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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Have you ever e-mailed/contacted the author of a paper book?

    I have hundreds of paper books, but I've never tried to contact the author of one of these books to ask him or her questions about the content of the ... [read more]

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    Ezine and other submission sites?

    xenter in Internet Marketing

    If you submit an article at ezine, you could still submit the same article at other submission sites correct? Is there an optimum number of websites you should submit your ... [read more]

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    Click bank products

    Jaz in Internet Marketing

    I was going to try and sell a click bank product. I was going to use the gravity attribute as it being a good product. Is that a good way, ... [read more]

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    Phpbb Support

    Hey all, I've been searching for phpbb info(using phpbb 3 btw) and I can't seem to get a few questions answered. Can anyone help me out? 1) How do I ... [read more]

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    How Effective Are Traffic Sites for IM?

    Hey Everyone, I was so hyped up by my earnings as an affiliate today that I sat down and typed out a 3,000 word guide for beginners in IM. I ... [read more]

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    Having technical issues don't know where to turn

    I am having a problem with my homepage. I am using firefox/ google search and my back browser button has disappeared on my tool bar. I have looked in tools. ... [read more]

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    How To Integrate Paypal Shopping Cart With Autorepsonder?

    Hello, I was wondering how to do that. Integrate paypal shopping cart with my autoresponder (I use EmailAces)... so that customers who buy my stuff, are automatically added to one ... [read more]

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    You're gonna LOVE this...

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    This is another update on my "Oil Spill" videos that I have been doing for the beaches of the Destin, Florida area... I have now been awarded ANYTIME access to ... [read more]

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    Does anyone know how to play with HTML?

    Sylviane in Internet Marketing

    Me and my partner in IM have our first Clickbank product all ready, but we are running into a technical problem with our sales page. The text appears all in ... [read more]

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    Amazon and Commission Structure

    inter123 in Internet Marketing

    Hi. If an Amazon product is promoted by a number of affliates, the user visits Amazon from a number of them and makes purchase the following day would all of ... [read more]

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    Marketing to non-competing business using posters

    I read a lot how using standard fliers, business cards and the like still hold true value with any offline business but does anyone use posters to market their products ... [read more]

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    How To Find Out Exactly How Many Copies Of A Clickbank product has been sold?

    Hey Warriors, Here's a question I have for you guys: How do I go about finding out the exact number or a close estimate of the number of copies of ... [read more]

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    How many newbies wish they found this forum year ago?

    And what are the biggest things you've taken away from here, implemented, and had success with? Be specific if you can. Talk about mindsets, programs you've found, other members (there ... [read more]

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    amember pro or idevspot isubscribe - which is better?

    SonnyKing in Internet Marketing

    wats up? I'm launching a video product (more like videos) and I wanted some membership type software that will protect them. I wanted to get amember pro to use to ... [read more]

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    What Is Something You WISH The "GURUS" Would Teach You?

    Hey Fellow warriors, just doing a little research for a product and wandered. What do you want to know? What is it that you are dying to know about building ... [read more]

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    An Idea I Don't Want Other People To Be Able To Capitalize On

    How do I do it..? I've come up with a f*cking unbelievable full-body exercise that builds muscle like nothing else and, at the same time, can be used to lose ... [read more]

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    My new gaming site

    Hi, a newboy warrior here with a question. I just purchased a gaming site and I'm not sure how to promote it. I have done article marketing in the past ... [read more]

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    Reviewazon help

    Ofthemix in Internet Marketing

    I know there are a lot of Reviewazon users out there so I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone has encountered the same problem. I just installed Reviewazon ... [read more]

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    Domain Give away

    ozduc in Internet Marketing

    I have a couple of domains that I registered a year ago and haven't done anything with. They have just expired and I thought I would see if any warriors ... [read more]

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    Hi Everyone, Can anyone share a huge list of sites like where in I can upload a pdf file to share with people? Does anyone as well know of ... [read more]

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    iContact question

    Rockmanfl in Internet Marketing

    (***sorry it's actually Icontact and it's 40 dollars, I was looking at the wrong package, sorry - still just a one time fee, no monthly fees***) Hi everyone, I have ... [read more]

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    is .info any good? Bit of advise please.

    jacolden in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I have found what I think is a good niche (at last) but I cant' get the dot com. I can get the .info. The way I am ... [read more]

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    Is There Any GOOD PLR?

    kemdev in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for a few sources for good PLR reports and such. But most of the stuff I've found is complete garbage. Does anyone know of any sources for good ... [read more]

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    HTML in Wordpress....some help, please!

    I've been working for a long time today (don't want to count the hours), on a one of my only two wordpress sites, and am going nuts with a bit ... [read more]

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    Video production advice

    Talltom1 in Internet Marketing

    hey everyone, I'm going to be doing a new series of video's in the immediate future, and my intention is to do the 'outdoor, infomercial' format of me talking. (I'm ... [read more]

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    Found something worth promoting. But how do I go about it?

    duality32 in Internet Marketing

    I recently started getting into Clickbank and I'm still trying to figure out how it really works. The product I found to promote looks promising, but I need a way ... [read more]

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    What's the quickest way to find the most popular/influential blogs in a niche?

    jonb in Internet Marketing

    Any tips on quick ways to find which blogs are the "power players" in a particular niche? Alexa? Alltop? Something else? thanks in advance......

