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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    The Psychology of Colors and Internet Marketing

    Did you know psychological research has shown the human eye notices the color yellow first over all other colors? Or how about the fact the color red escalates the body's ... [read more]

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    What is the best way to get traffic to a squeeze page.

    jamjar919 in Internet Marketing

    At the moment I use traffic exchanges and forum marketing (see sig) but i only have one subscriber after two weeks? Also tips for my squueze page would be appriciated.

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    About Backlink

    Rully in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warrior.... What is the best tool to check backlink ? I had some experience using some online tool to check backlink. The tool give me different result if I ... [read more]

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    Help needed for most profitable ads to use on sports streaming site

    roderick in Internet Marketing

    I have a site that streams different sporting events such as boxing, tennis, wwe, ufc and football/soccer. Most of my sites traffic comes from the english premier league football/soccer the ... [read more]

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    I need articles writting guide

    hi there, i am looking for guide to write article, want to get suggestion from warriors maybe i need to know how to write long article, cause ezinearticle set a ... [read more]

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    Possible GDI Mail fraud/identity Theft

    paperkool in Internet Marketing

    Global Domains International ( GDI ) demanded I send them my “drivers license” and other vital documents before they pay me. I toiled and sent them the documents via Express ... [read more]

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    1 site at $100/day or 100 sites at $1/day? What's your approach?

    xohaibx in Internet Marketing

    How many of you have been succesful in taking the route of creating many small sites as opposed to one or two large sites? It's a lot easier to make ... [read more]

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    A neat little productivity trick...

    Hey Warriors, So tonight I got done watching my favorite TV show tonight and I started doing household chores. I got done with them (ugh folding clothes and doing laundry= ... [read more]

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    Jay Abraham and Icy Hot

    Samuel P. in Internet Marketing

    I was reading the "Enterpeneur Emergency" ebook by Rich Shefern (excellent by the way) and there was a blurb there by Jay Abraham talking about how he got local radio ... [read more]

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    Argue with a moderator

    I've been doing this mod thing for a long time (23 years), and I think it's time to clear the air about something that's come up several times in the ... [read more]

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    Warning to Newbies, it doesn't get easier!

    Last year I wrote my first post of how I was a tire kicker for over 9 years, and I made a commitment to take action everyday growing my internet ... [read more]

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    How to promote an online service?

    iWork in Internet Marketing

    Suppose you have an online video production company, seo service, software, etc. Besides WF, what else would you do to promote such service and get clients? Here's a list of ... [read more]

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    Adding Twitter or any social Network to a clickbank Affilate Page for Affilates-Help needed

    l23bc in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors Im looking to find out for my Affilates Pages to my product how do i add Twitter feeds or facebook feeds,It seems a new way on clickbank to ... [read more]

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    A semi-short comment/introduction

    I feel I've browsed for far too long without at least introducing myself... so, here goes. My name is Ellie, and to put it quite frankly, before coming across this ... [read more]

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    A universal Social monitoring software ?

    nofearman in Internet Marketing

    Looking for a solution that looks at ALL the main social sites, and searches for keywords. Including Yahoo Answers, Bings new answer site, Google news, facebook, twitter etc. So if ... [read more]

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    Advice on registering a domain that is a brand name (not owned by me)

    satrap in Internet Marketing

    I need some legal advice and information. Here is what I am planing to do: I have fund a product on amazon which I want to set up a few ... [read more]

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    Putting on a seminar for Offline Businesses... winning business model?

    Hey Guys, So I'm delivering a free seminar in 1.5 months to local business owners and want to do this thing RIGHT for once. My usual habit would be: procrastinate ... [read more]

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    Members Only User Registration for Additional Content

    BeckM2 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Say I've got a small dedicated sales site for a product and I want to make some additional downloadable resources available to registered users only. Can anyone recommend a ... [read more]

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    Post Removed - Found Answer

    Question no longer relevant. Found answer.

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    If You Can't Make Money "Internet Marketing" - Then "Market the Internet"

    I just thought of that saying awhile ago... and it struck me as efficient. So many people have trouble "Internet Marketing". So why Not "Market The Internet"...? That's what this ... [read more]

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    IM products which are paying per email leads

    Who know any products, which are in internet marketing niche, paying per email leads. I hope to find products which pay from $0.5 to $1 per lead.

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    creating classified ads (offline)

    anyone know how to, create the same style of classified ads, that you see in the offline money making magazines? These magazines are always sold in news stands. What program ... [read more]

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    Rank Checker... pretty cool

    I stumbled across this while I was looking for something else (funny ho that always happens)... I'm sure some folks here may have seen it, but its my 1st time ... [read more]

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    Alternate Energy Niche Ideas...

    Hey guys, I am interested in this niche...I am doing chemical engineering so it will serve two purposes...but I need some ideas and good programs that promote related products... Please, ... [read more]

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    Calling All Veteran, Successful IMers: Please Answer One Vital Question

    srumsley in Internet Marketing

    In the spirit of generosity and helpfulness I have noticed on this forum just lately (Caleb offering to sponsor a newbie to success, long informative golden posts that give REAL ... [read more]

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    Can Anyone Recommend A Good Animation Service Please

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    Yep just like the title says. If anyone has used a great service worthy of mentioning please let us know. It needs to beof good quality with prompt service times ... [read more]

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    Digital Downloads - Google Checkout and Amazon Simple Pay

    mr2020 in Internet Marketing

    I am in the process setting up both Google Checkout and Amazon Simple Pay on many of my sites. If you've had any problems with either Google Checkout or Amazon ... [read more]

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    Possibly the end of the Aussie Internet Censorship?

