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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Who's good with animoto?

    iRunThis in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering ... who can make fast videos using animoto?

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    how do you find solo-ads?

    okay how do i find solo ads to promote my stuff? and when i do find solo ads, what is a reasonable rate? any guidelines with promotion?

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    I have a cool Video - Where do I post it?

    I have a video that I am offering free. I am only asking for an opt-in. Can I post it in the WSO forum? If not, where should I post ... [read more]

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    Question about stop word.

    Recently, I read that in order to get Google to accept a domain name, you can add a stop word to the name and be able to get a site ... [read more]

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    1258 "Likes" versus 39 "Tweets" - What's Going on! Is Twitter Dying?

    joshualum in Internet Marketing

    Of late, I've noticed that the number of tweets across many different blogs are really paling in comparison to facebook's "Like" Some popular sites that have breaking news these days ... [read more]

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    Questions for article marketers

    KeithR in Internet Marketing

    I'm just getting started with article marketing and have a couple of questions. Article Length - I've noticed that Ezine Articles requires an article of at least 250 words. Yet ... [read more]

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    Can Anyone Recommend a Domain Flipping Ebook?

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to ask this information. It seems every thread I read in here people are complaining of people posting a thread ... [read more]

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    $5.99 GoDaddy Domains...Up to 5 at this price!

    DukeNasty in Internet Marketing

    So I was going to register a domain name today and it seams GoDaddy is trying to snipe some of Namecheap's business with a $5.99 offer. Try this to see ... [read more]

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    How do Fullfilment companies {Physical product} Pay you? (eg checks?)

    entry in Internet Marketing

    How do fullfilment companies, such as Ifullfilment, KD Press, Pay you? (with it being Your Physical course which is being shipped to buyers). Such ask -- etc, ... [read more]

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    How much is your site worth?

    TyBrown in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I must be typing the wrong things into the search field because I'm sure this topic has been talked about here but I'm not finding it. In any case, ... [read more]

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    Buying Lists or Going natural-Is it a good or dangerous idea

    l23bc in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warrior's Like most marketers I have been building my lists up with contacts for some time. However i have noticed alot of websites That sell opt-in mail lists, Is ... [read more]

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    Want to use Miva Merchant to sell digital product, need help

    Prady N in Internet Marketing

    I want to sell one digital product. I want to use miva merchant for payment process as it gives me chance to integrate maxmind fraud detection module. I want to ... [read more]

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    Need Advice Please

    Dameon73 in Internet Marketing

    I'm new to this internet marketing, i don't have a budget for marketing. I want to try free methods. Can anyone give me some advice on what methods to use. ... [read more]

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    Possibly, Potentially Maybe The Easiest Article System Ever

    hebsgaard in Internet Marketing

    OK. I'm looking to maximize my article writing efforts. And if you are reading this I bet you're no different. That means spending as little time as possible on each ... [read more]

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    Can you Recommend a Good List Management Guide?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a good list management guide that could teach me how to formulate my messages, how often I should mail to my list, legal information and ... [read more]

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    Have tons of content, should I drip feed or add all at once?

    tbsweet52 in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I have a ton of content I want to add to my site as a "Resource Library", wondering if you think I should add it all or just ... [read more]

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    How to charge for ranking sites?

    I have recently ranked a friend's site on the 1st and 2nd page of the 3 major search engines and now he has referred a couple people to me to ... [read more]

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    Wordpress - user pages - I'm stuck

    rosetrees in Internet Marketing

    I feel I should know how to do this, but I just can't think of the answer. I want to be able to register new users on our village website ... [read more]

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    Top Business Coaches

    I am doing some research and need to find the top business/executive coaches that are non-Internet Marketing coaches. Examples: Joel Bauer, Lisa Sasevich, etc. Thanks...

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    ok i have the domain, now what..

    Jurrie in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, after spending a few months reading here and focussing my efforts on IM info itself, i decided to follow some advice I read here, and find me a ... [read more]

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    Eye Snatching Image in your Opt in Forms

    I've noticed a significant difference in Opt Ins on my site that I believe have to do with the image I build into the Opt in form (through Aweber) You'll ... [read more]

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    Best sites for article marketing !!!

    amitdante in Internet Marketing

    I want to discuss on the topic- Which are the best sites for article marketing and which are the best sites for site url submission i.e web directories for SEO ... [read more]

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    driving traffic to my site

    i would love to know how or which tool to use to drive traffic to my site,probably getting guerantee sign ups,pls i need your proffesional advice and key.

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    Looking for a good writer.

    Hello Warriors! I am looking for a good writer that can help bring my Ezine Article account to Platinum status! If you are interested in some writing work post here ... [read more]

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    I have 280,000 emails in my gmail and you should too.

    Don't delete your emails. It makes for a killer swipe file and research tool. Anytime i need an idea, i can do a keyword search on my gmail account. Since ... [read more]

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    Success getting Xsite Pro sites ranked?

    katied772 in Internet Marketing

    Unlike what seems like the majority of people, I do not like working in Wordpress. I do love Xsite Pro though and think I will probably continue doing my sites ... [read more]

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    Looking for feedback/advice to improve my service!

    Hello Warriors, Please note this post is in no way intended to be a means of self promotion! I recently started a website building service in which I deliver a ... [read more]

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    Need a Real Business You Can Start on a Budget? Here You Go.

    WillDL in Internet Marketing

    The Tutoring Business: In home tutoring is huge business and you can easily get into it using just the marketing skills you learned on this forum. You do not have ... [read more]

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    Free Keyword Wordtracker of any use?