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    Need help. Just did namecheap and hostgator

    ECWCock in Internet Marketing

    I'm following the directions trying to set up my new website on hostgator. The step I am stuck on is "Access Web Disk". I'm so new at this I don't ... [read more]

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    how would you do that ?

    Lorin in Internet Marketing

    greetings, i work for a small service company and we want to send an eMail to companies all over the country - how would you start this kind of project ... [read more]

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    Article Writing

    PeterT in Internet Marketing

    Is there any money in doing this if you like the research and acn put out a few quality articles a day

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    Lazy Cash Formula Verdict?

    Jordan JD in Internet Marketing

    I've been getting emails about this one. The landing page looks very promising but a google search for reviews gives mixed results: Lazy Cash Formula - Joel Johnson - ClickBank ... [read more]

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    Would this type of domain violate a trademark?

    spartanic in Internet Marketing

    I am considering promoting a cpa offer and will build a website around it however I'm debating about the domain name. Lets say that the cpa offer is a well ... [read more]

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    Anybody know where to get niche PLR videos?

    Carl-Reed in Internet Marketing

    I've been looking all over the place for some decent PLR videos which are outside of the make money online niche and can't find a thing... Do you know of ... [read more]

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    All Traffic Is NOT Created Equal

    I keep seeing all these new Social Media products/methods focusing on "traffic" and not on conversion goals. In my experience... the traffic you get from Social Media sites does not ... [read more]

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    Hosting multiple sites - how do you do it

    Hi, I'll just say I'm in the UK up front in case that makes a difference. So I have bought some web hosting that costs me £8 a month and ... [read more]

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    How Many Websites Make You Able To Achieve Your Targeted Living

    smokee in Internet Marketing

    Since I'm a newbie "not totally new" but still. So I was wondering that how many websites does a person should own to earn 5 or 6 figures income..!!

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    How many people...?

    I am reasonably satisfied with the numbers of people that sign up to my offers when I make them and I am not in the same league as the big ... [read more]

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    Facebook Thumbs up as a bribe?

    Hello I wondered if anyone was using this tactic, on this site ( Lease Option PowerPlays - 5 Lease Option Powerplays ) i signed up and it took me to ... [read more]

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    Checkout notification sent to two emails?

    Anyone know of a way for paypal to auto-notify two email addresses for receipt of payment?

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    Need 4 Articles written very quickly

    Need 4 275 word articles written quickly. I don't have much money, so if you can do these on the lower end, I will promise more work in the future. ... [read more]

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    Advice wanted for my sites

    markybee0 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I am new to making money on the internet and would appreciate any advice on my websites. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated like site design,traffic,search engine rankings,ect. ... [read more]

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    Clickbank - What is the better way...and something else...

    MagicAce in Internet Marketing

    Alright so I am looking into using clickbank as a surse of revenue. Should I become an affiliate and promote products or should I write my own product on a ... [read more]

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    Whats the best press release site?

    ske11 in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone recommend a good for SEO press release site that charges per month not per press release. I have a number of sites that I would like to do ... [read more]

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    Should I submit to EZA first?

    Adrianne_ in Internet Marketing

    I've written several articles that I will submit to about 10 directories and blogs for backlinks. I have 5 articles waiting to be approved by EZA. If I go ahead ... [read more]

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    erasing everything on laptop

    I am trying to format drive C on my laptop. I put this at C:\> c: It is working, however it is doing a percent a day. I don't ... [read more]

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    Advice wanted for my sites

    markybee0 in Internet Marketing

    post deleted ,i posted twice

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    Newbie needs advice on Blog

    Okay guys I need a little advice... Now I'm not even close to being done hints they're no posts and the header image is too big so take that into ... [read more]

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    Some Cool Frank Kern Music

    He has some cool beats in his promo vid's, anyone know a good place to get hold of some stock music of this quality? Thanks.

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    Clickbank Order Submit Count

    digijam in Internet Marketing

    Lately I have noticed that my CB sales have dried up. There was one product in particular that I sell quite a bit of. Since my sales have gone quiet ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Membership Upsell

    Hey guys, I have a question. I have a front end product I want to sell from a sales page, as normal. However, I'd like to offer a one-time, one ... [read more]

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    Is the $1 Dollar Membership Sign Up Worth It?

    quiescen in Internet Marketing

    Hello fellow warriors, I'm thinking of trying the $1 dollar membership sign up. You know, where they can try my stuff out for a week before commiting to the full ... [read more]

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    Article marketing - backlinks and directories?

    Hi! I'm new to article marketing. I have just made my first sale using it and are very exited about that. Started out a few weeks ago. I have submitted ... [read more]

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    Need some help

    gregmuzz in Internet Marketing

    Hi, as the old saying says if you dont ask you dont get. : ) I am fairly new to affiliate marketing say about 6 months on and off, i ... [read more]

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    How to get visitors to buy?

    Hi, I am new here. We are getting a lot of hits on our website and lots of page views, the stats for the site tell me all sorts of ... [read more]

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    How Many Days do Blog /Rss Directories take to ACCEPT ?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    How many rough days do blog directories, and RSS directories take to Accept/reject your blog feed? I know it depends per site, but approximately.....on them lists of 100 blog Directory ... [read more]

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    China payment processing

    highbrid in Internet Marketing

    Hello all, Does anyone here have experience with paypal china? or other chinese payment processing providers? If so, were you able to use your english paypal account with paypal china? ... [read more]