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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    One of my article at EZA is now at 2988 views

    Diver's in Internet Marketing

    It said 2988 views and 639 clicks ( 21.4%) and was published since 04/23/2009. If this is a clickbank product related article, then i would have grossed several sales. what ... [read more]

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    How Much Proof Do You Need?

    Howdy all, We have all seen people asking about this product, or that program, and often the question of proof comes up. Some people's proof threshold is pretty low; they ... [read more]

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    Google Adwords Keyword Tool

    ebizmom in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, was using google keyword tool today and found it had some weird results different to that of 2 days ago. Happened on both my computers. For example a ... [read more]

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    Is the big money in marketing to Facebook, Twitter and Iphones? and if so...

    Is the big money in marketing to Facebook, Twitter and Iphones? and if so... what are some good ways to do this?

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    script to pay affiliates directly using Paypal?

    Hey there, I've seen a few sites that pay their affiliates directly the moment someone signs up via Paypal? (i.e. the money doesn't even go to the vendor, it gets ... [read more]

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    Is the WF down or something?

    For some reason, I keep getting a server error every time I click a topic. Keeps saying something about the server not found.

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    Helping Family Make Money . . . Good or Bad Idea?

    Ofthemix in Internet Marketing

    I have an aunt who gained mass interest in my online business when she saw me quit my day job and take on eBay full time. It took me 6 ... [read more]

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    Article and IM experts, I have "leftover questions"...can you help?

    Hey guys (and gals), I’ve learned so much here. At the same time it can be discouraging to learn how much I don’t know. So I have a question for ... [read more]

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    Which Are Easier to Sell? Digital or Physical Products?

    In your experience, which are easier to sell? Digital products or physical products? Note that I am referring to strictly to selling and not the other aspects, such as product ... [read more]

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    Best places you advertise?

    Ok warriors here comes a common question. Being that I am close to my release date I wanted to know what methods or better yet which services or providers are ... [read more]

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    Where to invest? Looking for right contacts.

    Guys, I am looking for websites that make at least $300-500K a year. Have up to 2M to invest. Would it be better to start my own thing or buy ... [read more]

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    Article length....

    Halli in Internet Marketing

    What is a good length for an article? Is it better to have a long article on your site or in something like Ezine? What do you feel works best? ... [read more]

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    What's the best way to interact with my members

    I'm in the process of creating a tour for photo enthusiasts vacationing in St. Lucia where I live. You can see the site here but please note it is still ... [read more]

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    PLR Articles

    SteveSch in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I want to write and sell some PLR articles as a WSO, but I wanted your opinions first. What topics do you believe would sell well? Forex Trading ... [read more]

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    Question on PLR WSOs

    I have noticed a trend with many PLR article WSOs. In many cases these WSOs tend to get a high amount of views, but little amount of replies and comments. ... [read more]

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    Unique Article Wizard

    I just wanted to know if any of you use "Unique Article Wizard" as a article submitter and if so, do you find it helps with SEO and is it ... [read more]

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    My rant + advice + food for thought

    I am seeing lot of offline marketing wsos and something really intrigued me. The way everything is going on, i am feeling something strong about this whole offline marketing thing. ... [read more]

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    Freelancer - how to hire someone, and how to pay them?

    smolodoy in Internet Marketing

    Could anyone please explain how does Freelancer work, I'm looking to hire some SEO expert whats with the bidding and stuff and how do you pay them monthly/weekly? Thanks..

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    Want into the New Closed Alpha? I have 1000 invites

    The new is really nice and feels more like Twitter and Facebook. You can even intergrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts and get people to follow you on ... [read more]

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    suhrmd in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am stuck trying to pick a url for a competitive niche with very established domains. I have written a book to help parents with addicted/alcoholic teens (or college ... [read more]

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    Where is the incentive on this forum after 1000 posts?

    One of the things I have enjoyed is the default descriptions under my name changing as my post count goes up. Warrior Member Active member Hyperactive member at 500 posts ... [read more]

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    Collabtive or ClockingIt? FREE Project Management

    Dr Dan in Internet Marketing

    I would like to get some opinions on the plus and minuses of both Has anyone tried both Collabtive - Open Source collaboration and Clocking IT ? I am trying ... [read more]

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    Outsourse app creation?

    Challe77 in Internet Marketing

    Perhaps this topic has already been greatly discussed so excuse me in advance. But has anyone here outsourced an iphone app that you have sold and made some good money ... [read more]

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    How Do You Successful Warrior "SOCIAL PROOF" your blogs/lens/sites?

    How Do You Successful Warrior "SOCIAL PROOF" your blogs/lens/sites? What would you think about paying someone to manually add stars or add stars on your own until it ranks where ... [read more]

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    epassporte frozen funds?

    Adam B in Internet Marketing

    Hi I went to Tescos today to buy some drink and food and when i got to the checkout I went to pay as I always do by epassporte. My ... [read more]

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    What happened to JD Swanson? (Tiesto)..anybody?

    skorpion in Internet Marketing

    I learned a lot from JD Swanson's stuff back around 2008 but can't seem to find much from him lately. Does anyone know if he is still involved in IM?

