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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Editing PSD files

    tgo in Internet Marketing

    I have been reading some of the past posts, but I was wondering if GIMP or Paint is easier to use to edit PSD files. Nothing really fancy just editing ... [read more]

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    Review my Review Site Plz

    So I saw some other similar posts, can you guy's evaluate my noob site....It's pretty similar, I haven't finished all the pages and categories yet but it's something. I had ... [read more]

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    Social Network Platform?

    Hi there Can anyone recommend a platform that could be used as a social network/membership site that it is easy for members to upload videos and pictures to.... preferably from ... [read more]

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    Attention Newbies - 7 months of Internet Marketing, Here's Where I Am

    ikelove in Internet Marketing

    This is for newbies who are contemplating whether to jump into the Internet Marketing "pool". I've doing this for 7 months now, and since I'm still fairly new at this, ... [read more]

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    So I have about $28 USD ($35 AUD)...

    AidanKay in Internet Marketing

    What should I do with it? How can I make money with it? and Where should I start? Obviously im looking into making money online, but I'm newish at it ... [read more]

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    Need help on my dating blog design.

    Hi Guys, I just created a new blog targetted at dating for men niche market. The link is in my signature. Currently at a lost of ideas at how to ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Links in Paid eBooks

    Hello all. Say that I am writing an eBook and plan to sell it for $17 either as a WSO or on a website, and I insert affiliate links to ... [read more]

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    Considering outsourcing

    lioncirth in Internet Marketing

    Hello I hope this is the right forum, I am looking to provide a service. I am however not sure how to work out the amount to charge. The service ... [read more]

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    How I Use Forum Marketing to gain 10 Subscribers a Day in my Niche

    Hey, Just wanted to let everyone know how I go about adding 10 subscribers a day just from simple content that I post to my website and other forums. I ... [read more]

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    Any Hosting Ideas

    petevamp in Internet Marketing

    I am currently looking for another host. I have been using dream host for the past few years now. However I am looking o expend my site base before the ... [read more]

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    Tracking time and kw searched

    Lukas in Internet Marketing

    Is there a way to find out which keyword brought a visitor to my site at 7 pm to 8 pm on a certain date? so Google analytics (G/A) only ... [read more]

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    Issues with Warrior profile link to Facebook

    Rukshan in Internet Marketing

    Hey I just noticed that many warriors have put incorrect settings for the facebook profile ID. Most of warriors have added profile ID in CP. In that case, We get ... [read more]

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    Some advice for someone getting started please?

    jmarkol in Internet Marketing

    Hello warriors. I'm entirely new to Internet marketing. I've been reading posts and articles here and in other places for some two weeks now to get informed on the topic ... [read more]

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    Autoresponder Shopping Cart CRM question

    rags in Internet Marketing

    I have a client who needs to combine their autoresponder (for prospects and customers) with their customer database. Support for affiliate tracking is needed too. I know about Infusion ($200/pm) ... [read more]

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    Recommend an Affiliate Marketing Program?

    mizambar in Internet Marketing

    Hey All, I'm about to do a serious push on my blog/opt-in list for a few different programs. Right now, I'm having trouble finding a quality "how to do affiliate ... [read more]

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    Paid Surveys Affiliate-Program?

    Anyone know any good paid survey affiliate-program?

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    what are "the best" automated marketing software?

    aceshigh in Internet Marketing

    I'm considering buying and signing up for some automated marketing softwares. I know there's a lot of big names floating around. I was told I should join traffic geyser and ... [read more]

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    Image Size For Signature

    Oddly I can't seem to find any info on the maximum dimensions for images added to warror signatures. Does any one know the maximum size or do they all have ... [read more]

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    advice -- where else to sell call center produced leads?

    francisj in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I've owned a call center for a couple of years and I still have client i sell leads to But im thinking of building more campaigns, but i ... [read more]

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    Best membership scripts

    Anyone have any idea what is the member membership script for organizing a boat load of content for paid members to access. I think there was one for wordpress but ... [read more]

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    Who Are You Serving? ...or... How to Be Successful Without Really Trying

    I was earning a living online before I'd even heard of "internet marketing" as a term. I thought my brief story might be useful to some of you, and with ... [read more]

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    Wishlist Member and DAP both have 2 for 1 sales on

    markowe in Internet Marketing

    Little heads-up - in case you are planning a membership site, or perhaps TWO, I noticed that both of these top membership plugins have holiday sales on where you can ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fan Pages / Friends Invites, Exchanges, etc.

    jakeyt in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Anyone have a large fan page (20,000+) or friends that wants to trade or do updates/suggests?

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    Does Google look at the meta-keyword tag?

    Delta223 in Internet Marketing

    I've read that on-page factors make up 10% of SEO value, but I've also read that the meta-keyword tag is not even considered by google anymore. Has anyone seen any ... [read more]

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    Permissions for robots.text files

    timpears in Internet Marketing

    So I don't want SE spiders looking in one of my folders, so I just uploaded a robots.text file. But I have no idea what permissions I need to put ... [read more]

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    Survey : which is most important?

    CrhisD in Internet Marketing

    Which (if any) of the following about a product is most important to you ? (1) Price (2) After-sales service (3) Documentation (manuals etc.) (4) 24x7 contactability (live online chat ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Pop Up

    Hi Warriors, I just downloaded a free wordpress pop up plugin at WordPress › OptinPop « WordPress Plugins I have uploaded the plugin to my wordpress and filled in all ... [read more]

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    How do you create this for your website?

