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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    How in the world can you build a list with Adwords, these days?

    I've just finished Kevin Hutto's Adwords course 'Streetwise PPC.' (It's great, by the way, it teaches you how to set up a campaign while keeping your costs low). I finish ... [read more]

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    $50 a Day in 50 Days?

    Thinking cap time! To differ a little from the "If you had to do it all over again..." threads, let's consider a hypothetical experiment. Let's say you want to make ... [read more]

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    Illinois Amazon Pull Out

    They went ahead and did it. Now, I am a political independent person by nature, but as I told Governor Quinn in a nasty email today -- you just turned ... [read more]

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    What Were Your Biggest Sucesses Of 2010?

    Hi Warriors, I cannot claim to have been massively successful in 2010, because I wasn't, but I thought it might encourage me and other Warriors if you shared some of ... [read more]

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    Warriors what do you think about the design of my first squeeze page?

    MagicAce in Internet Marketing

    Hello warriors, This is the first squeeze page I designed. What do you guys think and any advices for me to build more stylish pages in the future? Regards, Marian [read more]

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    anybody here use nexx hosting?

    Theory5 in Internet Marketing

    Nexx has a new deal, for the price of a domain name I can get a year of free web hosting. Does anybody here use nexx? How are they? Do ... [read more]

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    question about selling a domain

    Jurrie in Internet Marketing

    is there anyone here who know a few things about selling a domain and who i can pm ... i might sell my domain, but i have questions regards and ... [read more]

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    Site Traffic Stats Low Today for USA

    TZ in Internet Marketing

    So I'm up in Canada here and have noticed that ALL our blogs, forums, etc. have lower traffic levels, and low activity. It's like holiday traffic you know... Is there ... [read more]

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    I'm on "probation" with HubPages

    AFI in Internet Marketing

    What a wonderful day this is turning out to be. First my Adsense account gets banned and now I'm on probation with HubPages. All of my hubs have to be ... [read more]

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    A few questions as I begin outsourcing

    I had a bit of a revelation recently, namely that I have reached the stage where I can comfortably outsource some of the things I don't want to do myself. ... [read more]

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    hh66 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've recently acquired and I'm planning to develop them as the definitive sites for.. well.. banner tutorials! Does anyone have any creative thoughts on how they could ... [read more]

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    raveka33 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am doing article marketing and I do submit them to five article directories and I am just trying to understand what the best way is so one of ... [read more]

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    Membership site. Warriors, i need your ideas..

    Greetings Warrior. i think this is the best place to ask something about membership site. After making some research about my niche, i decided to create a membership site but ... [read more]

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    Best place/site to hire online marketing strategist

    asim566 in Internet Marketing

    What is the best place to hire online marketing strategist ? I hired from best freelance sites but all money wasted on non-skille selected people. What is best place and ... [read more]

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    I need help?

    Hello! Everyone. My name is Derrick.I just started a home-base business. My problems is that I dont have any money to promote it. They gave me 30 days free.So, I ... [read more]

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    Please help on linking back to your ezine article

    raveka33 in Internet Marketing

    Hey I need advice on linking back to my original article. First I would like to know why is that when I write an article and submit it to ezines ... [read more]

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    Different Facebook Pages Help

    trnz in Internet Marketing

    In recent posts I read: (Facebook)new account, pages, personal account. business account, open regular facebook account and just use that for your business. This way you keep your personal and ... [read more]

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    I'm Looking For A Video WSO....Can Someone Point Me In The Right Direction??? Please....

    Chris C. in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a WSO that I remember seeing a while back. I think it was called Video Assassasain 2.0 or something but I can't find it anywhere. ... [read more]

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    Experience with google adwords?

    ueon in Internet Marketing

    Today, I decided to get into adwords (considering all the hype around it). If you had any experience with google adwords, hope you don't mind sharing your - preparations for ... [read more]

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    [FREE PDF] What determines Gmail’s Priority Inbox placement?

    buzz4me in Internet Marketing

    Gmail released a whitepaper of their Priority Inbox. Inside they state that there are hundreds of data points that they look at that can be condensed to four categories: Social ... [read more]

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    CopyDoodles ?

    I just came across this CopyDoodles thing. Any thoughts on it, good or bad? Anyone have any (cheaper) alternatives to this? Thanks, Joe

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    Where Can I Swipe Some Sexy Sales Page Graphics?

    I'm specifically looking for the company that makes all of those sales page graphics w/ the red pen marks. C'mon, you know what I mean. - theres the send button ... [read more]

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    Am I CanSpam compliant?

    I am capturing emails from a interstitial ad on a few of my sites to be used for a school of higher education. Once the email, phone is captured it ... [read more]

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    How to create multiple youtube account?

    softgen in Internet Marketing

    We know that for video marketing our main traffic source is youtube. But problem is that when we are creating an account in youtube, we are putting a mobile number ... [read more]

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    Starting a Directory - What to use?

    Oscar D in Internet Marketing

    Good day Warriors, I create new websites often and now I have the idea of starting my own online directory. I am just not too sure what theme or platform ... [read more]

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    What's a good source for website graphics?

    I'm looking for very high quality, hand-written/scruffy style sales page graphics. I have tons but am looking for a better source for the magic-marker type circle and arrow type stuff. ... [read more]

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    Are you a newbie that needs $100 to start marketing?

    This is the easiest way to get a $100 to start IMing I personally tested this and it works. Go to (no affiliate link here). This is a "get ... [read more]

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    Posting link:

    I am a newbie!So, bare with me.I just want to know if we can post our link on this site?I don't want to violated any stipulations.

