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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Convert Amazon earnings to buy your laptop or PCs?

    Hi, just a quick question: Have anyone convert your amazon earnings to buy your electronics such as laptop, PC, digital cameras, camcorders etc? I'm thinking of getting a camcorder using ... [read more]

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    How Do You Determine...

    lcombs in Internet Marketing

    How much to charge for advertising on a site? The traffic for my site is growing at an alarming rate. How do I determine how much to charge for ads? ... [read more]

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    Increase Traffic

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer any suggestions for my forum as far as what I should do to increase traffic. Thanks

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    BrainCopy in Internet Marketing

    I thought this was awesome! you can literally play Pacman on Google. they are celebrating Pacman's 30th anniversary. Best Regards, UFG

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    Looking for article writers - right now, let's chat!

    Ben Roy in Internet Marketing

    If you provide article writing services for other marketers (or whoever I guess, I'm not that picky) I'd love to chat with you on Skype for just a couple minutes. ... [read more]

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    The warrior forum helped me sell an ebook!

    Hey I know it was only one sale, but it was a sale nonetheless. It wasn't even a WSO. Someone bought an ebook from looking at my sig file. I ... [read more]

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    madscots in Internet Marketing

    I have noticed through the years articles, ebooks, reports, even some websites that are either not written very well, or are obviously not written by someone whose first language is ... [read more]

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    Writing SEO friendly Articles?

    freezzo in Internet Marketing

    I think I must be missing something when I am putting together my articles. Here is the scenario. I find a keyword in adwords keyword tool that gets 800k searches ... [read more]

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    Need Tutorial on Setting up Instant Download Page

    ijohnson in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Fellow Warriors: I've done a search but can't find anything that addresses my issue. I need to set up an instant download page for a report I want to ... [read more]

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    How to let ezine know

    Vanquish in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I want to start posting articles to my blogs first and then to article directories but I don't want ezine to ban my account all of a sudden ... [read more]

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    why are my subscribers not confirming?

    Nickel in Internet Marketing

    I'm getting really frustrated with this list building thing. I have a sign up for a newsletter on my website. I've had several people sign up but NO confirmations. Not ... [read more]

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    rotating phone number script

    Domb in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, hope you are well. I just wondered if anyone knew of a script which would enable me rotate two contact phone numbers on a website. Basically my brother ... [read more]

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    This Would Help Us Make Money

    Thomasz in Internet Marketing

    ....And also make our lives great I have posted this before. Without success unfortunately I want this post to become a helper to me and other warrior members. Since I ... [read more]

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    Any PHP experts? I would appreciate your help

    ivana in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I am getting this error on one of my sites. and I cannot seem to fix it I've tried everything I found on WP forums. But nothing helps. ... [read more]

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    Are you using landing pages properly?

    Landing Page Success Strategies Equally identified by the “name squeeze page” or “lead capture page”, you actually can easily build up your subscriber list by simply funneling all of your ... [read more]

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    Is upgrading on flippa really worth it?

    smolodoy in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if upgrading your listing on flippa really worth it? I'm selling one of my ecommerce store and don't you think people will find it ... [read more]

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    Market Samurai KWR Filter Settings

    Hi, I have found a micro niche market as a newbie I would like to know what the filter settings I would put in market samurai to get a decent ... [read more]

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    Choose the right niche to make things MUCH EASIER.

    petelta in Internet Marketing

    Since getting involved in the internet marketing niche, I've gotten a ton of emails from new and "used" internet marketers that aren't seeing the results they want. They would like ... [read more]

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    Creating A Product

    I am considering creating a product, but am a bit stumped on what to create :p. Where would you recommend I start? Are there any good resources for finding what ... [read more]

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    Hello from LA

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the forum. I saw all the activity in this forum and couldn't resist to join! Looking forward to xchanging money ... [read more]

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    Does posting a Wordpress PAGE send out pings?

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm trying to get a definitive answer...when I post a PAGE in Wordpress (not a POST) does it trigger the ping services in my dashboard? I have ... [read more]

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    A URL Question - How Long Is TOO Long

    Ive been doing some keyword research for a specific niche and ive found some great long tail keywords. One of them gets a suprisingly high number of searches [exact] and ... [read more]

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    looking for a digital access pass blackbelt (good exposure)

    Hello, So I'm running a coaching program right now on membership sites, and my members are hungry for stuff about digital access pass. I could learn it from scratch or ... [read more]

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    Confused about "unlimited" hosting - please advise

    willoh in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I would really appreciate some advice on picking my first hosting plan. I only have a wordpress free blog that I will migrate, and grand IM plans for the ... [read more]

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    Aweber Code on WP Blog Not Showing

    rashamba in Internet Marketing

    I am getting frustrated here and need some advice. I am almost done and for some reason the text widget I am trying to add to new WP blog is ... [read more]

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    My List is not responsive, please help

    tush in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors, Just wondering what I could be doing wrong. I have a small list of about 500 subscribers. The problem is, I don't seem to be making alot of ... [read more]

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    How do I setup my phone customer service?

    SirLucius in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for a savvy way to setup the customer service phone line for my business. I want to have an 800 or regular phone number on my landing page ... [read more]

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    Help Need Money

    warriors please lead in the right path i need some cash to help me and my family out asap i lost my job and does anyone know of any programs ... [read more]

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    [WP] Automatically delete unused tags.

