am actually addicted to the exciting part ... [read more]

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    Pay Weird Case: Account reactivated.. LOL

    Adie in Internet Marketing

    This was happened last 2008. I was testing a salespage and I had to have another paypal account where I can transfer funds back and forth just to test if ... [read more]

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    My site NOT ACCESSABLE- Internal Server Error? what does this mean?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    I cant view any of the pages of my site, no home page, no subpage. Here is the message. What does it mean ? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? Internal Server Error The ... [read more]

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    Will a 5% commission attract any affiliates?

    alniches in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, A friend of mine approached me and asked if I were to do a JV with him for 10% and after 100 sales the commission will be raised ... [read more]

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    Help required

    white hat in Internet Marketing

    MetaLog in Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Valid XHTM The above is what I see in the sidebar of one of my websites, even after I have signed out of wordpress. ... [read more]

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    Question For You Smart People

    Hey smart people, I have a question for you. Is there a Wordpress plug-in that puts Facebook comments on individual posts? Basically what I am looking for is a plug-in ... [read more]

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    Is this normal?..

    kyiko in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I recently started article marketing and one of my article's I posted last week is already on someone's website. The owner's linked back to my site which I guess ... [read more]

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    The difference in these 2 clickbank affiliate link types?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    What is the difference in these 2 clickbank affiliate link types? Made up examples, but they are for the SAME PRODUCT.. entry= my CB id RelaEbookcoup = their ... [read more]

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    Article Writing Opinion?

    Brekat23 in Internet Marketing

    Persay, how many articles would be a rough suggestion to write and submit in order to promote a single product/website? 1? 10? etc? Any thoughts? =)

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    What colour is associated with wordpress?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    What colour do you most associate with wordpress ?

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    Baby Steps

    Just posted my first backlink. My traffic has gone from virtually nothing to double digits in about thirty minutes. Yay, me! I am about to die from excitement. I guess ... [read more]

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    Spaces After Images and Paragraphs in WordPress

    momo3 in Internet Marketing

    Hey I am using optimizepress, and I love it.. but whenever I use the headline shortcode or post in an image, it leaves rather large spaces after stuff. Is there ... [read more]

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    I Have 8 - 10 Hours To Invest In IM

    Mindz in Internet Marketing

    I want to be an six figure affiliate or marketer period . I have boat loads of time to invest . And i want to invest it by making moolah ... [read more]

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    Does this affect my site or even mean anything?

    katied772 in Internet Marketing

    I notice when looking at my stats in my Google Analytics these two pages (/ and /index.html). Aren't these both my homepage and if it is two different ways on ... [read more]

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    This never ceases to amaze me...

    Without a doubt, this is funniest thing I tend to see on these forums. It's when you'll see a post from someone asking how to either A) Get started in ... [read more]

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    Amazon affiliates - do you cloak your affiliate links?

    Right now I am not cloaking my links and seeing ok success, but I wanted to see what others are doing and how it affects their sales and rankings? Also, ... [read more]

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    How to do forum advertising without spaming?

    asim566 in Internet Marketing

    How to do forum advertising without spamming? Spamming in unethical and results in ban!

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    Bookmarking - all at once?

    edge83 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all- I've been using onlywire to social bookmark. I understand it's not a good idea to bookmark too many pages at once on a single service as they could ... [read more]

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    Can You Do This On Ebay?

    moneytime in Internet Marketing

    Can you place an opt-in form in your auction listing?What about on your about me page?How about in your classified ad? I didn't find anyone doing this in any of ... [read more]

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    seriously confused now!

    haze in Internet Marketing

    This may be a dumb question. I ran a search and went thru 3 pages of posts but couldn't find the answer: I have two review sites. I am now ... [read more]

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    The psychology of marketing...Noobs beware.

    AlexR in Internet Marketing

    This post is NOT intended to be a Newbie bashing exercise. It's intended to point people in the right direction. No doubt some will not see it that way. Let's ... [read more]

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    To ping? or not to ping? that is the question...

    mytoy78 in Internet Marketing

    Hi folks, Well yet again I've come up against a whole raft of confliciting advice, this time it is the guise of whether one should ping their backlinks in order ... [read more]

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    Resale Rights/PLR - Are People Loosing Interest?

    I was working on my sagging (almost non-existent) resale rights campaign - I'm selling a handful of resale rights reports - did a keyword search in adwords for "resale rights" ... [read more]

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    Solved- How can I make $100 urgently in three days using WF???

    Hello Warriors, N.B- The situation that caused this thread has been dealt with. I am now sorted but I'm sure many people will love the lessons shared by people here. ... [read more]

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    Wow! I made $1000+ this week. Thank you WF! Thank you Warriors!

    Howdy Warriors, Some of you might have probably noticed I started my first WSO just 7 days ago. Well, sales have been pretty good and I've already made over $1k. ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing backlinks? The best method?

    Clojo in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I wanted to start this post as I am a bit of a newbie to all this. But am having some success with my sites just from everything ... [read more]

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    How big do you think the "making money online" business is?