    How do you create the "I agree" boxes seen at the bottom of this page? Can anybody direct me to a video or article on how to do it using ... [read more]

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    CSS or Font tag or H1 - google ranking

    Hi, I am using CSS for font size. I want to know whether html H1 or font tag will be better for google ranking than css? If yes then which ... [read more]

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    How to embed opt in form ? in top right hand

    corner of your blog ? as seen on numerous blogs like I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online - John Chow dot Com How is ... [read more]

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    Change Ezine article titles?

    I have seen time and time again on this forum that I can take content that I have written for my blog and submit it to Ezine without being penalized ... [read more]

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    Question About Link Wheels?

    NiyazK in Internet Marketing

    I usually make link wheels with magic submitter. Its a nice way of boosting up rankings and i usually avoid sites which say like - the Content is not spam, ... [read more]

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    where else do you find writers & outsource & freelancers?

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    hi, Where ELSE do you find outsource workers, freelance writers, etc OTHER than warriorforum? i've found many here on warriorforum and they have been great...but i was wondering where else ... [read more]

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    Fastspring and Plimus alternatives

    I am looking for a alternative to the ones in the topic since I could not get into Fastspring since I sell services, and have heard a lot of horror ... [read more]

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    How can I start earning about $400 consistently and QUICKLY online?

    Hi guys! I'm not sure if I'm gonna get some flak for this, but I'm in a bit of a predicament and I could use with some help. I just ... [read more]

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    Affiliate programs for the long haul - earn money again and again from one time work?

    Hello there, To make affiliate marketing a real business and long term cash producing asset, I figured you need to have the kinds of programs that pay life time commissions, ... [read more]

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    Registering as an offshore company....

    mbmehmet in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys I am hoping a member could point me in the right direction for registering as an offshore company. I am based in the UK and don't know who ... [read more]

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    Business Directory scripts?

    MOGUL1 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know of any good business directory scripts to integrate with wordpress? I'm looking for something with similar features to what crunchbase has... any idea? Thanks! ~nicole

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    It looks like an Article I wrote was syndicated, but when I click link in Google my article's gone

    kea55 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys does anyone know whats going on there. like for instance I google This sentence from one of articles: "However, many radiant heat models do exist. Radiant heaters heat ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Network Suggestions...

    I have 3 ebooks and I want to know of some excellent affiliate networks in which I pay only when my products are sold.

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    Attention: FREE Macbook Tracking Software

    It's called Hidden, and it normally costs $20. But from now until January 1, 2011, you can score a license absolutely free. Watch your back, Mac thieves! Very cool, I ... [read more]

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    Which is more effective in promotion

    1. Help / reply other people in forum and rely on your signature to make money, or 2. Post your service in the classified section in that forum 1 is ... [read more]

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    Over 1 million want to discuss making money - only 66k are considering success and self improvement

    Adwello in Internet Marketing

    Discussing making money is all well and good and there's a lot of valid threads, but if you want to increase your personal value to the marketplace, it could be ... [read more]

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    Linking to More Than One Site in Your Resource Box

    Elfamail in Internet Marketing

    Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster. I was wondering if anyone knew whether it was better to just link to one site in your resource box for articles, or ... [read more]

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    HELP...I stupidly lost everything!

    Two years ago, I spent six weeks creating a multi-media info product cd (in a dvd case) with Kunaki and then sold out my entire run (yay!). Kunaki has since ... [read more]

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    Error Super Apprentice Page

    Does anybody know whats going on with Super Apprentice now? I cant access its login page, cant even access its website.

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    PLR article saves time, but.....

    clint48 in Internet Marketing

    I got 10 PLR articles from Chris Moore and have been slowly adding them to my blog one at a time. I was thinking about how much time I was ... [read more]

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    Dear Warriors, I'd like to read some ideas and considerations about what would you do to monetize a 1 Million a day US based targeted traffic. I have my own ... [read more]

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    Landing Page for affiliate link on squidoo, should I build a list?

    Theory5 in Internet Marketing

    Ok, so I setup a moneypage on squidoo with an affiliate link and a link wheel linking to it and backlinks to spokes in the wheel. I did all of ... [read more]

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    Super Apprentice

    Im a new member of SA and I would love to have a discussion regarding the program

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    Looking to hire Forum Moderator

    MOGUL1 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, First off, I'm brand new to this site - but I'm overwhelmed with the amount of great posts, articles and tips. 2nd - we run 3 sites - and ... [read more]

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    Becoming an affiliate

    I run a social network and am thinking about starting an affiliate scheme to get new members. Does anyone have any advice? Don't know where to start.

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    Service Business Idea. NEED YOUR REVIEWS!!!!

    Hey Warriors I am starting to build up my IM business and it is starting to take off. I want to keep the momentum going so I would like to ... [read more]

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    Wordpress questions please...

    Hi, Im learning affiliate marketing and some input. Im going to start a general review site. Using a generic domain name like I need a sound strategy. I then ... [read more]

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    Clickbank failed me

    cbrauer in Internet Marketing

    I tried Clickbank for a while but had no sales. I have a couple of my products on other sites like Paydot but do not seem to be doing very ... [read more]

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    What is the criteria for getting in Ebay?

    I've tried a couple of times to get sites into Ebay as an affiliate, but no luck so far. For those of you who've made it in there, what are ... [read more]