    Hey Warriors. In my blog, I've like 500 tags with 0 posts. How do I delete them all at once? Thanks Karan

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    Any interest in these niches?

    timpears in Internet Marketing

    I was curious about the interest in some niches I have been working on. I put together some articles for three niches that I wanted to build blogs on. I ... [read more]

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    Is this idea worth doing?Advice Needed Please

    blueclcl in Internet Marketing

    Hi I have a domaine name that can cover a few different niches,my idea is to build a blog and have several sub domane blogs instead of just seperating them ... [read more]

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    Do splash page really work ?

    noghost31 in Internet Marketing

    ok I been working on marketing for a little while now and have actually created my first splash page for a backlinking web services that is complete free to submit ... [read more]

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    Is It True That Backlink Offers Have Been Banned From This Forum?

    Someone said in another thread (which was a wso for backlinks) that the Warrior Forum has banned all backlink offers. Is that true? How come? Thanks Steve

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    Screenflow users - help needed

    Hi guys, I'm using Screenflow on my iMac now (love the software). I'm having a problem though. This is really the only thing I hate about screenflow. They do not ... [read more]

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    Anyone here uses an exit popup?

    viane in Internet Marketing

    Is it effective ? Does it piss off your visitors ?

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    How To Create A Facebook Ad For Affiliate Links?

    theleader in Internet Marketing

    Okay, first question: DOES facebook allow direct linking to affiliate lead capture pages and product's sales pages from a facebook ad? What are the do's and don'ts for facebook ads? ... [read more]

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    AYOBAMI in Internet Marketing

    dear warrior forum administrator, i am somebody got trainned as computer engineering but, but i want to engage in real internet business, so i need ur support thanks.

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    Don't Take Legal Advice Here...

    admin in Internet Marketing

    This has been said a number of times here but many people still don't seem to listen. I just read a post that if listened to could and most certainly ... [read more]

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    WP Plugin that will grab an image?

    pogul in Internet Marketing

    Hi Folks - I've been googling around today (btw, love the Pac Man logo/game on Google today - but it's killing my productivity!! lol) - anyway - googling around and ... [read more]

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    Howie Schwartz ...?

    I get a lot of his emails, and they come like spam the majority of the time. I've been doing some research on him and I was wondering ... does ... [read more]

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    Domain names for landing sites - .us, .info and other TLDs ok?

    What are your thoughts on using other domain TLDs like .us, .info and others? Is it more important to have a good domain with keywords or better to have .com?

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    Is Headway a good WP Theme?

    I'm looking for a good WP Theme that can be easily customized and offers clean layouts. I've considered Thesis but have read that it can be difficult to use. I ... [read more]

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    Privacy/Terms/Disclosure Pages

    Sco in Internet Marketing

    What's the fastest way to add these pages to a Wordpress site? Right now, I use Footer Stuff plugin for footer links and manually create pages to link to. I ... [read more]

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    Selling Services

    Jon Tees in Internet Marketing

    I would like to begin charging people for my data entry/clerical type services, but am not sure if for one thing anyone would actually pay me to do these things. ... [read more]

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    Can a clickbank success URL contain data parameters?

    absbica in Internet Marketing

    was wondering if it supported something like maybe in clickbank it looks like ?

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    Internet Marketing Seminars

    Good Day Warriors. I am interested in attending an Internet Marketing seminar. I just found out about the Earn 1K a Day seminar and I am not going to be ... [read more]

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    .com v v .org etc

    the_icon in Internet Marketing

    Hey all Just a wee quickie here lol. Without giving too much away I have found a domain name which isn't ranking well for the .com, although the site looks ... [read more]

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    What to develop an online keyword research tool for members

    AzzamS in Internet Marketing

    Hi All, Not sure which section of the forum I need to post this in. I want to create a keyword research tool [or by a script] to host in ... [read more]

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    PPV network that takes Paypal?

    Good day my fine fellow warrior friends! Now I know this one might be a tough one, but I thought I would ask anyways! Does anyone know a PPV network ... [read more]

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    Cease and Desist notice - where to find wording

    rosetrees in Internet Marketing

    Some low down, miserable **** of a pondlife has added my WSO as a freedownload to an ebook site. I have attempted to contact the site and also the hosts. ... [read more]

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    Paypal- can we change our profile Name ?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    With paypal, can we change our profile name? in a personal account?

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    Checking for IP Diversity

    Xebec in Internet Marketing

    Is there a way to have Google display the IP address for each of the listings? I've read that when looking for backlinks, you want IP Diversity, but I have ... [read more]

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    Wish gmail would support more than 5 pop3 accounts :(

    Wide in Internet Marketing

    Got quite a lot of domains and have like 1-3 mails per domains. Using gmail for all my personal (and a few business) mails. Do you guys use gmail for ... [read more]

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    How about blogging on myspace?

    franamico in Internet Marketing

    How about blogging on myspace? I was working on my site today and I realized that there are so many things that you can do with your blog. Any thought?

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    How Should I Build Simple Local Sites?

    I have a number of local businesses interested in having me design and implement a unique marketing strategy I developed. This involves the use of fairly simple minisites. The problem ... [read more]