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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    In need of killer subliminal messages

    Fleki in Internet Marketing

    Well, while I'm still in my first month of IM and while I'm still testing landing pages, techniques, strategies, etc. I would like to do a split test with two ... [read more]

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    Would you build a Video Membership Site like this?

    Hi All, I'm still learning the ropes here(read 'he's a dodo') so any help would be much appreciated, I want to build a Membership Site that will deliver video lessons, ... [read more]

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    Best Option To Process Payments Online?

    Need Help - Only Selling One Digital Product & Not Sure What Payment Processor To Use. I am only selling one item as this time so I don't need a ... [read more]

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    Where should a business person turn to for help with SEO optimization etc.

    I have an accquaintance that runs a company and he's interested in increasing the company's search engine rankings etc. I can't do it for him so where should he turn ... [read more]

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    Question: Putting my photos on Flickr and on my blog

    Hello, I see quite a few bloggers 'house' their pictures on Flickr that also go on their blog (via a plugin, etc....) Question is what exactly is the advantage in ... [read more]

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    Marketing forums.

    Vulk in Internet Marketing

    What is the best way to index on google with forums? Does it count on how many users and posts? I haven't read anything about people indexing for forums and ... [read more]

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    Uploading a screenshot to YouTube...

    DMarriott in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking to generate hits to my website by posting a screenshot of it on YouTube. I've tried to already but it tells me its in the wrong format. Does ... [read more]

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    How Would You Market a How to Make Money Teaching English Overseas site?

    I teach English overseas and I am working on an ebook which tells people how to make more money while teaching english abroad... but I was wondering what would be ... [read more]

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    Writing proper article titles - Looking for how to get to the next level to drive more traffic

    ikelove in Internet Marketing

    After taking a few months off to write a free report, build and tweak my squeeze page and learn how to cater to my email list, and transferring my static ... [read more]

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    Christmas time - big time?

    Thomas De in Internet Marketing

    I startet to promote products from amazon last year right after christmas and as I had success, I went on with new projects until now. I have good positions for ... [read more]

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    What's all this talk about "hidden fields" on your squeeze page to capture info about your visitors?

    ikelove in Internet Marketing

    I just went public with my new wordpress site that I transferred everything over to from my static site, so I'm ready to do some traffic driving to my site ... [read more]

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    Google Places

    WarForNom in Internet Marketing

    I would like to get what value I can out of Google Places. My concern is that it may be too geo-specific for me. I cover a geographically fairly large, ... [read more]

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    Warriors, Are You Gettin Ready for Christmas Shopping?

    Hey guys, I do not know about anyone else but I am preparing for the holiday season. Think about christmas shopping for a second. It is the number one time ... [read more]

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    What's the deal with all these exit pop ups.

    john17 in Internet Marketing

    I don't know about you other Warriors, but It seems every new IM product that I see has 2 or even 3 exit pop ups. I know a couple things ... [read more]

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    Setup WF Profile Skype

    Can someone point me in the direction to put my skype in the social networking section of my profile? g

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    I'll Never Tweet...... er.... did I say Never

    AnneE in Internet Marketing

    Okay, ever since Twitter arrived, I've vowed that it was idiotic and that I would never Tweet. I said (and believed) that Twitter was filled with messages posted by self-absorbed ... [read more]

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    eBook help

    Hello ... I am using OpenOffice to create my eBook. However, I have so much content that I will need to divide it into a few different sections. So what ... [read more]

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    Unique Idea? - You CAN steal it if you want. Whats your thoughts?

    One of the warriors here the other day mentioned that he bought his child a website for his/her birthday. (Okay not entirely my idea, but I can’t remember who it ... [read more]

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    Web Analytics

    teo2600 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I would like to create a Web Analytics system on my hosting server (Windows or Linux) so that with a few lines of code in every web page I ... [read more]

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    Need Help Regarding Email Marketing

    eaak79 in Internet Marketing

    Hi All, I need help regarding email marketing "proper" usage. My list building tatics is to offer "free gift" for subscriber email. Also all the people, who purchase from my ... [read more]

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    A peanut seeking wisdom to create a facebook fan page

    mrpals in Internet Marketing

    Im am looking for any info or assistance in setting up a face book fan page. I want to set up a page for our website but not real sure ... [read more]

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    I need help optimizing my site.

    I have an iphone website which I need help with in respect of SEO, driving traffic, monetizing etc. Can anyone recommend someone on WF that I could pay to do ... [read more]

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    OfficialWire Press Releases - Your Experience

    Magix in Internet Marketing

    Do you have any good or bad experience with OfficialWire Press Releases? They allow unlimited (well...max. 100 within 24 hours) releases for a reasonable monthly or annual fee. How do ... [read more]

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    domain it that easy?

    i just went to the domain auction place on sedo. people are buying domain names for 100s of pounds/euroes. is it easy as that? to register a domain name doesn't ... [read more]

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    Writing content

    I know that some IMers outsource some of their work. But do some hire people to strictly write the content of their website? I don't mean writing articles or blogs, ... [read more]

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    Time Management to Increase Productivity

    Hey everyone, I have been using a news system for my time management and it has increased my productivity immeasurably! Just a few simple steps and I have got so ... [read more]

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    It's All about angle...inspirational maybe?

