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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Web hosting + Domain = $10 / 1 year

    mojojuju in Internet Marketing

    I just saw this in PCWorld magazine and thought it would be good for somebody wanting to get a web site going for just 10 bucks. I've never tried Nexx ... [read more]

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    Anyone Know Of Any Coachs?

    timber in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors; I'm in need of some 1 on 1 coaching, someone to look at my sites and tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to change it, yet ... [read more]

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    I want to provide services such as web design and article serices

    I want to provide services such as web design and installation, article writing, content creation, SEO services, backlinks services and header footer designs. Where should I start?

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    How do you go about looking for niches?

    werner77 in Internet Marketing

    Hi I am a bit stuck at the moment, i need to get some more ideas on where or how to look for niches. I normally look at the new ... [read more]

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    Keynote Themes for Video

    I use a Mac (lucky me!) and want to use Keynote to create the slideshow presentation that I'll capture onto Camtasia for a sales page. Anyone know of a good ... [read more]

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    Hello, As a newbie, I am continually looking for ways to advertise my pips sites. I found one potential answer in hosting FFA sites. The price is reasonble and consists ... [read more]

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    Shopping cart solution - Paypal friendly

    Hey guys, Ive just had a quick look through some search results here, but Im a little lost. Not quite sure what Im looking for and hopeful that others here ... [read more]

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    Buy Domains Quickly

    EndGame in Internet Marketing

    Recently myself and my friend/ business partner have done a couple days worth of research last week to find some keyword rich domain names we could purchase to put affiliate ... [read more]

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    Why Have Warrior Friends?

    Raydal in Internet Marketing

    I'm at a loss for a purpose for the "friends" feature of the forum. I get friends requests and accept most, if not all of them, but for what reason. ... [read more]

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    Recommendation for article writing AND submission service?

    ak2000 in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone recommend a service that would write articles as well as submit them for me? Essentially articles would be produced for a set of keywords, I'd review them and ... [read more]

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    How to hire responsible self managed people?

    2gts in Internet Marketing

    Hello warriors! So our company has been growing to a point where we can afford to hire a few people. The problem is me, as well as the other partners ... [read more]

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    I said goodbye to windows

    so i took the plunge my pc was totally messed up, so i decided i'd install linux on my "old" (18 months old) laptop wow so far so good, full ... [read more]

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    German authority wordpress site ?

    gregsie74 in Internet Marketing

    A friend wants to make authority site using wordpress, self hosted ( as blogger was too simple and not enough design) 1 does anyone have any advice with the cheapest ... [read more]

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    app coders

    does any one know some app coders for facebook or iphone for a good price i looked in the warriors for hire forum but i didnt find any

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    How to track keywords for "Adsense For Domains"?

    Johnny in Internet Marketing

    Recently I have done some house keeping for my domains, and decided to parked some under Goolge "Adsense For Domains" More about Adsense For Domains at Google AdSense for Domains ... [read more]

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    Video Marketing -- Need Techie Video Help!

    Hi Warriors, Ok, I pushed aside my fears and shot my first video of myself using my Flip camera. Now I want to edit the video in Sony Vegas 9. ... [read more]

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    Nobody knows the advantage Turboautoresponder ..

    Turboautoresponder title company can aweber to know the advantages and disadvantages turboautoresponder ..

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    How to create RSS feed on my website?

    magnus1 in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, I realise wordpress has this built in, but how do I create one on a normal website - without too much technical difficulty? Also, where do I install ... [read more]

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    Are Link Magnets Still Effective?

    ripley607 in Internet Marketing

    I bought this WSO in january and it's been a steep learning curve for me but i'm ready to start my seo stuff now by using these link magnets as ... [read more]

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    Can anybody help me out please guys? WP super cache problem

    hey guys, i just changed hosts and moved a few blogs from my old host to my new one, the problem is that the WP supercache plugin appears to be ... [read more]

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    How do you copyright your site?

    franamico in Internet Marketing

    When people write copyright 20...All Rights Reserved at the bottom of their pages, does it mean they registered the site? How does the all process work?

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    Why must i have a blog?

    So i have always been under the assumption that having a blog linked to your website is a MUST, i say assumption becasue many people have said do it or ... [read more]

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    "Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademark", what's your opinion?

    maxp76 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everybody, today I've read the "Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademark", that you can find here This part took my eyes: " Don't: Use Twitter in the name ... [read more]

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    Blogger placement

    Hey Guys, It's probably really simple but some advice would be appreciated please. I am ressurecting an old blog and would like a particular post to be displayed, when someone ... [read more]

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    SEO Quake - Robo: yes/No

    zenji in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I notice on my SEO bar that my site has "Robo: No" What does this mean and how can I get a "yes"? Thanks, zenji

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    Any good dedicated server?

    zoobie in Internet Marketing

    any good dedicated server provider you recommend warriors? The server is for a jobs search portal with large amount of database and backup with privacy data or encryption. Sees if ... [read more]

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    Anyone on Turbo Traffic Secret webinar last night?

    Voyager64 in Internet Marketing

    Morning all, Just wanted to ask what people thought of the Turbo Traffic Secret webinar last night? After the 2 bits of free content over the last few days in ... [read more]

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    Is it possible that keyword research could be just a tad bit overrated?

