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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    What Is The Best Tool To find A Hungry Crowd

    Hello Warriors, What would you say is the best tool to find a hungry crowd,that is people ready to spend MONEY?:p cheers Terry

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    How would you approach this deal?

    cadirondo in Internet Marketing

    Hello guys and gals I need your expert advice! I have recently struck a partnership with a chap who successfully trades the forex market. He has his own trading room ... [read more]

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    Nicki Minaj Kills The Duplicate Content Myth

    Not intentionally, of course. Right now, if you type nicki minaj is toxic into google, the exact same article appears for the first eighteen spots. And the twentieth spot, actually. ... [read more]

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    I have an Idea but I cant Tell You

    deckman in Internet Marketing

    An Idea is great but it gets you no were until you own it You could tell a 100 people and not have to worry about them taking your idea ... [read more]

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    I need to know of the best way to create minisites.

    Hyphen in Internet Marketing

    Is there any actual product that can make the creation of quality and trusted minisites easy? Alternatively, what are some good minisite design companies, such as

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    Dumb ? about 301 redirect to affiliate link

    I've never dealt with this so I need some info. I was watching a micronichefinder video and they mentioned finding for example a hot keyword say DFV10 Blue Ray Player ... [read more]

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    tess47 in Internet Marketing

    Hello warriors I have written an ebook I am going to sell shortly, and in creating my sales page I am trying to put a shot of my REAL Paypal ... [read more]

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    Looking for an ebook...

    Hello Warriors, I am looking for a PLR ebook on Tinnitus to give away... I cant find one for love nor money and I am far tooo energy efficienct to ... [read more]

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    I Need One of These on My Site.

    I need a rotating (or scrolling) banner at the top of my homepage similar to this one: Lawyer, Lawyers, Attorney, Attorneys, Law, Legal Information - FindLaw How or where do ... [read more]

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    UK businesses only - Free Domain, Website, Hosting, Paypal integration for 2 years

    AlisonM in Internet Marketing

    Hello, If you are in UK, and consider yourself a business, you can take advantage of a totally free 2 year package from The Getting British Business Online initiative. This ... [read more]

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    Aging population -- interesting video

    Joe118 in Internet Marketing - 200 countries, 200 years, in 4 minutes. Life expectancy and wealth. My question, how does this affect IM? Is there an opportunity there for IM to cater to ... [read more]

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    What's the commission rate of Article Marketing Automation/My Article Network?

    i'm thinking to promote either one of them, since they are just the same network, but i just can't find how much commission they are offering not even when i ... [read more]

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    Converting PDF files to DOC files

    maggie2 in Internet Marketing

    I have several old public domain documents in PDF format that I want to convert to Word documents so I can edit them, remove some pages, etc. etc. I tried ... [read more]

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    paid traffic opportunities

    hello to all, do some of you know effective traffic exchanges or cheap advertising opportunities in forums or sites (paid) . thanks.

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    Amazon S3 Vs unlimited web hosting - looking for the opinion of people with experience

    ruch1v in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys I'm interested in hearing from folks who have some experience with this. Is it better to use amazon s3 or get a hosting account with a company that ... [read more]

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    Do I Really Get Paid For The Upsells Or They Are Just Scaming Me?

    Hi, i'm promoting a rapbank product that pays 100% commissions also on the OTO/upsell....I'm making many sales of the product but 0 sales for the oto/upsell....I've seen the oto and ... [read more]

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    Is Aweber increasing their price?