    Ldimilo in Internet Marketing

    This is from my most recent newsletter that I sent out. Just so you know, this isn't an attempt to draw attention to it (I don't even give a link). ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Know Quick Ways for Making Money While You're Getting the Plan Together

    kea55 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I know that starting an internet marketing business takes time before you start seeing the money come in, but what can I do in the meantime to make some ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Website recommendation

    Balazs in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys, I am looking for the best solution to provide affiliate links to my affiliates. So, I need an online, fast, quick web solution for the following: 1, affiliates ... [read more]

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    Need Help

    turtle32 in Internet Marketing

    Hi I wanted to ask you guys and gals a question, i respect your knowledge. I am a jail administrator of a county jail in kentucky and i know how ... [read more]

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    Any really talented guitarists here who can record quality guitar instruction videos?

    I've got something I've been working on since last year in the guitar niche. I started off internet marketing online in the guitar niche, but dropped it for a while. ... [read more]

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    ANNOYING Wordpress problem. Please help me out!

    I have a site here: | Best Keyword Research Tool And if you notice, the title has a | right in front of it. Very annoying and it is showing ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Vendors... I Need Just A Moment of Your Time, Please.

    If you've created and sold any product on Clickbank, I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sending me a PM so that I might run an idea by you. (I promise ... [read more]

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    Making money from CraigsList and Kijji

    Dear Warriors? What's the process of making money from CraigsList and Kijji, is it a case of posting reviews and linking with an affiliate link, or use as a bank ... [read more]

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    Online upprisal websites, a waste of time?

    Hi, I just checked a couple of my very old and rusty websites with: How Much Is Your Site Worth? | they gave me uppraisals between 8K and 10K... ... [read more]

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    Making money with surveys...

    This isn't about filling out surveys or promoting them as an affiliate. It's about surveying your customers and finding out what they REALLY want... 'cause once you know that, it's ... [read more]

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    Do any of you use time management software to track productivity?

    AlexPost in Internet Marketing

    I'm currently using the RescueTime firefox plugin. It is the only one that tracks the actual web pages you spend time on. Works really well but I'm just wondering what ... [read more]

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    Help With This Blog...

    sydneypm in Internet Marketing

    I have a blog called, "football fan site" that I don't think I want any more. I started it last year with the intention of having a site that gives ... [read more]

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    A Traffic Plan in 6 easy steps

    Hey there Warriors, Just making a really quick post to help some of you start seeing traffic if you haven't already. SEO can take a little while to have your ... [read more]

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    Unsubscribed Members from mailing list

    Hi affiliates, I have a list of buyers from my last product but those who cancelled/refunded have unsubscribed from the list. I still have there emails and was wondering how ... [read more]

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    Where is cheapest US traffic? Quality? I don't mind...

    WilliamL in Internet Marketing

    Pretty much the headline: I'm searching for the cheapest US traffic ever... As I mentioned, I don't care about quality of the traffic because it's for a strategy a friend ... [read more]

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    Facebook "Contacts file upload" isn't working?

    FrozenGod in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I have some email lists i want to add to a fackebook account but it seems like it's not working. When i press the "Browse" button and chose ... [read more]

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    Market Research Survey

    Hi I am opening a internet marketing company that offers website design, seo, and related services. I am doing some market research right now and I was wondering if you ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing - Article Title Generator

    Hi, The title is one of the post crucial aspect of getting more traffic from an article. I created an app here: It fetches the Title of top 600-900 ... [read more]

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    Feel Like Ripping my Hair Out!!!!!!

    I created a WP Blog, got a virtual assistant to work on it for me.... he was sort of taking liberties, so I simply said I dont want you to ... [read more]

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    How much would it cost to have my own custom search engine like google built?

    Hi, the question is the title. I have an idea, nobodies doing it, and I hope I can pay for it in the future unless someone wants to do it ... [read more]

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    Dude trying to tarnish my name? action to take?

    sambakker in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors, About 3 months ago I was being harrassed by a guy who obviously never got along with me. He made websites and created Facebook profiles trying to tear ... [read more]

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    Ecommerce/Wanted Ad - Advice

    Mr.S in Internet Marketing

    Hello I have never seen any website that would have an ecommerce site and on the same domain another script for example: wanted ad or craigslist type of thing. Does ... [read more]

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    You have $5000 A Month To Market A Product, Prioritize Your Spending...

    I got into a discussion with a friend of mine (well, a guy I know... six degrees) last night who's just about to take on his first IM client. He's ... [read more]

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    Setting Up a PLR Membership Site - Need Suggestions

    fated82 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I am planning to start a PLR membership site. While I was doing my research, I realize that most PLR articles sites sell their articles at dirt cheap ... [read more]

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    The Wisdom Of Using Non-U.S. Income Streams On Some Of Your Web Sites !

    Do any income streams ever come out of Australia or Asia or New Zealand? I think to become dependent on U.S. source income like Google or Amazon or Click Bank ... [read more]

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    What more can i do start making money ?

    Oitbbitw2 in Internet Marketing

    Hi , I'm writing this topic to know what next step or what suggestions to start making money with my new website Actually i don't know if this is violating ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Question - Do you know how to change this.....

    When creating a post in Wordpress and you click the 'insert more tag' so that on the main index page it only shows the first paragraph or so and then ... [read more]

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    Any luck with Pingler?

    JMac in Internet Marketing

    I have spent a few months now making backlinks to profile sites using Angela's packet and such but recently started checking to see what my results were. Apparently I have ... [read more]

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    SQL database to convert to XLS

    Balazs in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I have just bought a forum, I am about to install but before I do so, I would like to convert the SQL database to xls file (extract the ... [read more]

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    Let me be your IM Intern

    Hey Warriors, I was thinking the other day I am still learning and planning everything. There is just so much information I get mentally overloaded. I was thinking what you ... [read more]