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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    How to use Yahoo answers to get comments?

    I've read that auto blog software can use Yahoo Answers to get comments, but how does it ask the question? For example, if I scrape a page about Dell monitors, ... [read more]

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    Market Research Survey Sites

    EndGame in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good place to conduct some market research by way of a survey? I am talking about a website where you pay a couple hundred ... [read more]

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    Website Builder Affiliate Program

    mcmcmcmc5 in Internet Marketing

    Noble Warriors, I'm looking for a website builder with an affiliate program. The sort of thing that would build ready to go commerce websites, either monetizing via the amazon network, ... [read more]

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    How to attract affiliates...

    Hi guys I'm trying to attract more affiliates to my product at Teds Woodworking® - 16,000 Woodworking Plans & Projects With Videos - Custom Woodworking Carpentry - Wood Plans Could ... [read more]

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    Need Advice for Facebook and eBay

    alan.t in Internet Marketing

    Hi fellow warriors, Need some help and advice, wondering if you all have any good recommendations for books on the following: - Facebook (more towards fan pages, groups, marketing features ... [read more]

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    Article and/or Blog Submission Services

    mannyk in Internet Marketing

    Are these article and blog automated submission services effective or just waste of money? If effective, which ones would you recommend? Need to increase traffic to my blog. Thanks for ... [read more]

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    Scam request from a fake web marketing consultant

    rosetrees in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I imagine others have received similar requests. I'm getting about one a week. Same wording, different sites. The sites mentioned here all have PR = 0. Just a warning ... [read more]

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    Google Trends

    kah22 in Internet Marketing

    During the week I started blogging using Google Trends as a means to gather up some current hot topics. At present I’ve two systems up and running and I’m testing ... [read more]

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    What is the Name of that Famous Guest Blogging Site?

    Hi, used the search engine all to no avail to find that popular guest blogging site. What is the site pls?

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    Free online spam checker

    Ving in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a good free on-line email spam checker for email marketers? Thanks

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    Need Help

    rikkib51 in Internet Marketing

    I have tried so many different ways of making money online. - Affiliating - Selling e-books None of them seemed to have made me a cent. Can anyone guide me ... [read more]

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    Am I Dooming My Site With My Home Page?

    Okay, so I'm building my WordPress site and I have a few articles on there, each with it's devoted page. I was a little confused over what I wanted on ... [read more]

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    Are You A "Freelance Writer"?

    Hi there, Does anyone have any experience with making money online by writing? I'm not talking about article marketing or self-publishing, but rather writing for online publications (ex: demand studios ... [read more]

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    [WTH] Clicktracks Guru Needed

    sunseven in Internet Marketing

    Anybody use clicktrack's analytics software? If so please contact me, I'm looking to hire a consultant asap. Thanks

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    Internet Marketing From The Start

    Hi All, I have setup a new site taking up the story of my online business. This is with the intention of teaching you to do the same by learning ... [read more]

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    How do you protect your business from your outsourced staff?

    marketguy in Internet Marketing

    I would like to have a few things outsourced (like we design, for example), but i am paranoid about someone having access to my business via WP or Cpanel. Is ... [read more]

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    Fladlien & single opt-in vs double opt-in

    tsgeric in Internet Marketing

    I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on a certain topic. Double opt-in is the current standard for adding people (or having them add themselves) to your Autoresponder. This is ... [read more]

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    $7DSS - Promoting $25, $47, $197 products to a $7 Dollar List or Buyers? HELP....

    entry in Internet Marketing

    Hello guys again, For promoting a $7 item, and then further $25, $47,$97, $197 products. (of the same product, but BETTER Versions of it - videos and audios included etc) ... [read more]

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    Advise fir any newbie?

    buyitpc in Internet Marketing

    Hi fellow Warriors: I'm writing thus thread and hope that I'm warned before banned... But if one is a newbie as an IM marketer which is the way/ program does ... [read more]

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    Article/Pr question (A new one this time)

    If my competition for a keyword has PR 3-4 sites crowding the top, how hard might it be for me to get an article squeezed in on that number one ... [read more]

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    Would you promote a cheap product?

    man5 in Internet Marketing

    I created my first video tutorial. It's just over 2 hours long and i priced it at $5. I was just wondering if you think this is too cheap and ... [read more]

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    Writing an Ezine Article for the first time

    For those of you who've used Ezine Articles before, what type of articles did you write in order to get familiar with Ezine? As I said before, I'm going through ... [read more]

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    Looking for a particular product/WSO

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a particular type of product or WSO. Found here or elsewhere. I know I've seen this type of thing before. I'm looking for a service ... [read more]

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    osCommerce or WP-Ecommerce plug-in?

    ebpglobal in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, So which is the best? Which do you prefer and why? I need to decide on one of them, but don't know which one to go with. Thank ... [read more]

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    WOW - This is a tough one! Hundreds of thousands at stake. HELP!

    joeyjamz in Internet Marketing

    I was at a monthly "progress" meeting to day with an existing client and he told me he was very close to buying a website. However, he is asking me ... [read more]

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    What are good terms when considering outsourcing your work.

    I am planning expanding my business. I want to make use and outsource a large portion of any new jobs. I want to expand in website design mostly but will ... [read more]

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    New here, just wanted to introduce myself...

