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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    selling stuff before you create it?

    xposed in Internet Marketing

    I just watched the video at The Interactive Offer Thought is was wicked cool, but I was wondering if you guys think it actually works?

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    Butterfly Marketing Plugin for Wordpress?

    Anyone out there know of a butterfly marketing plug in for wordpress? Or if you're a programmer. Can you please create one? Thanks....

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    How to market a country music radio show?

    frankm in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys! My brother is a dj with an Irish radio station, and as a sideline he produces a countdown of the top 20 american country music chart. See American ... [read more]

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    That is what stopped me from earning alot of $$ !

    hii i have really big proplem , i donot know if this the place of my proplem or not ,but i hope so . first . i have website that ... [read more]

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    how do i get traffic from facebook or twitter

    hello warriors i'm a newbie here.i want to know how i can drive traffic from facebook and twitter to my website?thanks

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    Google Reader - How Do You Avoid Splogs?

    Hi Warriors Looking for some advice about Google Reader & Blog Commenting. Basically I've set up the reader to tell me about new blog posts with my keywords. The plan ... [read more]

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    Can I Make Some Money From This System?

    This is my problem ,Warriors. I bought a website - about 6 months ago. Please have a look at the site . (I am unable to put a link ... [read more]

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    business online is better or working in real world ?

    mt33 in Internet Marketing

    most people are making money through business online I'd like to know working in real world has more income or working in business online ? thanks

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    Affiliate Software & Amember

    I am currently using amembers built in affiliate tracking software it works but that is about it. I want to add a good quality affiliate software that will hook into ... [read more]

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    My Vendor's webiste is suspended - now what?

    Quilst in Internet Marketing

    How often do you guys/girls experience this things? It's first time it happened to me. I just started a PPC campaing and was wondering why the sales went down the ... [read more]

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    Awesome- 11 Marketing Realities of 2010 By Perry Marshall

    This is definitely a page I have bookmarked. You can read the whole thing at 11 Realities of Marketing in 2010 However, I love the first point he made so ... [read more]

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    Power Site vs Mini Sites

    Hey Warriors, I have always been a fan of fewer, more powerful websites. However I am not looking at something that would be having different niches. Question; do I Build ... [read more]

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    Need Some Warrior Advice

    zeoul in Internet Marketing

    I need some advice from the many warriors who have had success in affiliate marketing. I am wondering if you would be able to critique my website. This is my ... [read more]

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    Read More Tag On Blogs Or Do Without For Blogs And Seo

    Read More Tag On Blogs Or Do Without For Blogs And Seo I recently started adding the read more tags to my blog posts to shorten them up but I ... [read more]

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    Regarding 'Bum Marketing'

    A lot of people are taken in by this name. Well, I hate to break it to you, but bums don't make money. The only people that are making money ... [read more]

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    Cluster Website Hosting??

    Hey I am in no way affiliated with the company I am about to mention.. In fact I have my own hosting company and this will damage sales lol. I ... [read more]

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    Whats The Best IM Software To Promote In Your Opinion?

    Whats The Best IM Software To Promote In Your Opinion? I am looking for a few more ideas of a few products that would be good converters for the IM ... [read more]

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    Google Wonderwheel Made of?

    NMP in Internet Marketing

    Hi The structure of Google wonder-wheel, do anyone know how they structured it and why. Is it based on amount of web pages per keyword or... Thanks, Daniel

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    HipHop Music Site???

    Well after researching niche after niche, I have decided I wanted to build a hip hop website as I enjoy looking up/listening to music. I have a friend that is ... [read more]

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    What is The best way to do affiliate marketing

    pwr47 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Fellow warriors, can anybody please please shed some light on the best way to do affiliate marketing. Is it article writing if so how many articles do i need ... [read more]

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    Tell-a-Friend With a Twist?

    I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this. Is there a Tell-a-Friend plugin for WordPress (or something that'll work on a WP blog) that allows you to either: ... [read more]

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    Passive Income with internet marketing is this truly possible?

    robonline in Internet Marketing

    Hello to you all. As I am exploring various internet marketing business models, I am wondering if this business environment that is continuously evolving, could produce a sustainable passive income. ... [read more]

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    Google Just Cost Businesses A LOT Of Money...

    Matt.Lake in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Haha - I just overheard the news on TV and apparently Google's little tribute to Pac Man the other day (which many people commented on here) cost businesses ... [read more]

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    Your Recent Order

    tecHead in Internet Marketing

    I like to pay attention to what the Big Boys are doing, a lot. They have the big teams and consultant's budget that I don't; so why not piggyback off ... [read more]

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    Squeeze page from SEO traffic? How?!

    Branlan17 in Internet Marketing

    I was just wondering, how do I do a squeeze page from seo traffic. Do I have to take a more "present some information first then ask for the opt ... [read more]

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    VPS... Who Do You Recommend?

    Hey Warriors, I am currently with ______ hosting company and it seems that they can't hackers from hacking into my VPS. I am looking for a VPS that takes pride ... [read more]

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    Quick UAW Plugin question...