    First of all please don't misunderstand my statement, I fully understand the power of keyword research. Please allow me to further explain. If you were to start a blog in ... [read more]

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    OFFLINE QUESTIONS.... please help

    jstarx in Internet Marketing

    Hey my name is jason. A few months ago, i jumped into the whole IM thing. I've spent hours everyday article marketing, working on a blog. Giving myself a crash ... [read more]

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    Free 7 day IM course

    guzzi333 in Internet Marketing

    Came across this site. There is 7 day course on IM. Every day you need to watch a 20-30 minutes video Ewen Chia - Internet Marketing Guru and Expert Affiliate ... [read more]

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    Do you have trouble falling asleep at night after working on your computer? Here's a solution

    ronr in Internet Marketing

    I often find when I work on my computer before I go to bed I don't fall asleep at as fast. I read an article on how the color temperature ... [read more]

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    3D Video coming your way

    I'm sure you guys have heard about the "3D" t.v. So... what do you think about 3D monitors, & then 3D digital cameras that record everything in stereoscopic view, so ... [read more]

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    Please be honest

    Anthony K in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors ive had this website up for the last 2 months Student Cover Letter Last month I had around 5000 visitors (4700) were unique. The average they stayed on ... [read more]

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    Aweber vs. Getresponse - Deliverability?

    ak2000 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone has any view on which one of these 2 email services offers better email deliverability? Have been with both (currently with GR) and they seem the same but an ... [read more]

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    How To Make You Tube Links Clickable Again

    Hey Warriors, It took me 3 hours on Friday to figure this out and my outsource team had to change a bunch of our video descriptions, but it can be ... [read more]

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    Do You Lose Track of Who's Who in Internet Marketing?

    I have to say I can't remember who most of the internet marketers I'm receiving mail from are. I once put together a long list of names to figure out ... [read more]

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    Domain Reddits

    Hi, Been a lurker around here for awhile, and notice there is tons of great advice given constantly. Warriors rock! So I'm trying to build back links for my website, ... [read more]

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    Website Givaways!

    Jaysmyne in Internet Marketing

    Hey All! Do the fact that I am required to pull out of internet marketing I'm giving away all the sites on my namecheap account that I could not sell. ... [read more]

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    Article Directories and Multiple Accounts

    Klunne in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I'm looking for advice on Pen Names/Multiple Article Directory Accounts. I create @dsense sniper sites and use articles for backlinks. I want to use a separate pen name ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fan Pages & Amazon S3

    jimbo3891 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know a good way to put a video that you've uploaded to Amazon S3 on your Facebook Fan Page? Putting YouTube and Vimmeo videos is pretty simple because ... [read more]

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    Have you had success with wp mu blogs?

    franamico in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've worked really hard at creating content for about 10 wordpress multi-user blogs. I posted 3-4 articles/blog and added links to my blogger. However, I having very poor results... ... [read more]

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    [Free Report] Electronic Cigarette Niche | Looking For Feedback Please

    This is my first real solid attempt at an e-book/report. It's contains everything I've learned about affiliate marketing electronic cigarettes and how I built my e-cig affiliate business to the ... [read more]

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    Easiest, Fastest Way To Get A Custom Twitter Background?

    SeanyG in Internet Marketing

    The title says it all. I want to design a new background for my twitter page and I am not a designer! Any advice on a quick, low cost way ... [read more]

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    Looking for a Wordpress compatible Survey script...

    I am looking for a fully featured wordpress compatible survey script. Does any Warrior know of such a script and how stable/reliable it is? Thanks James

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    Which outsource force do you prefer to use?

    cswjohnni in Internet Marketing

    I personally use, and for some of my article writings. Just want to check if someone here have better suggestion on article writing outsourcing or better ROI ... [read more]

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    HELP! relationship niche ecover design for my ebook

    still need help with ecover design. I'm writing an ebook that's in the dating/ relationship niche. The title is linked to the recent Tiger Woods scandal, so I'm having a ... [read more]

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    Best way to unload 150 autoblog domains?

    Hi Warriors. Over the past 6 months, I threw myself into an autoblogging WSO that didn't pan out for me. Now, I'm sitting here with approx. 150 domains on which ... [read more]

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    Business idea? 15 year old creates facebook fan club for local business.

    ronr in Internet Marketing

    It seems only natural that Bungart wanted to show his support for his bakery on Facebook. But when he tried to become a fan or friend of the bakery online, ... [read more]

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    Developing A Relationship With Your List: Lead Nurturing vs. Churn & Burn

    We hear a lot of discussion about "developing a relationship with your list." It gets said frequently, but I also see a lot of people questioning what that really means. ... [read more]

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    Spin Percentage for Magic Article Rewriter

    Any MAR users here? What spin % do you shoot for when preparing an article for rewrites? Thanks in advance! Jeff

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    Is this good or bad?

    I put up my blog a few months ago and then I decided to look through Google to see what page it was appearing. I found my blog but 2 ... [read more]

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    Charge clients in USD or not?

    Hi, I have a business helping local/small businesses with online marketing solutions in Australia and currently charge my clients in AUD, but because I use a few outsourcing services that ... [read more]

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    Can someone check the keyword 'Internet Marketing Tools' for me? It's wierd....

    Warriors, Can someone else confirm that the exact match results for 'internet marketing tools' is 301k global? It doesn't make much sense... How can a 3 phrase term beat the ... [read more]

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    Testimonials that Scroll Down with the User?

    momo3 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know of a script where I can have testimonials that follow the user as they scroll down the page? You know how some people have testimonials in the ... [read more]

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    Optimize a page or start a new site on a new domain?

    ajm5050 in Internet Marketing

    Hello all, I asked this question on couple of different forums but I didn't really get an answer I was looking for, hopefully someone here can help me. I have ... [read more]

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    Thanks - Help Found

    LogoNerds in Internet Marketing

    EDIT: Thanks everyone for the PM's... I believe we have it all working now