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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    How do you compete with thieves?

    Rob141 in Internet Marketing

    I launched a product on Clickbank and priced it at $47. I started getting sales but then they suddenly stopped as someone pinched my product along with sales copy and ... [read more]

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    What would YOU do if someone copied your top Money site?

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    Well - okay - they didn't copy the ENTIRE thing word for word... And they didn't copy the graphics. but they copied most of your sales copy and testimonials almost ... [read more]

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    Trouble with Google analytics tracking code...

    wesker777 in Internet Marketing

    I set up a simple .html page with a 301 redirect to the affiliate site I am promoting. I also added in the tracking code above </head> from google analytics. ... [read more]

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    The 1099 Provision Will Probably Go Away

    Hello Everyone: Here is something interesting. There is hope that this will go away: Democrat vows to repeal 1099 filing rule from healthcare law - The Hill's Healthwatch Here is ... [read more]

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    A free url scraper/harvester....

    Is their a free url scraper for collecting niche urls? If not, will someone let us know, from expereince, the fastest way to collect urls based on your niche?

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    Affiliate Program Directory Submission - Who or What Do You Use?

    Hey Warriors, Are you aware of any services (including services offered by fellow Warriors) that provide Affiliate Program directory submissions? I've done a little digging, found a few companies that ... [read more]

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    MRR On Membership Site With Trial Period?

    Hey there, I am little confused right now if something is allowed. I have bought resale rights for a product to add to my members area. The terms are that ... [read more]

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    Banning Refunders

    I just started using DL Guard yesterday and I love it. I notice they have a feature to ban people from buying/downloading. Does anyone do this to refunders? I get ... [read more]

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    Here is $1,000 Free and Clear...What would you do

    Hey Warriors, I have a question... Say you were just handed $1,000 dollars and were told..."I know you're trying to build a business online, take this 1K and start making ... [read more]

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    30 day money back guarantee?

    Startiss in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors! I have a question, I am in the beginning stages of a new business. I was looking around for software that would assist my costumers in the "buying ... [read more]

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    How Can I Connect Aweber and Google Analytics?

    Is there a way to connect Aweber and Google Analytics in such a way that every time someone clicks the opt-in form it would update as a conversion in Analytics? ... [read more]

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    Check out this Idea! Learn German

    Thorick in Internet Marketing

    I've been having a real problem trying to think of a topic to blog about. I want to start up a blog and have a real passion to write about ... [read more]

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    mblount in Internet Marketing

    Somebody turned me onto Firefox about 7 or 8 years ago. At that time it did run faster and better than Internet Ex. but recently I was having problems so ... [read more]

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    Just Send Me On My Way...

    Branlan17 in Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing confuses me. I try and work opt ins and email series into my websites and I end up getting frustrated over rates and conversions and I get a ... [read more]

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    Best alternatives to budurl?

    It seems that Budurl is down too often... What alternatives you recommend? Thanks

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    $7 Script Install Issues

    JamieSEO in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys I feel like a total moron - but for some reason I just can not get this script to allow product download correctly. Every time it is either ... [read more]

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    Did you ever buy a "ready" product from someone?

    Hi all, i was wondering how many of you have bought / or are thinking to buy, a completely ready internet marketing product, to develop it a little more and ... [read more]

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    Help Needed Thinking of Giving Up

    chris47 in Internet Marketing

    I have been online for about 7 years without making any money. I first started in the internet marketing niche with downloadable products as an affiliate. I bought some traffic ... [read more]

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    Help - I'm New And Confused!

    SShip in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I came to this forum because I've read that it's a great place if you're into internet marketing. I've made a few sales (3) doing this, but can't ... [read more]

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    What's Your Email Open Rate?

    Hey Warriors, I just wanted to know what would constitute a good email open rate? Mine comes in at around 14% and I can't help but think that's a little ... [read more]

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    An estimation from those who sell their own products...

    amitcor in Internet Marketing

    hi everybody. i need your help in a short business plan i make. assuming i have a good info product that can really help people in a big niche market. ... [read more]

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    PLR Articles

    nhieuphan in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I am thinking of creating PLR articles and selling them. Is it worth it? Or is the profit not too good? Note that I am not looking for ... [read more]

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    Is 'Shock and Awe' Advertising Really That Effective?

    Hello. I ran across this upcoming cigarette ad type called Grisly FDA Tobacco Warnings Could Trip First Amendment Battle and it caught my attention. I then wondered if this type ... [read more]

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    Someone got problems with Market Samurai's keyword research part?

    kungknas in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Have the latest version (0.87.10), although an expired trial version. But that never effected the keyword research part before! Now, after I generate keywords, click analyze all the ... [read more]

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    Yahoo and Bing....sittin in a tree....

    AFI in Internet Marketing

    So now Yahoo and Bing are lovers? Since when did Bing become Yahoo's "search partner". Sounds like a civil union marriage. From inside Y! Site Explorer: "Note: We will share ... [read more]

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    What Funnel Model is Best?

    Hi guys and gals, I'm in the network marketing niche and a lot of people in my niche use the 7 day boot camp model for selling their tier 1 ... [read more]

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    Best Free way to build up a double opt in list in Wordpress?

    hey guys, what's the best plugin to use to just simply build up a list? I guess whenever I'm ready to start sending I can sign up with Aweber, but ... [read more]

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    A little keyword research question...