    Morg in Internet Marketing

    Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! I am new to mainstream IM and just found this board via google. I have been in the adult ... [read more]

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    Advise - Physical Products Selling Online

    stacyssg in Internet Marketing

    I have around 100 physical products in the area of medical equipment I want to build a new site for. I like wordpress, but don't see a really great shopping ... [read more]

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    CB flooded?

    willN in Internet Marketing

    I just took stroll through my CB engine subscription and I noticed that every product I looked at had several pages dedicated to it on google. So I started digging ... [read more]

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    70 page seo report for 5 dollars?

    jkiley in Internet Marketing

    I have been spending some time on lately and it is going crazy overthere... like this guy : I will make a Complete 70 page Professional in-depth SEO report ... [read more]

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    Increasing your conversion rate through follow up

    Has anyone actually done this? Get the client to opt in, build trust, give them a pitch, then CONTINUE to send them more emails trying to get them to buy ... [read more]

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    Help Please

    Articoky in Internet Marketing

    I have been having a browse on this forum for the last couple of days and there were a lot of offers that really interested me. I have been trying ... [read more]

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    I have a really dumb question

    If you start a blog and say it is a review site for a particular type of product. Is there a potential issue if you use other peoples reviews IF ... [read more]

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    One Domain or Many?

    AHayes183 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, As mentioned earlier my plan is to make $5k a month in automated income a year from now. I have my content production company that has surpassed that ... [read more]

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    Promoting your Affiliate program to your list? - tips?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    When promoting your new affiliate program to your list, of regular subscribers, for them to become affiliates, do you have any tips, or incentives to get them to promote your ... [read more]

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    New member

    I have recently joined this forum, thought id say hi. Im a beginner trying to get into IM and this forum looks really interesting. Lots of members full of solid ... [read more]

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    Successful membership site models for the IM niche?

    What are some really good membership models for the IM niche? Including limited membership sites, where membership is 97.00 and above. What are they selling? A service? Monthly products? etc? ... [read more]

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    How many videos should I release per day?

    How many videos should I release per day on Youtube to get the best results? Thanks!

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    Any Alternative to PayPal?

    Hey Folks, Did you ever have a trouble with PayPal? One of my accounts just got limited and frozen and they said it was too risky to do business with ... [read more]

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    Is Twitter Good For Business

    Hi, I’m new to this forum. So please excuse me if this topic has been discussed many times before. I have a Twitter account with around 4000 followers, I consistently ... [read more]

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    Need some help on article marketing

    Hey all I'm currently doing some article marketing for my software, but I'm a bit nervous about how my idea is going to work out SEO wise. I'm thinking about ... [read more]

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    If You Had To Start From Scratch With Zero Money What Would You Do?

    I wanted to know if you had to start from scratch again and did not have a single penny to invest, what would you do? What would you do differently ... [read more]

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    Making money on eBay

    This is an attempt to get some discussion about making a fairly passive income on eBay. I make a significant portion of my income via an eBay business. I mostly ... [read more]

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    Question about Squeeze Pages and Opt-In Forms?

    I do apologize ahead of time, as I'm very nervous to post my first question here, as I know it's been asked over and over again. However, I did try ... [read more]

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    True story why 90% of you will FAIL! And simple solution

    Places, time and names have changed to protect the guilty but the story is TRUE. I don't go to many Marketing seminars/pitch fests. I tend to feel dirty after leaving ... [read more]

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    I have 300.00$ in hand.. Help?

    I want a new technique, or a great coaching service to learn some new things about Affiliate Marketing and put it to use. My budget is currently 300.00$ and I ... [read more]

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    How often to send out autoresponders....

    Moneyland in Internet Marketing

    I know there are no rules and you need to test your niche, however I am thinking of sending out an e-course every 2 days, for 7 days to start ... [read more]

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    Have a question about youtube

    GeorgeP1 in Internet Marketing

    Ok this is driving me crazy and I need a littlel help. Do you know how on youtube when you upload a video and after it is uploaded and you ... [read more]

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    How does an Ad Swap Work...?

    Moneyland in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, I am kind of figuring out that doing this can help your list to grow if done correctly. Can anyone suggest any companies that might be worth looking ... [read more]

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    New, need a little help on my plans.

    jeff_k in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, I am 17 and I have been lurking around IM for about 4 years now. Pretty much just reading and not ever using any action. Now I have ... [read more]

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    A fellow marketer needing some good honest advice

    okron in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site and I don't have any idea as what to do so here goes nothing. I joined the internet marketing back in June and ... [read more]

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    Need some ideas to help monetize a blog

    Hey guys... My father has 2 blogs. One that's personal and one that's on a specific topic. He writes for the local residents (Croatia mostly) and he writes in Croatian. ... [read more]

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    writing money..?

    I'm An extremely talented creative writer.. I'm not sure how creative aspect of writing translates in IM but as far as metaphors and poetic devices and narration & things of ... [read more]

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    How to increase PR

    Mari Anne in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Im in charge of SEO for a site called It has links coming into it from and from I've also submitted it to hundreds of website ... [read more]

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    AutoBlogging for "Noobs" - A Guide

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    I really like AutoBlogging. If you're new to this, you might ask: "What the *** is AutoBlogging?" Simple: An "AutoBlog" is a blog on either blogger or wordpress (self hosted) ... [read more]

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    The Stats Are In...Summer's Over

    Has anybody else noticed this? Over the summer, my EZA stats were pretty low. As soon as September kicked in my daily views have almost doubled? Also, sales are up ... [read more]