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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing is working, I hope...

    stacyman in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys and gals, I'm a relatively new member to the forum and find it very enlightening. My thanks to all the great people on here who share your ideas. ... [read more]

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    Would this be unheard of (Domain Flipping)

    Jon Tees in Internet Marketing

    I’d like to sell a few domain names for between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars a piece in an effort to help pay my brothers college tuition. ... [read more]

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    YouTube and DMCA Safe Harbor Ruling

    tpw in Internet Marketing

    Description: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides a “safe harbor” from strict liability for copyright infringement to online service providers that satisfy its requirements. A June, 2010 ruling by ... [read more]

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    Do you resubmit to search engines expired domains?

    franamico in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone! I just found an excellent deal for an expired domain with google rank 4. However, according to a software I am using it says it is not listed ... [read more]

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    Putting Down my $100

    Allen, Paul, Bryan, Leslie, etc. I'm sure I've made this suggestion before, but now I'm offering some starter cash. But before making the suggestion, a question comes to mind: Why ... [read more]

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    Article success!

    phsims in Internet Marketing

    I don't usually have a lot of luck with article writing (dyslexia + article submission=FAIL!) but apparently this particular article worked. I put an article in ezine articles for my ... [read more]

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    I am not doing things RIGHT in IM! Request for guidance from successful Warriors

    destiny in Internet Marketing

    Hi, everyone. I had been a guest reader at Warrior forum for a while and this is a great place to get IM information. I tried to make some money ... [read more]

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    Loopholes to outright theft

    You all will really like this one. Especially if you offer out products as WSO's. There is an individual who has found a loophole in the law. This person has ... [read more]

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    Facebook Advertising - A New Shift?

    Tony Dean in Internet Marketing

    In the "Independant Newspaper" this morning is a piece about a new form of advertising on Facebook that on the face of it looks 'contextual' if the link works you ... [read more]

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    How To Start Your IM Venture For Under $20

    Hey Warriors! Just thought about something that might help overcome some of the struggles that you might be dealing with if you decide to get into this industry. I think ... [read more]

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    Best Way to Format an E-Book

    I'm currently trying to write my first e-book and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to format my writing or how much detail I should add ... [read more]

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    Are there any website design programs that work like weebly's

    topfree in Internet Marketing

    Are there any free website editors that are easy like the one they have on Not looking for companies like weebly, just the editor, I Have paid hosting through ... [read more]

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    Backlink keyword question about URL

    I figured out that my home page on my site is not optimized. I have my blog set up to post there so keywords change all the time. I optimized ... [read more]

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    How to Dominate Google Results Without Backlinks!

    Hello Warriors: I have been reading a lot of threads about link building and the importance of it. And overall, I agree. Link building is important for some sites. However, ... [read more]

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    Anyone Got a Blogging Product for Sale

    Hi All I am taking part in the JV ULtimate Blogging Event, and my list is progressing from nothing to 12 in 2 days with no promotion. Not groundbreaking, I ... [read more]

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    Need Experienced Internet Marketer - To write on Established IM Blog?

    Where can I find an experienced IM to write with me on my Internet marketing blog. I am not talking about the typical article writers here, I need someone who ... [read more]

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    Need Keywords In Weight Loss niche - Just Click Here!

    tbunch in Internet Marketing

    I found a long list (see pdf ) of keywords for the Weight Loss niche (about 450) and thought I would give them away. There is also a list of ... [read more]

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    Is Comodo Security Good?

    Marhelper in Internet Marketing

    I was not familiar with Comodo until someone suggested it. Is it considered a quality security product?

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    Golden Nuggets that brought me to where I am Today!

    Warning: This Thread reveals tips, that I have never told ANYONE before Hello Warriors, Today, I wanted to start off, with a post that would help some of my fellow ... [read more]

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    How Do You Use PLR Successfully?

    I'm curious about the successful methods people have used with PLR! I have a TON of PLR on my hard drive that I have collected over the years. Some of ... [read more]

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    WP Robot Hosting Site

    Hi, I have been using the free hosting at WebKrib to set up WP Robot autoblogs. This has been working great, except that they apply php restrictions. I contacted the ... [read more]

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    newbie needs advice on finding niche

    Louise M in Internet Marketing

    Dear experiences IMs, please let me pick your brains... Looking for your advice regarding finding a profitable niche: What niches do you think are moneymakers? And/or a tip on how ... [read more]

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    Quick Twitter Question

    Adam Carn in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Suppose you have a blog or a website business, right? And you create a Twitter account specifically for your brand, what username would you use? Your brand name ... [read more]

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    what the heck?! I bought a product using my OWN clickbank ID and still no sales?

    Do clickbank need a day to register a sales? I found it strange when there are 50 order impression form but 0 sales.. Thinking it was not right, i bought ... [read more]

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    How create links to chapters in word?

    int-mark in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am writing an e-book in word and it has become so big that its impossible to navigate my way around from chapter to chapter. I am wating to ... [read more]

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    Giveaway events and warrior forum

    Coby in Internet Marketing

    I have been participating in lots of giveaways events lately and was wondering what the rules were in WF for promoting those. I know I've seen some ppl promoting giveaway ... [read more]

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    Any good tools to search for Edu and Gov sites

    cmo140 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone know any good tools out there to search for edu sites and gov sites? I was using SEO firefox but as of the 18th you can't use it anymore ... [read more]

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    Cool Keyword Tools From Microsoft

    I am not sure how many of you guys have heard of these tools already, but here it goes. Microsoft has a site called AdCenter Labs All Tools: Microsoft adCenter ... [read more]

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    Equally good for newbies and veterans?