    Do you need to have a membership to UAW in order to get the UAW plugin to work? Sounds like a stupid question... but I was told that you DO ... [read more]

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    Please critique my method of bum marketing (and a question about niche saturation)

    Hello All, I know that a new affiliate marketer who doesn’t know how to or have the resources to create a product is limited to marketing other peoples existing products. ... [read more]

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    ELO, bit of 'confusion'

    Sorry for misunderstanding. Tried to make a very important point, but used a real life example and because of the nature of my message, came across very hypocritical which I ... [read more]

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    need some help in configuring WP plugins

    Can warriors please help me configure the following plugins more efficiently if anyone has used them or maybe suggest me some better ones.Most of them do not have clear instructions ... [read more]

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    Here's How To Create Drama, Then Give The Solution

    A 46-second story. We love stories. The power of drama in selling. YouTube - Aspirin Cardio Advertisement (sad vase...

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    Best Adsense Plugin?

    Hi I've been using Adsense Manager for a while and I like it a lot. But it seems that it's now switched to Advertiser Manager and I'm not too fond ... [read more]

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    Affiliate text links dofollow? nofollow?

    Carol01 in Internet Marketing

    another newbie question. Do you make affiliate text links no-follow?

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    How do I create a Forum?

    simonj007 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I have an idea and want to create a forum - what is the best software for creating a forum? I've only ever created a free forum years ... [read more]

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    How they made £800 by telling me to go elsewhere

    The other day our TV started making a strange noise when we switched over to HD channels.. like static/white noise - but only from HD channels. I like to support ... [read more]

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    Mass Control/PFL style launch timescale?

    Hey guys, Just wondering does anyone know what sort of timescales the pro-product launchers work to? I understand there is the whole list building process but from the moment of ... [read more]

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    Why is phrase match bigger than broad match?

    jdjenkins in Internet Marketing

    Hope this isn't a duplicate question; I've done a quick search, but didn't see anything similar....... I've been looking at a number of keywords recently and been surprised about the ... [read more]

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    need help on promoting this sport related product

    kinwall in Internet Marketing

    i just created ablog on a sport related niche in clicbank. please i need help onthe best way to drive traffic to the blog

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    outsourcing email support question

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    hi, for those of you who have multiple websites and multiple niches, how do you outsource customer support? i see lots of internet marketers use a software for customer tickets... ... [read more]

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    rovad in Internet Marketing

    I usually don't need to ask question about "technicalities" like this, but I'm really confused about getting paid from this network. It says it pays through PayPal, I have a ... [read more]

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    Allen - Tornado Profit System?

    Hey guys, I see allen promoting this new Tornado system in the forum anyone got it yet and is it a subscription type of system, where we pay a monthly ... [read more]

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    Frank Kern Pdf Funny observation

    kyhell in Internet Marketing

    ok im by no means blasting Frank. I love what he does and the information ive gotten from the guy has helped tons but..... I received an email from him ... [read more]

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    email sending questions on a dedicated server

    zoobie in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors I am not sure I should put this topics here but I have a client that want to sent a website that can send like 100,000 emails per ... [read more]

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    Compressing MP3's or Making things smaller

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was an easy way to make mp3 downloads smaller. I have just finished recording about 7 hours of audio which is the audio ... [read more]

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    Yahoo Buzz, Google News....

    I want to take a news article that was interesting to me and write about it for Hubpages or Xomba. If I make some adsense, fine, if not, okay. My ... [read more]

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    Google TV

    Hello, Google is partnering with Sony and Intel to release the Google TV Google TV

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    Where can I find this sale-boosting software?

    I have to admit that I have not kept up with the latest technologies. But I noticed a lot of sites have those messages when a visitor exits, that says, ... [read more]

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    Question About My Site, EZA, And Indexing! : )

    Branlan17 in Internet Marketing

    So here's the thing. Attached to my landing/opt-in page I have a blog where I post two new articles per day (I'm up to about 30 pages of content now). ... [read more]

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    Any thoughts on membership site pricing?

    kongming in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I'm up to launching a membership site soon, but is now stuck on pricing. I'd love to hear your opinions. Many thanks in advance! It's a brand new ... [read more]

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    nostalgic, was one of the first products online.

    Hello, just something I seen and it brought back a lot of memories. I just seen on ebay that is for sale on ebay. Many of you who have ... [read more]

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    How Many Of You Have Hired Content Writers Before?

    theleader in Internet Marketing

    I am pretty nervous. Here's why: Hiring a content writer who does a great job as required is tough to find. I know what you might say: You always get ... [read more]

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    Are You a James Brown 'Hit It & Quit' Marketer?

    tecHead in Internet Marketing

    For your entertainment... YouTube - James Brown - E I Feel Good They called James Brown "the hardest working man in showbiz", but he also coined the phrase "Hit It ... [read more]

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    What font is this?

    Hi guys, My mind is drawing a blank. Does anyone know what font is used for the logo of stickybits below or at least what fonts with a white outline ... [read more]

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    Can't Embed A JW Player Into Dreamweaver ..HELP!

    HI Guys, I'm probably doing something stupidly wrong but I'm trying to embed a video I just uploaded to 'bitsontherun' into dreamweaver and I can't seem to get it to ... [read more]

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    Yahoo Answers - Where do you put your Answer?

    gr101 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've written a blog post and am doing a bit of link building. On Yahoo Answers I can see someone has asked a question (I'm logged in) and 4 ... [read more]

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    payment process with paypal for limited number of seats

    Ok so a little background. I'm the founder of a paranormal investigative team here in my state. We've existed for years and have done many cases and events. This year ... [read more]