    Hi guys, I just read this email by Michael Rasmussen where it says: "BREAKING NEWS: I just found out that Aweber is making a huge change to their pricing structure ... [read more]

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    I need some advice

    I need some advice on being a sucessful online marketer. If you have some WSO reports, eBooks, programs that you recived for free, legally, please send me a private message. ... [read more]

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    Fear of Failure

    Stuart S in Internet Marketing

    It is always amazing to think that a small idea can lead to something big. One of the harder things though, is thinking or creating a concept which is relevant ... [read more]

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    camtasia with powerpoint question -- how do you make powerpoint fit the entire screen?

    francisj in Internet Marketing

    hey guys, quick question on camtasia, how do you make it fill up the entire screen of a camtasia video? any advice is appreciated. thanks. f

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    Coupon Code Software?

    himybaby in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Are there any coupon code software you recommend where it can be incorporated into my site? What is desired is it can generate unique coupon codes for referrer #1, ... [read more]

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    How to transfer a website to a blog!

    billfmuss in Internet Marketing

    I have just bought an existing website and I would really like to hear you advice or ideas on how to transfer this website to a blog? Your advice will ... [read more]

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    eBook Security, Encription and Anti-Piracy...

    gixxer in Internet Marketing

    Hey Everyone! I'm curious how you're all keeping your eBooks secure and keeping piracy, etc down. I'm selling mine in a pretty small niche and community, so I don't think ... [read more]

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    Help! Is there a tool to do this?

    I am looking for a tool that I can dump in a bunch of keywords and it spits them out in a spun format like below. I put in; red ... [read more]

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    Domain name and Hosting Company

    fredo in Internet Marketing

    Hi! I'm a newbie who's new into blogging. I've read that it'll be better if you have your own domain and hosting. I'm willing to spend a couple of bucks ... [read more]

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    Except do print advertising, Seo, web banner,facebook, how can i increase customer for online store?

    Except do print advertising, Seo, web banner,facebook, how can i increase customer for online store? we are selling remote control toys online we have done following works: -make web banner ... [read more]

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    What am I supposed to do when I don't have the money for my HUGE ideas and I keep seeing them happen

    Ok I don't think SMALL! I don't try and think of the next hot ebook, or the next hot report I can sell. I don't try and think about how ... [read more]

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    Expert guidance for google ranking

    Hi, I have targeted a keyword "submit news" for my press release submission software and have created 10 blogs on different websites with this keyword in the url. I have ... [read more]

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    Someone break down the purpose of VPS and Dedicated Servers.. PLEASE!

    I never really paid any attention to those offers when I'm on hostgator... But I was bored.. so I started reading. I looked up both of these on Wikipedia. I ... [read more]

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    Linking my websites

    bestitrix in Internet Marketing

    If I have dozens of websites that have different web hosts and link them together will Google penalize me for linking them. All the domains are under the same name. ... [read more]

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    What is the best tool to drip feed tweets?

    Spizzlo in Internet Marketing

    I have recently been trying to increase my Twitter presence but I have multiple accounts and it is practically a full-time job posting tweets all day. There are so many ... [read more]

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    Comment vous sentez-vous aujourd'hui? (Marketing in other languages than English)

    Bienvenue! In case you hadn't guessed it that's French. I speak it almost fluently and have thought about doing some IM on French speaking sites but have resisted until I ... [read more]

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    Twitter Traffic .. is this how you get targeted visitors?

    Hi, I just wanted to know, as far as the basic premise of twitter traffic and how it works.. Do you basically just follow people that are promoting or affiliated ... [read more]

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    I'm new, how long should I do 'IT' for?

    We all use forums as a resource and to find answers, but also as a form of marketing ... so how long do you recommend spending on forum marketing within ... [read more]

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    contest burner need some advice

    Asanga in Internet Marketing

    hi guys i bumped in to this program. it looks good in thoery but have any one used this and do you have any success with it. the biggest question ... [read more]

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    My Sites Got Hacked Again!

    My sites got hacked and this not for the first time. I’m now going to change my hosting provider for the 3rd time. I’m currently hosting 100 or so sites ... [read more]

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    Clone A Wordpress Blog - Best Way?

    grover69 in Internet Marketing

    I would love to set up my sites faster and I can see the benefit of setting up a "template" Wordpress install with my favorite theme and plugins already in ... [read more]

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    Re: SOLD OUT PAGE???