    TheBrain in Internet Marketing

    Many of the wso's offering training claim to be equally suitable for newbies as well as veteran IMers. Can this be true?:confused::confused:

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    #2 on google, but 1/2 hour away #11! What gives?

    ajensen in Internet Marketing

    I'm working on my first site and am making slow but steady progress thanks to all you . I just checked my google ranking for my key phrase at home ... [read more]

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    Does having infomercial type websites promoting products work?

    Being in personal development, I have stumbled across so many sites that sell their products using the most tasteless graphics, the cheesiest quotes, all just major fluff. A few years ... [read more]

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    how to write a good Article

    ninomc in Internet Marketing

    Hello, What are the components that define a good article? I am trying to figure out the way I can compose an article so it can produce good click rate. ... [read more]

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    Have You Ever Had This Moment?

    edmltw in Internet Marketing

    BLANK You try to think of something to write out, but nothing comes out. Oh, the dreaded Writer's block! Creating a warrior thread with quality information seems harder as each ... [read more]

  • 12 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} going down hill

    espresso in Internet Marketing seems to going down hill at the mo They have started charging more for the domains and lately have start charging you for Who is privacy Most of my ... [read more]

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    Fileshare/Torrent site Confusion???

    Bosco5180 in Internet Marketing

    I don't have my own product but I do have several affiliate products. If I put my giveaway on a Fileshare/Torrent site why would they go to my site and ... [read more]

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    iContact, Infusionsoft...NOT Aweber

    DaleP in Internet Marketing

    Please give me your experiences here...I would highly appreciate it. Aweber - currently using this however it is now useless to me as I need to filter on more than ... [read more]

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    Yahoo Search Operators / Issue

    cmo140 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone having problems with this, I use to be able to look for edu sites and gov sites and as of the 18th of Aug I can't do it anymore.

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    Bluehost has been hacked

    LozJames in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys Just wanted to see if anyone else is having trouble with Bluehost hosted websites and emails. I've been onto their support staff today and found out that some ... [read more]

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    Disable RSS Feeds in Wordpress to Prevent Scrapers and Speed Up Performance Dramatically

    After running a search on Google, I found out my RSS feeds are being scraped and syndicated. This happened because Wordpress publishes an RSS feed. Fact is, I have many ... [read more]

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    Anyone else get this email?

    KimW in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I can get you any online course for only $30. It does not matter if it's real price is $100 or $1000 or $5000, I can get you for ... [read more]

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    All my posts and pages have disappeared overnight

    rlharding in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know what could have caused ALL my posts and pages to disappear? I worked on my site until 1:30am this morning adding posts, deleting plug-ins, adding new plugins ... [read more]

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    is ok?

    int-mark in Internet Marketing

    Hi I have recently started a personal development blog on (a free blog by google) but I am considering using a paid blog instead. Are there any advantages to ... [read more]

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    Wondering where those cool footer bars come from on some sites?

    jazbo in Internet Marketing

    Well I was! Have been looking for weeks. I knew it was some sort of third party plugin, but could not find the provider. So now I have, I'm passing ... [read more]

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    Help With Monetizing my new site

    mrmick in Internet Marketing

    I have a foot and heel fetish niche site. Site has been up for 4 months. Total traffic last month was 782. I have an internal ad system for my ... [read more]

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    A worrying coincidence?

    Hello I became determined to promote one pf my pages. I wrestled with article submitters, but out of date directory files made them useless without a lot of tweaking. So ... [read more]

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    Anyone using facebook comments in their blog? I've got a question...

    I'm using the sociable facebook connect plugin, and I'm wondering: Is there a way I can respond to people and have it show on their wall so they can see ... [read more]

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    Advice for Capture Page Required

    Hi Warriors, I've got a product launch coming up fairly soon and was just looking for a little advice about my capture page. Can anyone point me in the right ... [read more]

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    Can someone help?

    ritaj in Internet Marketing

    This is not a plea for cash, but for help to let me make the cash that I need. My roof has been condemned and needs drastic repairs before the ... [read more]

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    Ok I think I got the start of a good plan!

    This is about my music marketing, I was reading about creating demand & I learned that creating demand is more about serving an underserved market. Now I make rap music.. ... [read more]

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    Is CLICKBANK To Be Avoided

    Mangozoom in Internet Marketing

    Hi All Just wondered if any product owners in the IM would share their wisdom. About to launch in the IM market some products and am wondering if I should ... [read more]

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    The Art of Capturing Market Share

    As primarily online marketers, we should also be mindful to take a close look at what's going on with online promotion and the "offline" business world as well. Sometimes you'll ... [read more]

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    Google Announces they will be down for FIVE YEARS

    Thought Warriors in particular would get a kick out of this. I did a double take in my adwords account (use it for testing keywords since the keyword tool is ... [read more]

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    Need some advise

    Hey everyone I have a few poems I have written, I'm not a professional writer but I have been thinking about submitting some of them for contests and to publishers. ... [read more]

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    Video Marketing With Youtube

    kb24 in Internet Marketing

    I'm just wondering is the traffic targeted? Those of you who are doing video marketing are you making any sales? To me I just think that youtube traffic is for ... [read more]

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    How To Make A Fortune Using This Forum

    Do you know what's the easiest way to make money in the Internet Marketing niche? It's selling information to newbies. Newbies will be over the moon with what you know. ... [read more]

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    The Max # of Times To Post on a Blog?

    Hi, I have neglected some of my blogs, and some have no posts for weeks or months, and they're looking very sorry for themselves, so I hired someone to blog ... [read more]