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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Question about using ezine to promote my new PLR site

    ELK in Internet Marketing

    Hi - I'm just building a new PLR site and I've been reading all the ways you CAN'T use ezine to promote this type of site directly. And I know ... [read more]

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    SMS Service or Freelancer? How to send SMS alerts?

    frankfihn in Internet Marketing

    So I've never had a website before that had to send SMS services but this one requires it. I basically have a niche that captures incoming information into a lead ... [read more]

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    What are some tips for making a killer box?

    100Bandz in Internet Marketing

    I'm doing article marketing right now, and I must say, that I am able to get a lot of views, but my CTR is really low! What are some tips ... [read more]

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    Google Query With and Without Quotation Marks Question

    David in Internet Marketing

    Hey Gang, anyone know, definitively what the difference between a Google query with & without quotation marks is? I * thought I knew * but yesterday I got the reverse ... [read more]

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    $5K to Spend on Local...What strategies?

    mrrichsin in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Been following the forum for a long time. I have been doing web work for local companies in new york for about 4 years and now I am ... [read more]

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    How many times can you spin an article?

    mrrichsin in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys... So I was thinking of a project I had on hand to build out my 500 domains with pages. My question is, how many times can you spin ... [read more]

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    Optin-Page / A-B Testing on Blog Home Page. How??

    Any suggestions for a tool/plugin that will: Make it easy to put an opt-in page (completely configurable - i.e. not dependent on the blog theme) as the home page of ... [read more]

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    How do I get a paypal debit card?

    MagicAce in Internet Marketing

    Hello guys, Can anybody tell me how to get a paypal debit card that I can use to get money directly from paypal?

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    What's your New Year's resolution for your wallet

    leadfight in Internet Marketing

    Honestly whats your New Year's Resolution? Some people want to make more money and others wants to be more healthy, I assume. I really want to learn this online marketing ... [read more]

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    Premium Wordpress/HTML-CSS Theme

    Hello Warriors, I have been into site building for a long time but have never dealt with anyone outside my organization/company. Now I am looking out to help people in ... [read more]

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    My Boxing Day Blog Comment Went Viral on Facebook. WOW!

    celente in Internet Marketing

    I know that many people around here talk about blog commenting, and yes it does work well. But too many times do I see the so called clever spammers go ... [read more]

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    Simple solutions for Info Overload

    Keithsco in Internet Marketing

    I wrote this up while moderating at another forum and thought it would be handy to those who have yet to see it: I am sure there are bound to ... [read more]

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    Can You Help Me Publish My Clean Contact Page?

    i have the clean contact plug-in uploaded and activated and I've updated the settings. however it hasn't shown up on my blog, any suggestions?

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    Question about maintaining PR on aged domain

    Bob Voges in Internet Marketing

    I have an aged PR3 domain. I've owned this domain since it was registered, so it's not a question of buying a domain, but I am repurposing the domain. It ... [read more]

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    How often Should I...

    derh in Internet Marketing

    Ping my site and sub-domains? Meta Index my site and sub-domains? and... Social Bookmark my site sub-domains? Should I do this one every few days or once a week, month.. ... [read more]

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    Basic domain name question

    Hi people I have pretty basic question, but I'm a newby so cut me some slack. From a SEO/ranking pespective is it better to buy a domain with additional text ... [read more]

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    Newbies wanted. Help needed

    Aldiyar1 in Internet Marketing

    Hi friends, We all know how it is hard to make a penny online when there is lack of information. Most courses teach how to make money but they don't ... [read more]

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    A "Spheroid" of Applause?

    Funny. An obvious spam comment on my site said my post "deserved a "spheroid" of applause." Ah the hazards of auto-spinning. Have a great day everyone Ken

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    Information Overload

    lissylou in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, Im relatively new here and to IM, but I have the desire to learn and become successful. I can vision myself working at it and eventually succeeding in ... [read more]

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    Avoiding people stealing my product

    Hi guys I am just getting ready for my first product Launch. The product is a video product and is 8 different files. I am going to me marketing it ... [read more]

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    Teaching your VA English?

    So I recently hired a full time writer who seems pretty good but I still want him to improve. Any warriors out there who can provide some suggestions on what ... [read more]

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    Killer Niche Marketing

    adils29 in Internet Marketing

    Hello Guys: I am looking for an e-book called KILLER NICHE MARKETING by Pawel Reszka..It is a 38 page report available online on SEO strategies but it's link is not ... [read more]

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    Value of traffic

    AJD101 in Internet Marketing

    I did start a thread here asking if anyone could appraise the value of my website but it was immediately removed. So here is a different tacktic For the good ... [read more]

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    Help Needed

    Hello Everyone and happy new year to you all. I have an issue that I will need your help with today. I'd love to make the home page of my ... [read more]

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    Anyone had success flipping non-adsense monetized affiliate sites?

    Steve23 in Internet Marketing

    I have a few that I'd like to flip and wouldnt mind chatting with someone who has experience in this area. Where do you typically sell them? Let me know ... [read more]

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    Is it my title?

    I submitted and article to ezine and it is not getting very many views. I am promoting a CB product called AVR a vertical leap and agility program. When I ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Sale Page/Acct Hack?!

    hh66 in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Whenever I go to my CB-enabled site, and attempt to visit the CB sale page, it automatically shows an affiliate ID! The ID relates to an affiliate who ... [read more]

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    Community Site - To Niche or Not to Niche

    Specter in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys- I've done a lot of site development, some minor IM stuff- so not a complete newbie here (intending on doing A LOT more IM soon!) I know that ... [read more]

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    Motivations That Tell You - You MUST Succeed!

    mo·ti·va·tion noun \ˌmō-tə-ˈvā-shən\ a motivating force, stimulus, or influence : incentive, drive Hey Warriors, Today my wife just gave birth to a new addition to our family! A 4lb 13oz ... [read more]

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    Bookmark tools Useful for french user ?

    moz in Internet Marketing

    Hi, As a french webmaster, editing only french websites , all these tools such as BDM (evo2, seNuke, contentBuzz, traffic geyser, linkWheelSoftware etc ...) are they worth using them ? ... [read more]

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    Before I Go Mad Please Can Anyone Help Me?

