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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Do you have any favourite good examples of non IM blogs?

    Hi I am putting together a report for my subsribers and am trying to provide examples of good non IM related blogs. The sites must be well maintained by the ... [read more]

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    Any Experienced Squidoo Marketers Please Help

    Hi Guys, Just a little help needed as i`m not sure if i`m doing something wrong with Squidoo, When i first started IM i built a few squidoo lenses on ... [read more]

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    How to Start Revenue Sharing Site?

    susinggih in Internet Marketing

    Actually how do we start a revenue sharing site? Anybody here who have experience managing a successful revenue sharing site will be very welcome to share Another thing, how could ... [read more]

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    How should space my posts

    DotMK in Internet Marketing

    Hi, In terms of posting in my blog, how far between posts should i wait? couple days? 1 a week? or doesnt matter

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    Anchor Text 403 error

    Hi This is my first attempt at article marketing. So i write my article and then construct the following Bio Box. For further information on any of the above topics ... [read more]

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    How much to offer for domain on first page of Google?

    Rega in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm just getting started with IM. After some research I found a domain that ranks #7 on the first page of Google. There is nothing else to it, it's ... [read more]

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    Bidding on Celebrity names LEGAL for adwords?

    I am sure this has probably been discussed before but it peaked my interest recently again. Basically the question is can celebrity names IE gary coleman, michael jackson be bid ... [read more]

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    Should i bother

    DotMK in Internet Marketing

    As a newbie (still am a newbie) i purchased a domain name around the words make money (wont tell you exactly for now) Should i bother building it? its only ... [read more]

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    .co domains.

    Is anyone else making a fuss about the .co extension other than 123-reg who I had an email off asking me to pre order my domains in this new extension?

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    Membership sites really make money still?

    Hi, im thinking of building a list in the niche of "how to improve your memory." In my free newsletter I will offer people exercises to improve their memory etc. ... [read more]

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    Stop The Rants And Make Money Update

    ewenmack in Internet Marketing

    No Rant, just more hardcore money getting info! Dog owners are looking for solutions for their dog's tick problems. Collars and potions are the answer. More demand than supply for ... [read more]

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    Secure Your Server From Any Hacker

    WillR in Internet Marketing

    I read a blog post today by Jonathan Leger that discussed the topic of server hacking. It seems his servers were compromised by hackers and it caused a lot of ... [read more]

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    What's a Good Affiliate Tracking System?

    B Set in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for an affiliate tracking system that can support a large network that tracks clicks, conversions, etc. I'm also looking for one that has very good reporting and is ... [read more]

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    Amazon - has this happened to anyone?

    abbie kye in Internet Marketing

    As I've just started out and seeing my results, i get excited checking my associate account once a day usually in the morning. I logged in this morning and it ... [read more]

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    Need Help with Multiple Streams Wordpress Theme

    jrmeyer in Internet Marketing

    Has anyone installed this Wordpress theme and not been able to see the graphics on the right hand side of the screen? :confused: After install, it won't show the Product ... [read more]

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    Easy way to make money with ClickBank with 0 investment!

    Icanwrite in Internet Marketing

    Hi Friends, I would like to share a step-by-step short guide through this thread on making money with Clickbank using article marketing. This is newbie friendly as it requires NO ... [read more]

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    Is anyone writing review type articles?

    I wanted to see if anyone does review type articles about new product launches? With all of the products we can market, I looking for someone who does reviews. I ... [read more]

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    Please need help with Website Tracking...

    Hi, I'm from the website Travel Insurance Guide - Compares over 1500 policies! . I would like to track what people search for using the cheapest policy/best cover options and ... [read more]

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    Need A Niche

    options in Internet Marketing

    Hello warriors.. I am in need of a niche to start making money, sounds famila doesnt it? I have a site at the moment which is doing very well and ... [read more]

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    GOD! what is wrong with this BLOG?

    gtsystems in Internet Marketing

    pls i need your opinion about this blog , pls tell me what is wrong with and what to do to improve .i need ur honest opinion on in it.

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    Need help understanding keyword research

    I have decided that I want to build a review site to sell Amazon products using the conduit method. I more or less understand the process from A to Z, ... [read more]

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    Free eBook Submission Site

    Hello Warriors, I just started internet marketing not quit long ago, and I have been doing article marketing and this has really helped generate a few sales. I am really ... [read more]

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    Traffic Equalizer Masters -Where Are You Now?

    There were people who used to make a small fortune using page generators several years ago and I remember the old Traffic Equalizer forum was alsways very active and informational. ... [read more]

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    The best internet marketing forums for business

    Hello guys, can you share some of the top and best internet marketing forums you are experienced with. I mean places which really helps to improve our business, relations and ... [read more]

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    Some of the Best and Most Popluar Marketing Gurus Also Own Porn Sites?

    I was shocked to learn about the special niches that some of our favorite Internet marketing gurus own. One of these SECRET niches is "Porn". If you haven't been living ... [read more]

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    Learn How A Newbie Can Establish Its Own Business With Really $0 In Its Pocket!

    IRichie in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Here I am going to tell in a very simple way how a newbie can start its own $200 monthly business with really $0 in pocket. I know that ... [read more]

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    blog commenting advice please

    yianni in Internet Marketing

    hi i am starting to do some blog commenting for some new sites i am finding when i use comment kahuna it gets be blogs that are do follow yet ... [read more]

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    How to Find Profitable Niche Markets [MY NICHE RESEARCH SYSTEM]

    Hey Warriors, This week I have seen many threads from people who don't know how to find a niche. So I made this video to help some newbies out. Please ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Web Designer please

    Hi everyone, I've been through the Warriors for hire section but there are so many posts there and none of them seem to meet my needs (they all seem to ... [read more]

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    WPMU or WP 3.0

    G'day So I'm a big fan of WPMU and have been running it on an offline membership site for a year now. With WP 3.0 Multi User about to hit ... [read more]

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    expert author?