    I don't get it Google keyword tool is showing 60,500 searches per month and Wordtracker( is completely at rest: "There are no results for your search, please try another keyword." ... [read more]

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    What is the purpose behind a "Micro Site"

    Good Morning, Warrior family What is the purpose behind A Micro site..because I'm thinking an getting one for my online business but i don't know how it's going to benefit ... [read more]

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    Site Valuation. How do I Know My Site's Worth?

    davidchow in Internet Marketing

    Hi to all the members of the forum Im quite new here but been in the net business for a long time already. Im an old timer though and not ... [read more]

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    google removed site?

    EricShaun in Internet Marketing

    I have a site that i've just started up last week, a blogger blog that showed up in google searches. Yesterday I got some hosting and installed wordpress on it ... [read more]

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    Clickbank serial refunders?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    If you sell 4-5 multiple products from your website, and 1 person buys all the products, and then refunds all of them after some weeks, to get the product free ... [read more]

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    Lead gen credit. Internet v. TV?

    Twixx007 in Internet Marketing

    I am beginning to think that working on a base + lead commission is not a good idea. I'm doing work for a company that has always advertised on television. ... [read more]

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    Redirecting my squeeze page

    stevey147 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I want to make my squeeze page the initial page that people see when they type in my domain.... But i dont seem to be able to.. Please advise ... [read more]

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    10 Keywords You Need to Explore

    Secret Easy Safe Review Limited Reliable Discount Best 2011 (or current year) Free (best for list building) Do you make use of these keywords? EDIT: Here are some you have ... [read more]

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    Keyword Monthly Search Volume

    Does anyone know outside of Google- example Yahoo, Bing etc, the approximate number of searches that are done for keywords? Is there a tool that has figures for searches on ... [read more]

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    What is the best free traffic opportunity?

    AkosBlog in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering, which is the best free traffic source on the internet. I know lots of ways: Facebook,Twitter,Digg,SU,Reddit,guest posting,commenting,forum posting and article marketing. Which is the ... [read more]

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    Good Example of a High Converting Lead Magnet?

    Hey Warriors, I am a newbie and have just started out with 4 investment newsletters (model portfolios). I am offering one of the newsletters for free as the lead generator ... [read more]

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    Best option for promoting

    rohan1819 in Internet Marketing

    I am new to affiliate marketing.So i want try some free option available for promoting products from clickbank. So can anyone help me choosing good sites from below for product ... [read more]

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    Is it harder to get affiliate sites to rank high?

    I did a research and noticed that mostly non-affiliate sites are ranking high in my industry(payday loans). Do you think it's harder to get an affiliate site to rank high?

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    Need some urgent help

    monicac in Internet Marketing

    Heyy everyone, Generally I outsource this sort of I dont know how to do this Well guys I am in the process of launch of a site and the ... [read more]

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    What is a good email click-through rate?

    dallas407 in Internet Marketing

    What would be considered a good click-through rate on emails sent out to a list? I want to know if my average click rate is bad/average/good, etc.

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    Browser's time script anyone?

    Davidoff in Internet Marketing

    Anyone know of a script that will display the local date and time of my website visitor? Not of my server, and visible in every browser please ;-) I've looked ... [read more]

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    Is this legal to do

    petevamp in Internet Marketing

    Recently I have been getting several emails a day from people looking to buy a set of products I am promoting. Can I legally add their emails to my autoresponder ... [read more]

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    Monetize multiple domain names?

    My client has over 100 domain names registered and wants to know how to monetize them so he can earn at least $50/month from each domain. I thought of building ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketers Dictionary!

    Alot of us newbies get confused when reading on forums! With all the slang and abbreviations etc. Just words and their meanings! It may of been done before... BUT! Lets ... [read more]

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    Paypal- what is an unconfirmed VS verified account?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    What is an unconfirmed account, and how to you make it confirmed? What is a unverified account, and verifying it is to add a bank account, yes? and does adding ... [read more]

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    Hello People, I have a little problem here on Warrior Forum I posted over a 100 replies today, and it shows that I only posted 37 :confused: Did I posted ... [read more]

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    Has Google Removed It's Keyword tool-Help Required

    l23bc in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors Has Google got rid of it External keyword tool seems everytime i try and look for it to look for it in google search for keyword research i ... [read more]

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    Is it legal to use "clickbank" on the title of my videos /articles ?

    I just wanted to make sure it's legal to use words such as "clickbank", "ebay", "paypal" on the title of my videos /articles ? Have lawyers brian or bob answered ... [read more]

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    My experience with PR 0 / (N/A) profile backlinks

    Just to share some info on my experience, I have pretty much unlimited access to as many PR 0 / (N/A) profile backlinks as I want and for a long ... [read more]

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    Mailing programs/service?

    jbrewski in Internet Marketing

    So over the past 6-7years I have collected a few email addresses (500k+!). I am running them all through a email verifier program right now to "weed" out all the ... [read more]

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    Best Auto Webinar Service?

    MWGrubb58 in Internet Marketing

    Has anyone had success with some of the so-called automatic webinar services? I am not looking for a simulated "Live" webinar... you know the ones... they look like they are ... [read more]

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    Would You Pay Frank Kern $8K For 8 Weeks Of Coaching?

    Hey there guys, I just got off the phone with one of Franks buddies who was giving me a free strategy session for my online business and how to scale ... [read more]