    Mark-Bull in Internet Marketing

    Hi All I use Getresponse for my optin box etc on Please can anyone advise on how I can reduce the big gap between the body text and input ... [read more]

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    Having problems with facebook profile id number link

    We are trying to put the facebook icon in our profile picture when we post at forum. Twitter is working just find. There is a facebook icon button but when ... [read more]

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    local MMA martial arts class, marketing

    locoloco in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys I am a professional cage fighter (MMA) and i teach mixed martial arts classes 5 nights per week and also teach people privatly. We are looking to move ... [read more]

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    Enjoy Your Niche?

    I was just wondering how many of us actually enjoy the niche/s we are working in? If you don't mind saying, what niche/s are you in? If you don't enjoy ... [read more]

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    Wow. Ezinearticles Rapid Approval!

    I just added two articles, and they were approved in about 5 minutes!

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    A Note To All: Be Careful With Your Host

    Hey all. It's 2:13 in the morning, and I'm bringing you this message. Newbies, vets, everyone. Do be careful with who you host with and the terms of that particular ... [read more]

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    how the IM newbie win the competition?

    bluewell in Internet Marketing

    I Believe that most internet marketer or affiliate market join this kind business because of the advocation that it is easy and sample. However once you enter this circle , ... [read more]

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    Website Valuation

    AJD101 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone know anywhere you can get a realistic valuation of a website, without having to pay to list it first (here included) Albert

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    Is this PR Real or Fake? Help

    paragone in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys! I have a question. I am looking to buy a high pr domain at yourmaindomain I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with a ... [read more]

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    When I Should Outsource My Internet Marketing?

    We all experience this problem in internet marketing at some time or another. The problem is not enough time to get everything done. We all have the same 24 hours ... [read more]

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    Best Wordpress Theme for MEmebership Site

    Bruha in Internet Marketing

    Anyone suggest a good theme to run a membership site on with wordpress and wishlist plugin?

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    Twitter Advice Help

    trnz in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've recently joined Twitter. I have spent hours googling. One of the plans seem to be to concentrate on building 'Quality' followers but nobody gives a good method to ... [read more]

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    Is This Marketing Idea Any Good?

    trnz in Internet Marketing

    "In another thread Scott Kennedy Wrote IIRC, Paulo Coelho used to torrent his own books which ultimately led to a massive increase in sales. Now his publisher makes one of ... [read more]

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    How I quickly find a new product or niche to promote for Amazon

    Coby in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I posted this in a relevant thread not too long ago and have gotten several PMs about Amazon so I thought I would make this its own thread ... [read more]

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    If you decide to help me

    82ana in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys, Its really late and I'm beat (from a long day), so bear with me. I'm new to the marketing side of IM (have been involved as a helper, ... [read more]

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    What is a good opt-in incentive for this niche?

    I'm working on a sales letter for a fabulous piece of jewelry. I want to have an opt-in incentive to build a list. I've been trying to brainstorm, but so ... [read more]

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    When is the right time to monetize your site?

    Roell in Internet Marketing

    What measurables should you be looking at when determining whether to wait or to monetize your website. Should you wait until you have a certain number of UV's? Or until ... [read more]

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    Simple But Effective Way to make $100 each and every day

    Stuart S in Internet Marketing

    One of the greatest things about an evolving internet is the ability to make money from several different methods let alone sources. Things like AdSense, ClickBank, Amazon and CPA are ... [read more]

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    Off to The War Room!

    Juicy J in Internet Marketing

    I have been obsessively following WF for the past couple weeks. I am very impressed with the good nature and fantastic information presented here. Needless to say I just joined ... [read more]

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    Americans ignoring banner ads?

    Adie in Internet Marketing

    Although I am making some good percentage on banner conversions, I think webpronews is pretty right. Among those who ignore Internet ads, 43 percent say they ignore banner ads the ... [read more]

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    Just made a new squeeze page, need feedback

    packerfan in Internet Marketing

    Trying a little different approach, and would like some feedback. The idea is pretty simple, I have a video selling my free product so folks sign up for my list, ... [read more]

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    Do NameCheap accept Paypal payments?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    Have got to renew some domain names this year, on namecheap, and have previously paid with credit cards, but do namecheap accept payment with our paypal address ? do you ... [read more]

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    Opt-in or No Opt-in

    SamirSM in Internet Marketing

    I created my first list-building blog with a strange feature: No Opt-in necessary. Now, many of you would understand why I thought that would be better in the long run. ... [read more]

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    Creating first squeeze page

    It's about time I start building a list, and I would appreciate some advice on how to do it. - First off, the squeeze page. Any decent services out there ... [read more]

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    Help with sales page

    Roz3377 in Internet Marketing

    Okay, this is my sales page to a book I wrote myself and that I am selling. I am working on traffic and have gotten almost 100 hits this week ... [read more]

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    Where Can I Find Authentic Research Findings On Video Marketing And YouTube?

    I am trying to help my friend who is planning to put forward a proposal for his client on video marketing and the benefits of video marketing. I would appreciate ... [read more]