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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    1st or 2nd Class Stamp?

    Hi there, I'm about to launch first direct marketing campaign where you send your prospects a lift letter directing them to a website. My question is related to the following: ... [read more]

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    Does any Article Marketing sercive do this?

    If anyone knows an all in one done for you solution to the following 10 steps that would be a great to everyone who reads this thread I'm sure. 1. ... [read more]

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    I really need your help about RSS.

    Hi warriors, I am just a newbie and this question might be very basic. I have a website and I placed an rss icon, but I have no idea what ... [read more]

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    Did you back up your hard drive?

    lexilexi in Internet Marketing

    A friend of mine just lost their main drive. Nothing backed up. The awesome drivesavers were able to get 97% recovery - and were' talking several years professional work here... ... [read more]

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    Niche marketing questions

    Hi everyone, I brought a wso about niche marketing, and I have follow the guru instruction to use blog, submit articles, lens, social bookmarking etc, and I also brought all ... [read more]

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    Finding PLR ebook to rewrite...

    sinpeople in Internet Marketing

    Hi, folks, I am looking for some high quality PLR ebooks to rewrite. Do you have any recommendation to get the highest quality ones with minimum cost? Thanks David

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    What is a good conversion rate?

    What would you say is a good sales per view rate for a WSO?

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    Selling websites

    Guys - hopefully someone will be able to help me a with a few website for sale queries. If I have a website that is earning say $100 or so ... [read more]

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    3 Simple steps for Newbies who arent making any money!!

    EvanScott in Internet Marketing

    3 Simple steps for Newbies who aren't making any money!! Just wanted to post a quick thread here under Mind Warriors on what you should do to start getting results ... [read more]

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    Why Do So Many Newbies Think They Can Just Make a Website and Start Getting Paid

    Hey here's a question that i'm sure has been asked over and over is, why do people think they can just set up a website and instantly become a multi ... [read more]

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    What Does "Advertiser Competition" Really Tell Me?

    I thought I had found a great niche, but than I used the Google Keyword Tool and noticed that "Advertiser Competition" was sky-high. This really deterred me from entering the ... [read more]

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    Earning Quick Cash? How About Scaling it Up Right Now?

    edmltw in Internet Marketing

    First thing's first, STOP whatever you're doing now and ask yourself: "Am I going in for the cash tidbits or the main long-term passive income dish?" Fries on the go ... [read more]

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    I Need An iMacros Expert!

    If there is anyone who is an expert in iMacros PM me

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    Outsourcing Website Content Creation

    Jaz in Internet Marketing

    Do you have any tips for outsourcing content on your website?

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    Where can I get some high quality free landing page templates?

    Where can I get some high quality free landing page templates? I Googled it, but have not really found anything of really great quality for the last 30 minutes. Warriors...please ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing ? where to find?

    dennewbie in Internet Marketing

    hi, question again where can I find cheap VA? any suggestion? thanks a lot

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    iPad: Talk me into it or out of it. Who has one?

    I live in the country and after a horrible experience with HughesNet, I'm on dialup as the only other option. That means that I can't watch videos and have slow ... [read more]

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    How Do You Think We Found Out?

    I'm seeing more and more people asking questions such as... Does pinging work? Should I use a squeeze page? Should I bookmark my articles? How do you think those of ... [read more]

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    Has Anyone Actually Made An Online Sale From India? Or China?

    Has Any U.S Marketer Actually Made An Online Sale From India? Or China? I thought I would start a well deserved conversation that prob a lot of marketers are curious ... [read more]

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    Camtasia Problem??? Anybody Else Having This Issue...

    I've been using Camtasia a lot more, these past couple of days. And for some reason, just out of the blue, and randomly Camtasia will freak out while I'm recording ... [read more]

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    How would you spend & re-invest $500?

    xntrik in Internet Marketing

    :confused: If you had just $500 to begin making money using the internet (or offline), how would you spend it? Then, how would you re-invest the profits?

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    Should You Make a "Blog" or 25 Micro-Niche Sites? (details inside)

    Soapyshoe in Internet Marketing

    Greetings fellow warriors! I found an affiliate product I'm absolutely in love with and I'm about to start marketing it adamantly. The sales page for the product I want to ... [read more]

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    Any Ebook Writers Here?

    Roshan C in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I'm having a hard time finding a quality experienced ebook writer.. I'm looking to get something done in the Dating niche..(PM me for more details) I'm having a ... [read more]

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    What are YOUR search results for "Mexican Bride"?

    marlon in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Put "mexican bride" in your browser with the quote marks and search google. How many results do you get back? Post your results in this thread. Do the same ... [read more]

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    Is There A Way To Do This?

    Adam Carn in Internet Marketing

    I want to setup a kind of a marketplace where people sell stuff and I (the owner of the marketplace) get paid a percentage of all the sales. So it ... [read more]

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    Is Having a Mini Site or Wordpress Blog a Better Idea?

    fated82 in Internet Marketing

    I am currently creating a number of niche mini sites to generate some adsense income. I was wondering if I am better off creating mini sites and drive traffic using ... [read more]

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    Which traffic tracker should I trust?

    honbloke in Internet Marketing

    Hi. I'm new here. I using both google analytics and awstats provided by the hostgator server to track the traffic on my blog. The problem is that analytics is registering ... [read more]

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    Protecting Your eBooks Copyright With New Digital Fingerprint Technology

    Hi all I was looking at a number of new internet start-ups today as part of my Internet Marketing Business Incubator (funding for businesses) and I was happy to discover ... [read more]

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    Starting A Business Ebay Question/Advice Please?