    I had followed a post from days ago about a method of making money online that I hadn't considered. I gave it a go and decided to test it out. ... [read more]

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    Clickbank: Does using a URL shortening service mess up your hops/links?

    Hello, I did a quick search, but didn't find anything. So, if you use a URL shortening service such a or tiny url, does it still allow your link ... [read more]

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    Do videos without ANY controls tick you as much as me?

    Does video without controls convert better or does it tick you off as much as it does me? Couldn't even see how long the video was, sat there for about ... [read more]

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    Twilight Niche...

    Hey Everyone, I recently came upon a great domain name for the Twilight niche. I was so shocked that is was available, I had to spend the $7. So now ... [read more]

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    Domain Name Prices Will Increase on July 1

    I am sure this must have mentioned before but I couldn't find a related post. Anyway, if you haven't heard it yet know that the domain name registration and renewal ... [read more]

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    Own up- How many Paypal accounts do you actually have?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    You are only supposed to have 1 paypal account, right? (connected to 1 address) but many people have many. for many reasons. I spoke to somebody the other day who ... [read more]

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    advice on my site which promotes affiliate product(s) - two options with pros/cons

    csrpj in Internet Marketing

    i'm promoting a t-**** website... now i have a website, which i'm using instead of a straight affiliate link, b/c the my site has a catchy URL and want people ... [read more]

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    Getting more Flippa Hits?

    Hello, I'm trying to launch my first auction on flippa and I want it to be a success. I know I got a great site with great value there however ... [read more]

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    Frank Kern's List Control & Andy Jenkin's Video Boss = Kajabi

    I am amazed... I like to look at sales processes. ( I am a freak like that). I was noticing that these latest big time fancy pants launches had one ... [read more]

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    How to make a sub menu?

    Hello guys, Who among you here have used the flexx theme? Please help me on how to make a sub menu. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks, ... [read more]

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    Guidelines for filters in programs like MNF or Market Samurai?

    sridhar in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone kindly share the market guidelines you use when doing keyword research? Example: Exact Search Count > 999 Exact Phrase Match <= 100,000 The idea is to locate a ... [read more]

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    Amazon S3 : Big Files?

    Hi, I want to make my product a 3.5GB zip file available for download on my Amazon S3 account. But it seems that I'm can get the upload to complete ... [read more]

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    Stop The Rants And Make Money

    ewenmack in Internet Marketing

    No Rant, just hard core money getting stuff for ya. Right now Farmvillie is the biggest game on Facebook. Ten's of millions of people are playing it daily. Millions are ... [read more]

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    Paid member site change to FREE?

    theteach in Internet Marketing

    Dumb move? My traffic isn't exactly where I want it. I believe it is due to the fact that my niche (tutoring videos) is being offered everywhere online for free. ... [read more]

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    Can you make $10,000 per month after reading this?

    faridaziz in Internet Marketing

    All of us here are trying to make money. Some of us are already making a decent amount of money through IM and some others are still struggling. Only a ... [read more]

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    Article writing for Health Related Products

    Geoff A in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone does anyone write articles for Health related products e.g. ibs, anxiety, acne etc etc? If so what disclaimers are required in the article? cheers Geoff

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    Amazon Products As Free Bonuses During Launch - A Good Idea?

    I've been thinking about offering a physical book as a bonus during a launch of a relatively low-priced product (maybe $67). Say the first 50 or 100 people to order ... [read more]

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    Good conversion rate baselines...?

    jay061984 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I'm new to IM and I'm sure theres probably a quicker to describe this, but I'm not too sure how so i'm just going to explain... I wanted ... [read more]

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    Celebrity Affiliate

    Does anyone know of any celebrity affiliate sites that do not have anything to do with porn? I am looking for something that will appeal to a more female customer ... [read more]

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    Are My Site Colors Hurting Me?

    I've had someone tell me that the color scheme on my site is "not working for me." My wife would say it's because I'm "a guy," but I don't have ... [read more]

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    Seeking Advice - "Oil Spill" videos

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    Warriors, I have been doing promotional oil spill videos (showing the beaches are clean) for some condo associations on the gulf coast and have developed a huge following via youtube ... [read more]

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    any way to track who signs up with clickbank

    CDawson in Internet Marketing

    when you invite people to join clickbank? is there any way to see how many people you have reffered

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    What Style WP Theme For An IM Blog?

    Hey there, I'm getting ready to start a blog/website on my IM journey and how I've got to where I am today as well as what my FUTURE plans are ... [read more]

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    How do you spend your average Internet Marketing day?

    bertuseng in Internet Marketing

    Taking action and putting in hard work is the only way to succeed in internet marketing, but it would be interesting to know how much time you spend on which ... [read more]

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    Are conduit sites working for you?

    webatomic in Internet Marketing

    I've been reading through some of Chris Rempel's stuff and it does seem very compelling. I'd certainly like to dip my toe in these waters, but I'd like to know ... [read more]

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    Tip for when you buy products through affiliate links...

    Hey Warriors, An experience was brought back to my memory this morning which taught me a lesson I thought I'd share. You know how when big products are launched, the ... [read more]