    Hello all, How do you have it so automatically after a purchase is made via a PayPal "buy now" link (on my own personal website) displays "Sold Out" on the ... [read more]

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    503 Service Unavailable

    Every time I try to go into a WSO thread I get the 503 Service Unavailable error. It's been happening since yesterday but thought it may have been a slight ... [read more]

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    Questions Re: High Traffic Conversion with Site Layout Optimization, Viewers = People with Eyesight

    What do you think of the inferences and theories listed below? With everything else being equal, like domain business/brand recognition, server IP location, page URL business/brand recognition, backlink placement in ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing - Open Again

    Hey Warriors. Just a FYI for those who outsource and could not access They have now opened there doors again for people outside the Philipines to join. This is ... [read more]

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    Any one else having a hard time getting into thier Yahoo acct?

    David in Internet Marketing

    I have multiple yahoo accounts, before Bing began taking over more and more of Yahoo's search properties I used to be able to log in and out between my accounts. ... [read more]

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    looking for marketers with targeted lists

    madcya in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for a few people with targeted lists geared towards the restaurant industry for a new product, not sure if this is the best section to post this, but ... [read more]

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    My favorite fine print disclaimer, what's yours

    webapex in Internet Marketing

    One I recently read on a CPV popup offering a free iPad for cell phone charges only mentioned in unreadable gray fine print, in part: Participation may be required to ... [read more]

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    Craigslist question re: so-called ghosting...

    TimothyW in Internet Marketing

    What is it -- why do they do it -- and how sophisticated is it? I posted an ad, it shows up in my account as being posted, it shows ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing site?

    Hi friends, I lost all of my bookmarks from my other computer and dont have the site info anymore. I dont remember the name, but does anyone know the site ... [read more]

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    Would You Buy this Software for Your Brand Name/Site/Product Exposure and Link Building Campaigns?

    The product will: 1) provide a real time updated list of dofollow high Google PR blogs that have good Alexa rank and have not been blacklisted nor delisted/deindexed from popular ... [read more]

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    Question About Autoresponders

    Aduley in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, just a few quick questions about autoresponders. I am getting close to purchasing one so I can start building a list. Most likely I will go with Aweber ... [read more]

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    Struggling To Find Successful Niches? Find Out How You Can Get Your Own Money Making Niche

    Cris Cato in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, We all know that making money online involves finding the right niche. If you are having trouble finding a money making niche or if you are just plain ... [read more]

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    Privacy Policy

    ok i'm beginning work my Polciy right now. what is this policy required to include? my blog will be an affiliate of Amazon so my site will not collect personal ... [read more]

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    Is it ok to have a link to your squidoo lens in your sig?

    Kamikazee in Internet Marketing

    I know in the TOS it says that your not supposed to be putting affiliate links in your sig, and it says your own domain only, but does that rule ... [read more]

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    Is It Possible To Eliminate Youtube Links?

    paolo83 in Internet Marketing

    Hello Everyone, I recently started a blog and i've got a video section as well as because there is a lot of free content to learn from on youtube. Whenever ... [read more]

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    Which one of these two methods should I do?

    Kan in Internet Marketing

    Method 1 - Choose Niche - Buy Domain - Set up a product compare/review for 3 products - Write 20 Articles and submit to all article directories linking back to ... [read more]

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    How does google rank domains that use one letter for two words in the domain?

    I found a fantastic and high traffic and profitable key word that consists of about four words. But all of them are taken for .net, .com, and .org. But I ... [read more]

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    What kind of FTC statement do I need on my site?

    kea55 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys...I'm not really hip to the ftc rules on blogs. can someone please tell me what i need to satisfy the ftc so I don't get a crack down?

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    Photos of a Sales Process setting up Squeeze page flow to make money from subscribers.Feedback pls

    roger6000 in Internet Marketing

    Sharing some of the images which I created while explaining to a newbie friend how to setup his sales process. We were brainstorming ideas on how to setup the whole ... [read more]