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    One Time Payment VS. Monthly

    butch04 in Internet Marketing

    I own a few sites that offer one time payment options and monthly options. However I've had people tell me that I'll make more money if I just charge a ... [read more]

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    How Do I Make A Squeeze Page With Aweber Using Wordpress

    highbids in Internet Marketing

    I need to make a squeeze page with a aweber form to capture email addresses offering a free ebook as a bonus for signing up. The rest of the wordpress ... [read more]

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    Anyone know of a good broker to help me flip some of my sites?

    Steve23 in Internet Marketing

    I'm trying to unload 3 or 4 sites this month, but could use some help. I've never used Flippa before, so I'm wary about trying to sell there, expecially with ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Network in Portugal

    I'm looking for an affiliate network in Portugal. Does anybody knows a reliable one? Or more? Regards Virginia

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    Youtube Marketing Article

    if you are quick you can blog that youtube date and map only goes to 2010. Headline Youtube happy No Year where is 2011 If you have youtube channel look ... [read more]

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    My hub page has surprised me....

    Moneyland in Internet Marketing

    Almost two years ago I set up a hub to promote an affiliate product. I didn't build any backlinks to it and has been consistently ranking at number 3 on ... [read more]

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    What To Do With A Potential Viral Video On Youtube?

    VertigaSL in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys, So basically what I have is a video that WILL get at least 1 million views within the first few weeks. I'm planning to upload it on Youtube, ... [read more]

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    Can Commitment Turn any Decent WSO into a Winner?

    it seems like commitment and following through seems to be most warrior's downfall with WSO's. When they don’t see profit immediately they get lured by the next hot WSO. If ... [read more]

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    Find An Online Mentoring Program And Become Successful Online!

    If you want to be successful online, I believe an online mentoring program could help you become just that. It could be a big help in teaching you what pitfalls ... [read more]

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    I know I have asked this before but I think it is the 1 thing warrior forums is missing, Youtube SEO

    TomBuck in Internet Marketing

    youtube seo? Youtube is a search engine so why are people taking (less) notice of it. Youtube is the 3rd most visited site in the world! If you get your ... [read more]

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    FYI: Top Twitter Advertising Platform GONE!

    MrSonic in Internet Marketing

    Hi, FYI: I just logged in to and got this message... "What: has discontinued its support for a self-service advertising platform. Why: We are now focusing exclusively on ... [read more]

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    How to Land a Guest Post for an A-List Blogger

    There's a frequently discussed debate in the blogging-to-blog blogosphere about whether or not start up websites should seek scoring guest posts on A-List blogger sites early on in their careers. ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Else Hate Long Sales Videos

    freemen14 in Internet Marketing

    Last night I checked out a video offer that was sent to me via one of the lists I am on. I was interested in this software but I had ... [read more]

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    When & Why Did You Quit Your Day Job?

    Just out of curiosity, as a percentage, what % was your IM income of your day job income when you quit. If you haven't quit yet, what would you take. ... [read more]

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    Was TrafficSecrets John Reeses first DVD physical product he released?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    When John Reese released the Traffic secrets course in 2004, was that his first online phyisical DVD course he let out? or he did some before in some other niches? ... [read more]

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    How can I get youtube hits

    leadfight in Internet Marketing

    I just started a youtbe channel about 2 weeks ago. I just started uploading hd videos to youtube about 4 weeks ago. Im not getting that many hits. I just ... [read more]

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    Attention: Soon Illinois Residents Will Be Booted Out Of The Amazon Affiliate Program!

    jwardz in Internet Marketing

    I received an email from Amazon Associates stating they will be terminating my participation in the Amazon Associates program as soon as the Governor of Illinois signs a new tax ... [read more]

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    Anyone been to Get Motivated Seminar with Ziglar, Giuliani, Powell, Bush, Holts

    There is a business seminar coming to the Fort Myers, FL area next week. It's being held in a rather large stadium of a local sports team. It's called Get ... [read more]

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    Automated social bookmarking software/opnline service?

    cehai in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for a service (or software) that does the following: 1. visits a site/blog 2. finds new posts 3. submits them to social bookmarking websites All automated. Does ... [read more]

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    Registering for Ezine acct...Should I use my real name?

    Highkick in Internet Marketing

    1st time opening up an Ezine acct. I know that I can have multiple pen names but I is it ok to use my real name in the registration process ... [read more]

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    My New Project - Great Improvements/Results

    Hey guys- I just have a little extra time here at the USO (i'm on my lunch break) and I've been keeping track of my website's rankings in google lately.. ... [read more]

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    New here! And have idea ;)

    Actually I have account for last 3 years but just never posted lol I was probably downloading something so I've need account. Anyway, just to tell few words about me:I'm ... [read more]

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    Need Help regarding the Image Tags

    keyuria in Internet Marketing

    Hello fellow Warriors I am in need of some seo tip for the image tags. I have just uploaded a site and you can find it here. My question is, ... [read more]

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    How do coupon listing sites get coupons from?

    Hi everyone, Like to ask whether anyone know this. I notice a few linkshare platinum publishers are mostly coupon sites. Does linkshare has offers on coupons where this site owners ... [read more]

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    Membership site script?

    Hi, I was looking around for best membership site scripts and so far my choice would be amember Is there anything better?

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    made my first sales i am really glad

    Hey,i will like to thank everyone here for your ever ready faithful support given me during my down time.I have almost given up as i have written articles to Ezine ... [read more]

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    Subscription Pricing Help Needed

    mkitchen in Internet Marketing

    I was selling an e-book that I was getting an acceptable conversion rate on except the price of it was too low (and had to be low for reasons i ... [read more]

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    Where to find Facebook Vouchers?

    Prawn in Internet Marketing

    Everybody is hawking them at DP, they must have a source...