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    How build credibility of customers

    asimasim in Internet Marketing

    I have some products to sell to international customers.I write sales letter containing benefits, arguments, pictures of product and a youtube based demo of product. At end of my email, ... [read more]

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    Promote Niche Sites

    I was wondering what other people's strategies were for promoting NEW niche sites for the first time. This is how I usually go about it: 1. Create content for site. ... [read more]

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    Has the HHO market gone dead

    petevamp in Internet Marketing

    Hello fellow warriors I have been promoting for the hho market for almost 2 years now. I know last year around this time google slapped all adword marketers for this ... [read more]

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    Plimus deleted my account

    asimasim in Internet Marketing

    Plimus my account two days ago.It was working since one month. All marketing efforts ,messages and promotional messages containing plimus link to my products wasted. I contacted plimus two days ... [read more]

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    blog posts based subription model

    asimasim in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, Do you think that people will pay for blogposts subcriptions? Let suppose that you are targetting the best paying customers(C.E.Os, businessmen,Entrepreneurs ,most rich people). Do you think that ... [read more]

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    Google's competition numbers?

    timpears in Internet Marketing

    So I am working on a new site, and I was just curious to see how many pages I have indexed so far. I went to G and did a ... [read more]

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    Ideas to market food recipes niche?

    Mynt in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, any general tips on marketing a magazine website that offers food recipes? I'm preparing a marketing proposal for the editor of the magazine who asked me for IM ... [read more]

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    Warrior forum Facebook link

    Mr Rose in Internet Marketing

    I've noticed that none of the Facebook links underneath member's names work. The way it appends the page id number to the facebook url isn't the correct Facebook syntax and ... [read more]

  • 2 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} vs Craigslist for Hiring

    Delta223 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I'm looking into hiring a Philippino Virtual Assistant from either or Craigslist. I'm not interested in the other freelancer sites because I'm setting up my own system ... [read more]

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    What is the most efective way to engaging users ?

    AvD555 in Internet Marketing

    What is the better strategy? Click factor: Click to play puzzle games or Response factor: Hi! You like puzzle games?Visit our web site. What is your experience?

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    Newcomers...5 Tips to Help You Build Your Custom Website

    ShaneBoyd in Internet Marketing

    Your custom website may take a lot of time to build. However, it doesn't have to. You can have your first custom website put together in one day if you'd ... [read more]

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    Offline Services

    TycoonRob in Internet Marketing

    I've got a few WSOs about offline marketing, and I've read threads here on the WF and other places. I'm trying to get a good idea of the variety of ... [read more]

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    From 1k hits a day to down to 300?

    So Im posting several articles on one of my websites, building backlinks etc...and My traffic jumped (almost overnight) from about 300 hits per day to 1k. Then a few days ... [read more]

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    Housten, we have a big problem.

    I'd really appreciate any help here. I have a dog blog and I just changed the theme and it was fine and tried to add a face book widget but ... [read more]

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    iPad sales could pass 7 million units this year

    iPad sales could pass 7 million units this year Guys, Many of us create ebooks, or are affiliates of ebooks. Ebooks are now going mainstream and Apple is leading the ... [read more]

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    Need advice on getting a custom blog made..

    Good morning fellow warriors (it's 2.49am Sunday here) I have a few questions that I need answered before I hire a desinger to design a custom blog for my authority ... [read more]

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    Guide Writing.How would i go about it.

    Hey Im thinking of Writing Pdf's Em Im currently know about Gaming niches WoW and Farmville The most I would write about Gold making in wow/Profession Leveling/PvP Strategies And on ... [read more]

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    Amazon Review Sites Course

    gabluesky in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am looking for a product that I saw once on here and cannot find it now. It was a course offered by 2 ladies who were making 10k ... [read more]

  • 5 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} is available for registration... is an expiring domain and is available for registration at It is a nice domain for someone who may want to start an internet marketing tips blog I ... [read more]

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    How to design social networking site.

    khaf22 in Internet Marketing

    can any worrior tell me the best program to desigm social networking site like twitter and facebook.

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    Lawyer in need of desperate advice to dominate local market!!!

    Hi guys im a young aspiring lawyer trying to dominate in my local market. I practice in Johannesburg South Africa. I did some keyword research and bought a whole bunch ... [read more]

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    Did anyone notice this?

    affhelper in Internet Marketing

    Is it just me or Google now shows 20 results per page by default? hmm

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    Is This Possible?

    Jon Tees in Internet Marketing

    Is it possible to make money online without some sort of involvement in network or multi level marketing? It seems to me that a large number of people are involved ... [read more]

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    Looking for Worldwide Affiliates

    I own a fairly successful printing company based in the UK (operated entirely from my spare room) and have used the skills learned on here to help with all the ... [read more]

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    Found Keyword And Low Competition

    I was doing some keyword research this morning on a niche and I found a keyword with the following numbers. The Keyword has 6800 searches a day There is less ... [read more]

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    Lots of comments on my new website, but still no sales.

    latrice17 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, everyone. I am getting a good number of comments posted to my site, but it appears that each poster has the same website as their user name, but different ... [read more]

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    Traffic & Clickthrough Confusion!

    tjm2788 in Internet Marketing

    Hi I recently set up a small wordpress microniche site consisting of a few posts. I set this up 5 days ago. I installed google analytics onto the site and ... [read more]

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    I need a clickbank style sales page

    delosense in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I am trying to get my product launched and am in need of a sales page. I have all the text , pictures , videos etc, but have ... [read more]

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    Facebook group promotion? Please help

    trnz in Internet Marketing

    I have created a facebook group but I have no idea how to promote it. It is just hidden on my personal page. In my groups drop down menu. ANY ... [read more]

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    PLR Guides?

    Dobinc in Internet Marketing

    Hello All! I'm not new to IM but I'm new to using PLR content. I have tons of PLR on my HD and am looking at transferring some into my ... [read more]