    This site is certainly an indicator, but just curious how big you think the "making money online" business is? That is, business aimed at helping people make money online with ... [read more]

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    Paypal Disputes

    Has anyone filed one as a buyer and if it escalated to involve Paypal if they find in you the buyers favour are you refunded even if the seller has ... [read more]

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    This Is Why You Shouldn't Give Up

    Hey Guy's, I haven't made any new post recently so I Just wanted to take a time out and hopefully drop a little motivation on someone that might need it. ... [read more]

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    Increase Blog Traffic

    SwayamDas in Internet Marketing

    Friends, I have a Tech Blog and an Online Marketing Blog. My main traffic comes from Twitter but how shall I utilize other ways to increase my current traffic level?

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    Stuck, need a push worriors! > Forum or Blog ? monotizong bump.

    web2mart in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I have a website where i post articles (joomla based), and added a forum to it. What do you think is better to add my articles and advices ... [read more]

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    Installing a Wordpress Blog to a Domain

    Kerri88 in Internet Marketing

    I am going to be installing a new wordpress blog to my domain, and I am trying to decide whether to have the blog as a sub domain ( or ... [read more]

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    Explorer ranking against firefox

    algarve in Internet Marketing

    I am new to website building and have just launched my first site 8 weeks ago, I did not use any web builder as not got the money, at first ... [read more]

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    Product Launch Affiliates - ???????????

    DrFresh in Internet Marketing

    Alright I got a question here.. What does a site make on average during a launch if it's ranked for "product name review" or "product name scam".. etc??? Just one ... [read more]

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    Are Ideas worth money?

    Theone24 in Internet Marketing

    Ideas-Some say ideas are the easy part. Some struggle with creativity but follow methods very well. I'd assume it's a combination of the two which make the most money? The ... [read more]

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    Bookmarking Demon site

    caion in Internet Marketing

    what happened to the demon bookmarking site? Is it time off!

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    Open New Page or not

    Hi! What is the best between open affiliate link into a new page or not into a review website? Thanks, Marco.

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    Quick Question: Which Sounds Better?

    Soul2ebl in Internet Marketing

    repeat question....sorry newb mistake

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    Any good Google Analytics apps out there?

    Open Net in Internet Marketing

    I have about 10 sites up and running, and I'm constantly monitoring traffic using Google Analytics. There are too many mouse clicks involved in this for my liking, since I ... [read more]

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    Newbies WordPress SEO Strategy

    If you're new to WP and SEO you might want to read a good basic strategy for getting traffic to your blog that's just been posted over at WordPress ... [read more]

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    Not Everyone Can Do This!

    Diane S in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, I am seeing a slew of "Anyone Can Do This" phrases in WSO titles, Post Titles and Forum Signatures. And it is getting annoying. Because it is just ... [read more]

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    Cheap and good articles?

    Where do you guys buy your articles? and how much should i pay for a good one about 350-500 words?

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    My Ezinearticle traffic has gone down by 70% in the last 24 hours

    Hello fellow warrriors, Ezineartice traffic has been the main source of traffic to my website over the course of the last year. I have consistently been getting a few hundred ... [read more]

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    What is your Opinion on this Video

    celenco in Internet Marketing

    I own a Marketing and Web Design company, here is a video intro that one of our designers created...I am not sure what to think of it, so I will ... [read more]

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    Anyone know of a WP plugin that notifes via email about WP admin logins?

    I have been searching for this for a while and I know there is something like that, there has to be. Is there a plugin out there that I can ... [read more]

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    Are There Any Gun Websites That Have An Affiliate Program??

    I am looking for a gun website that has an affiliate program, but the ones I found do not real have a nice looking website and seem too clustered with ... [read more]

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    What is required to be approved for hotel booking affiliates?

    I'm a newbie here digging for some info on hotel affiliate programs. I'm just wondering what exactly it takes to be approved for these affiliate programs. I've never tried them ... [read more]

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    Almost the same requests

    pr0n1x in Internet Marketing

    Please help. I have researched by the following niche "cell phone plans" with the help of Traffic Travis. In this niche competition is very big. Sites that occupy the top ... [read more]

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    Looking For a Few Beta Testers.

    Hi Guys, I'm currently in need of around 30 - 40 beta testers for some new software that I am just putting the finishing touches on. Basically the bots automate ... [read more]

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    Skepticism about "The Sandbox"

    TCrosby in Internet Marketing

    So the common thought is that too many backlinks too fast can result in google "sandboxing" your site, meaning stripping it of a high ranking for a while, and forcing ... [read more]

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    Renew or Drop

    Escalante in Internet Marketing

    I had this stupid idea about building a travel site. Lace it with affiliate offers. I thought it would be a good key word domain. Never did anything with ... [read more]

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    Need Reseller Hosting Suggestions

    vndnbrgj in Internet Marketing

    Hello all, I need some suggestions on a reseller hosting account. I need a reseller hosting plan that has 1. Unlimited CPanels 2. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth 3. A ... [read more]

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    When Promoting An Amazon Product Do You Worry About Trying To Outrank Amazon If They In #1 Spot?

    I was analyzing some kw for a few amazon products using traffic travis and when they results came up of course amazon was #1 and walmart was #2 but the ... [read more]

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    track links with bitly

    Hi, I'm trying to find out how to track my links. I'm going to set up cloud flood and use bitly. Will this give me a detailed account of how ... [read more]

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    Starting Work for Hire site.. Fee structure question..

    I just purchased a work for hire script that I am going to use to start my own work for hire site for myself and others who ant to work. ... [read more]