    Alright guys I have been on ebay for some quite some time now. Back about two years ago I got interested in trying to selling ebooks via ebay, but at ... [read more]

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    Need info on monthly sales for a ClickBank product

    theimdude in Internet Marketing

    I need to know if it is possible to get stats on the sales of a vendors product in Click Bank. I have just gotten cbengine send them an email ... [read more]

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    Landing Page - Blog or Squidoo Lens?

    kcman in Internet Marketing

    I am getting ready to market my first affiliate product - Which of the following is the best way to start... * Landing /Squeeze page that redirects to the merchants ... [read more]

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    Social Media Sites That Allow Iframes?

    I'm looking for social media sites, forums etc that allow the use of iframe code. If you know of any that exist please post them here. Thanks in advance. George

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    Is it necessary i ping my word press blog after making a post?

    titobay in Internet Marketing

    Just being curious here, i have been adding content to my word press blog for quite sometime now. I need to know if it's necessary i ping the blog at ... [read more]

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    Banning Certain Countries from purchasing

    I have noticed with Amember that they allow you to disable certain countries from purchasing. What warriors experiences with banning certain countries. Considering it will be a high-ticket digital product ... [read more]

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    Public Domain Idea - Any Good?

    I have been thinking about ways to get unique content for adsense sites. In the UK, after 70 years of publish date for a smaller work, or 70 years from ... [read more]

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    help! how do I put streaming video on my website?

    Hi everyone. May I ask how do I put streaming video on my website? I have been using videos for quite a while now, but usually I upload them to ... [read more]

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    Is there software that co-brands an ebook?

    Hello I am giving away a free ebook that I wish to do a oto after the visitor has read it. The oto will offer to let the viewer purchase ... [read more]

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    Are Marketers Really Just About The Money?

    Hey Warriors, I'm asking this question to gauge people's opinion of marketers. I got a really nasty email that kind of bothered me. The product I was promoting to my ... [read more]

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    Social bookmarking a YouTube video?

    Skribblez in Internet Marketing

    Has anyone found that social bookmarking a YouTube video helps its ranks in the YouTube search?

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    Whats the best way to showcase 391 MB of FLV's in a product?

    Hi All, perhaps you can help with this... I have a product with over 35 videos that I used to showcase to buyers through a wordpress site. I am now ... [read more]

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    Who's jumping up and down about new webmaster tools?

    It's pretty awesome and looks like it has much more accurate data that it used to and much more info than it used to have. Very cool.

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    What is the absolute best way to prove your income?

    I've often thought about this, we know screen shots can be easily faked, so what is the best way to actually prove you make what you claim to make? You ... [read more]

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    Yo...What are the best Websites to upload PodCasts in .mp3 format?

    arklove in Internet Marketing

    Yo Hia Warriors... Trust you are having a Super Productive day filled with Income Producing Activities... As stated in the title I would like some advice as to the Most ... [read more]

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    This is REALLY how people are making money on Facebook, isn't it?

    mpeters7 in Internet Marketing

    I see these all the time: Login | Facebook Facebook specifically says no one will be able to see when you visit their profile, but the thought drives everyone crazy. ... [read more]

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    Paralysis By Analysis: Is This You?

    TrueStory in Internet Marketing

    I have searched and read this board and found a lot of great information. However, I wanted to ask you, if you could relate? I spent numerous hours listening and ... [read more]

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    Learn everything or jsut outsource

    IMBMPGuy in Internet Marketing

    I think this would be a great question not just for me, but all the newbies out there as well.. I think I can speak on behalf of all of ... [read more]

  • 5 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} Alternative, Anyone?

    Jay101 in Internet Marketing

    I've been using (recommended by fellow Warriors) to pay my outsourcers, and it was all going great until now... You see, they no longer accept paypal nor do they ... [read more]

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    Hello Warrior Forum

    Danzan in Internet Marketing

    Total Nubie to the internet marketing world. My question is what is a PIN Name?

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    An Easy Facebook Methods For Newbies

    For all you newbies, here is a simple direct linking CPC method to get you started. YouTube - Affiliate Marketing - A Quick Way To... You would follow this method ... [read more]

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    Unique Membership Program - Auto Repair for Women

    cporter88 in Internet Marketing

    I am drafting a unique take on membership programs and would love some feedback from the expert marketers on this forum. Currently I own an auto repair shop that caters ... [read more]

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    High Quality IM Blogs- Anyone care to share one?

    Hey Warriors, I'm looking for some fresh marketing perspectives to "brainstorm" some new ideas for my business. I've been reading Rich Schefren's blog and Lee McIntyre's blog...however, I notice there's ... [read more]

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    Best BLOGGING Products?

    Jason H in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking into blogging right now, and honestly not so sure what I'm doing. I have studied listbuilding, traffic generating, PPC, copywriting, and just about everything else but have not ... [read more]

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    Lie to make some money??

    IMBMPGuy in Internet Marketing

    Hello all, So, after a year of information overload about Internet Marketing, I've found that products that sell, are outright lies. Sure, probably most of you big Internet Marketers are ... [read more]