    Most of us have probably already heard about the Aussie government shutting down the free internet filter software program, and instead deciding they want to censor the whole internet at ... [read more]

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    Where Are The (Decent) Alternative Energy Products?

    As a little side biz, I have a big ol' list in the alternative energy field. I feed these guys great content and have a decent relationship with them (yes, ... [read more]

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    Help Me Choose: Which of these three domains sounds best?

    I am planning to start a blog about video marketing. I have three options and I am confused what to choose. Once chosen, I will be married to it! ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing - Cheap but needs editing or Fair/Expensive but done by a pro?

    Hey Guys, I'm checking on which of these would you prefer? For me it usually depends on what task i'm outsourcing and how essential it is to create income for ... [read more]

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    I'm Looking For a Good Project Management Alternative To Basecamp Thats Free Or One I Could Own

    I'm taking the video tour of Basecamp right now ( Take a tour of Basecamp ) and I really like its user friendly features. I've used ActiveCollab and don't like ... [read more]

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    Your Experience With Low Gravity Products

    Low gravity clickbank products. Are you folks promoting them? There are lots of niches where the gravity is very low, is this worth it to. offer them to your list ... [read more]

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    .co domain names, what do you think of the potential?

    wyomble in Internet Marketing

    .co domains have now been released to the public. Do you think this domain extension will catch on or fade away? I tried to pre-register 8 of them and 7 ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Tracking Issues...What's going on?

    For one Clickbank product I am promoting it shows that it's no hop count tracking for that product, but for the same product for the order form impression count it ... [read more]

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    Will This Be the End of Affiliate Marketing? Your Reactions?

    AnniePot in Internet Marketing

    Just read this: Google and Verizon 'near deal to end net neutrality' | Technology | Surely when it goes through, it will kill affiliate marketing. Anne

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    Why All These Horror Stories Happen Only With Paypal?

    We can read again new horror story about paypal limiting or closing the account.... Why they do that...and clickbank never does? I've never heard of clickbank limiting the accounts or ... [read more]

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    Opinions on Amazon search box or google for that matter?

    Hello all, I'm just looking for some opinions on making a bit of extra money from search boxes on my website. The website I have a the minute is getting ... [read more]

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    delating a program

    jents in Internet Marketing

    When I go to delete a program I get a message that says, Please wait until current program is finished uninstalling or being changed. I can't get passed this point. ... [read more]

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    The Art Of The Upsell- It's More Than Money

    VanessaB in Internet Marketing

    "Would you like fries with that?" Morning Warriors, I thought this morning to share with you some thoughts about "The Art Of The Upsell." I was going to save this ... [read more]

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    Split a payment two ways?

    Hey everyone, I have a question about setting up payment processing. I am starting a business that acts as a third party between buyers and sellers. Sellers can list an ... [read more]

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    What Image Stock Websites are you Using?

    honor in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering what are some good sites to use for images. I have been doing some research but would like some further help/reviews from you guys. I was told Google ... [read more]

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    How Much People I can Add to my List Using Joint Venture Giveaways?

    just wanted to know How much people I can add to my Mailing List using Free Joint Venture giveaways. Can i add 1000 in under 7 days. Is there any ... [read more]

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    Domain and keyword question

    pewpin in Internet Marketing

    In a niche where the search terms related to the problem get way more searches than the terms related to the solution, should I make my domain and focus ... [read more]

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    War Room

    What is the link to pay for the war room? Thanks!

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    What's the simplest membership script?

    Hi warriors, I'm looking for a very simple membership script, not the ones like amember. To put it simply, I want something like this: Visitors goes to the website, and ... [read more]

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    Is Aweber the end all BE all???

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with effective autoresponders other the Aweber? I'm looking to here feedback from those who have used and loved a different ... [read more]

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    Asking Google?

    Daniel44 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys, Is there anyone I can ask at Google why my site has dropped out of their listings? It wasnt blackhat, it was a simple page that I have ... [read more]

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    What exactly is a webinar?

    I've heard this term thrown around a lot... People advising doing webinars, etc... Is it actually a live video stream, or is simply a pre-recorded video that gets taken down ... [read more]

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    Best Affiliate Management Software?

    2gts in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys I'm researching software for our affiliate program and need your help. Currently we just use the 1Shoppingcart software, but honestly it's a terrible solution. I need something with ... [read more]

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    Youtube Keyword Tool

    Not sure if y'all have seen this and maybe I'm just way late but I just found the Youtube Keyword Tool and I'm pretty frickin stoked about it.

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    Teen Marketers... Teen's Making Money Online?!

    Hey Guys, I've noticed that there are other teens here, I was wondering how many teens are making money online, here on warrior forum, and by doing internet marketing. So ... [read more]

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    How do you keep organized? Lots of stuff to store. Any tips?

    Marian in Internet Marketing

    I have GIGs of stuff on my hard drives (2 external disks) and has been wondering how do you guys keep the stuff organized? I mean I have lots of ... [read more]

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    Warrior Forum "Launch Strategy"?

    Ghalt in Internet Marketing

    There was a thread, either here or in the War Room, that either detailed how to use WF to launch products, or had an ebook on how to do it. ... [read more]