    Pragun in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors, I've got a little question regarding keyword research that I hope I'll be able to get some help with. I'm using the adwords keyword tool for my basic ... [read more]

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    Clickbank - additional accounts

    DaWarrior in Internet Marketing

    I have done this before, but now I can not figure out to do it. In Clickbank, how do I create a new account for half off to get a ... [read more]

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    Clickbank questions for issues I'm experiencing

    beatzman in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and sort of new at affiliate marketing. Well I've been doing it now for a year or so. Recently a product that I was promoting ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Post Excerpts - Help Please

    TheGrooby in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, on my main page I have post excerpts rather than the full contents of each post. Below each excerpt are the category tags. What I would like to ... [read more]

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    Long Winded Categories in Wordpress - SEO Problems?

    TheGrooby in Internet Marketing

    Let's say, for example, I have a blog on anxiety. I want to create some categories to organize my posts. Do long phrase categories harm anything in the way of ... [read more]

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    How Many Exact Match Searches Do You Look for in a Domain Name?

    VedoMedia in Internet Marketing

    Im just wondering, as Ive been doing kw research for over 2 days now and the best I could find is 9k exact matches per month exact match keyword domain ... [read more]

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    Would really like feed back!

    bensmokey in Internet Marketing

    Hey Everyone, Me and a friend of mine have decided to create a social network together i have done well on facebook but the limitations drive me nuts especially the ... [read more]

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    Why You NEED a Sense of Urgency If You Want To Be a Successful Full Time Internet Marketer

    I recently sat down with one of My IM Team Members and listened glibly as he advised me that he received a lay off notice, effective as soon as the ... [read more]

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    7eclair in Internet Marketing

    Whats the best way to increase my daily traffic to my Blog with Twitter?

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    Got a Black Friday Site Going Up. Need Traffic.

    Vic Smith in Internet Marketing

    I am about to launch a black Friday site. However, I am new to Internet Marketing. Can some of you experienced people tell me how to get traffic to my ... [read more]

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    How do I space lines of text with blogs?

    gjd6599 in Internet Marketing

    How do I space out lines of text on a blog. If I have a headline in my content area, and I don't want my text to start for three ... [read more]

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    Is Clickbank Ripping Me off?

    kellio48 in Internet Marketing

    Around 2 weeks ago I made a clickbank purchase through my own hoplink more as a test than anything else because my clickbank sales for that account had suddenly stopped ... [read more]

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    Going toe to toe with the big guys

    jpastor in Internet Marketing

    Hi, my site is still in the process of being built and is under its testing phases, my target is to go toe to toe with a major player in ... [read more]

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    Need help with Google.

    scoast3 in Internet Marketing

    I changed the site description and title for a my site. The new updated info is reflected correctly in Bing and Yahoo, but not in Google. The old info comes ... [read more]

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    Free survey tool for your list

    GowebMkt in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Im looking for a simple, free way to gauge what newsletter subscribers are looking for. I provide info to a list of IM, but would like to drill down ... [read more]

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    Sub domain forwarding Henry Wolf

    atq in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Thanks for the great sub domain idea. Do I need to populate the sub domain and with an index.html (maybe duplicated from the main domain) or is just forwarding ... [read more]

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    How Do You Figure Out the Value of a Visitor to Your Website?

    Hi: I have a website [] that finds the lowest priced books online [we guaranteed to find the lowest price or your book is on us & have free browser ... [read more]

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    Ping Article Submissions

    TheCG in Internet Marketing

    Sure this is a dumb question but I haven't seen it addressed so what the heck. I am trying to put together a routine for handling articles (post on your ... [read more]

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    Forum Idea

    I notice this place is crawled with newbies asking questions which is cool, it is a open place . How about making a newbie question section. What this does is ... [read more]

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    How to sell unique product with unique bonus, sales letter, website design and domain?

    I have created a unique e-Book, health related but NOT weight-loss, treat-acne or any other disease related type. The book is 60 pages long full with great value information. Info ... [read more]

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    I'll wave to you from the red carpet...

    I see a lot of people here saying Twitter doesn't work for marketers because it's really just a way for famous people to connect with their fans. So... ...we thought ... [read more]

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    My to do list, Goals list, Progress list.

    I'm soaking this forum up like a sponge! I have already spent 14 hours reviewing posts and following examples. (not including all of the other days and weeks researching) I ... [read more]

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    A Question about Amazon...

    boo6204 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, Please forgive this question if it seems dumb and put it down to my being a complete newbie to this internet marketing thing I have a question regarding ... [read more]

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    How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make A Living from Advertising on a Website?

    I understand most people on this forum have something to sell, but I was wondering if you made content your focus and had advertising as prime source of income, roughly ... [read more]

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    Warriors- "you are a fricken disapointment"

    Eagle2 in Internet Marketing

    BOY I HEARD THIS WAS THE PLACE TO GET GOOD ADVICE... seems like i was wrong. Here's my post asking for people with a little more experience than me to ... [read more]

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    Numbers does not match (market samurai)

    Wide in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I thought I found a nice keyword in Market Samurai. 250 SEOT (daily) 655 SEOC However, when I so an exact search in google keyword tool, then it tells ... [read more]

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    buying old domain name

    newyork33 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, My questions are related to buying two years old domain name. 1. Will I ever will be able to apply for TM protection for a such name? 2. ... [read more]

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    Should Coacing Be a Refundable Proposition?

    tpw in Internet Marketing

    I am not doing coaching myself, but I know others who are... A friend just got a request for refund on his coaching services... In the refund request, the customer ... [read more]